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Proof of Hunter Education – Texas Parks & Wildlife [Official]

[gunshot] – HUNTER: Oh wow! – One of the biggest hunting
violations in Texas is no proof of hunter education. The hunter is required to carry
proof of hunter education or deferral on their person
while engaged in hunting. Every hunter born after
September 1, 1971, must successfully complete a hunter education
training course. – Whenever you have a good shot
go a head and take it. [gunshot] – Got it. – Good shot man. Great shot. – JOANN: Minimum age of
certification is nine years. Hunters under nine years
of age must be accompanied by a person who is
at least 17, is a licensed hunter
in Texas, has passed hunter education
or is exempt, and they must be within
normal voice control. Hunters age 9 through 16, you
must successfully complete a hunter education course
or be accompanied. – Good shot son. Look at that. – Awesome. Awesome. – JOANN: And hunters 17 and over
must successfully complete a hunter education course or
purchase a hunter education deferral and be accompanied. The hunter education deferral
allows a person to defer certification
for up to one year. The following persons are exempt
from requirements to complete a hunter education course: active duty members and
honorably discharged veterans of the United States
Armed Forces, The Texas Army National Guard, Texas Air National Guard, Texas State Guard or persons
who are serving or have previously served
as a piece officer. For more information, go
to our website at TPWD and visit our hunter
education tab or call 1-800-792-1112. – Aright!

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  1. Awesome Texas! Georgia needs to have these Public Service Announcements aired on public TV & Radio too! (We have similar, but different laws, but still…)

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