Importance of Natural Resources

President Trump Announces Proposed National Environmental Policy Act Regulations

The President: Good
morning, everyone. Participants:
Good morning. The President: Today,
we’re taking another historic step in our
campaign to slash job-killing regulations
and improve the quality of life for all of
our citizens. In the past, many
America’s — of America’s most critical
infrastructure projects have been tied up and
bogged down by an outrageously slow and
burdensome federal approval process. And I’ve been talking
about it for a long time — where it takes many,
many years to get something built — get
something built — done in any way. The builders
are not happy. Nobody is happy. It takes 20 years. It takes 30 years. It take numbers that
nobody would even believe. These endless delays waste
money, keep projects from breaking ground, and deny
jobs to our nation’s incredible workers. From day one, my
administration has made fixing this regulatory
nightmare a top priority. And we want to build new
roads, bridges, tunnels, highways bigger, better,
faster, and we want to build them at less cost. That is why, for the first
time in over 40 years, today we are issuing a
proposed new rule under the National Environmental
Policy Act to completely overhaul the dysfunctional
bureaucratic system that has created these
massive obstructions. Now, we’re going to have
very strong regulation, but it’s going to
go very quickly. And if it doesn’t pass,
it’s going to not pass quickly. It doesn’t have to take 10
years or much longer than that. These proposed reforms
will reduce traffic in our cities, connect our rural
communities, and get Americans where they need
to go more quickly and more safely. We’re pleased to be
joined by Secretary David Bernhardt, Secretary
Elaine Chao, Administrator Andrew Wheeler, and
Council on Environmental Quality Chairwoman
Mary Neumayr. They’ve done a
fantastic job on this. Also with us are
representatives of the American workers from
across the country, including President of the
North America’s Building Trades Unions, Sean
McGarvey; President of the National Cattlemen’s Beef
Association, Jennifer Houston; President of
the American Trucking Associations, Chris Spear;
and many other leaders of labor and industry. America is a
nation of builders. It took four years to
build the Golden Gate Bridge, five years to
build the Hoover Dam, and less than one year —
can you believe that? — to build the Empire
State Building. Yet today, it can take
more than 10 years just to get a permit to build a
simple road — just a very simple road. And usually, you’re not
even able to get the permit. It’s unusual
when you get it. It’s big government at its
absolute worst, and other countries look at us and
they can’t believe it. For example, in North
Carolina, it took 25 years to begin construction of
the Marc Basnight Bridge. In Alaska, improvements
on a 15-mile stretch of Sterling Highway — the
only road connecting local communities to the rest
of the state, and a very dangerous area — it’s
been delayed for over 15 years, but we’re
getting it started. In Washington State, it
took two decades to finish environmental reviews
for the runway at the Seattle-Tacoma
International Airport. Think of that. It takes decades. The United States will not
be able to compete and prosper in the 21st
century if we continue to allow a broken and
outdated bureaucratic system hold us back from
building what we need: the roads, the airports, the
schools, everything. Right now, it takes
over seven years, and oftentimes much longer —
and seven years is like record time — to complete
approvals for a simple highway — the
simplest of them. With today’s proposed
reforms, we will reduce that number by more
than 70 percent. We’ll cut the federal
permitting timeline for major projects
down to two years. And ideally, we’re going
to try and get even less than that. So you’ll be — instead of
21, 22, 25, 8, 9, 12, 15 — we’re going to get it
down to 2 years and maybe less, with strong
regulation, especially environmental and
safety regulation. But we’ll get it down
to a very low number. And we’re going
to do it fast. We’re doing it with a rule
change that just is being signed. In the past, those seeking
infrastructure permits have had to go to numerous
federal departments all over — numerous. And numerous
means many, many. Sometimes you get the same
exact change, but you had to get them from
different departments. So you would go to these
federal departments and agencies requesting
approval from countless governmental bureaucrats,
each of whom was empowered to hold up the process
and leave urgently needed projects in limbo, and
for the most part they wouldn’t get built. If they did get built, it
would take so many years and cost many times more. But our new One Federal
Decision policy — it’s called “One Federal
Decision” — requires agencies to work closely
together to promptly deliver one decision. Yes. The entire process will
be completed; the entire federal government
approval process will be done. We’re also cutting red
tape by allowing federal departments to increase
the use of documentation prepared by state, tribal,
and local governments. This is just common sense
and there’s no need to do all of the duplicate work. There’s so much
duplication. You’d go for a permit. You’d have to go
for another permit. They were all — they
would turn out to be all the same permits; you’re
just going to different agencies to get
the same approval. At the same time, we’re
maintaining America’s world-class standards of
environmental protection. We have some of the
cleanest air and cleanest water on Earth. And for our country, the
air is, right now, cleaner than it’s been
in 40 years. I guess you go before
that, there was a lot less activity. So we’re competing — I
would imagine, 200 years ago, it was great. (laughter) Five hundred
years ago, before we got here, it must have been
really nice, right? (laughter) But in the
last 40 years, it’s the cleanest right now. By streamlining
infrastructure approvals, we’ll further expand
America’s unprecedented economic boom. And that’s what we have:
we have an economic boom. We’ve created 7 million
jobs, including over 700,000 construction jobs. Unemployment has reached
the lowest rate in over 51 years. After years of stagnation,
real wages have increased nearly 10 percent for
low-income workers — the biggest beneficiaries. Our regulation cuts
are giving the average American household an
extra $3,000 per year. And if you look at the tax
cuts and all of the other cuts, it’s close to
$10,000 a year — with all of the cuts that
we’re getting. And that’s for an average
median-income family — $10,000. You know, I’ve talked
about past administrations — the one was $475, and
the other one was $975 — the last two, $975. And we’re $10,000, and the
number is actually higher that — than that, if
you include certain regulations
that we got cut. So that’s an amazing
thing, and that’s one of the reasons consumers are
doing so well and leading us so strongly in this
boom that we’re in. But this is just
the beginning. We’ll not stop until our
nation’s gleaming new infrastructure has made
America the envy of the world again. It used to be the envy of
the world, and now we’re like a third-world
country. It’s really sad. You get approval — they
even get financing for jobs, and then they can’t
build them for 15 years, and then it ends up
costing five times more than it was
supposed to cost. So I’d now — now like
to ask Chairwoman Mary Neumayr to say
a few words. And we’re going to
have another couple of speakers, and then we’ll
take some questions. Go ahead. Thank you. Thank you. Come on over here, Mary. (applause) Chairman
Neumayr: Thank you, Mr. President. President Trump promised a
more efficient permitting process so that Americans
receive timely decisions on permits for vital
infrastructure projects affecting their
everyday lives. Today, we are proposing
the first comprehensive update to the National
Environmental Policy Act regulations since they
were issued over 40 years ago. Over the past three years,
the White House Council on Environmental Quality has
been working closely with federal agencies and their
leadership, including the leaders here today, to
improve the implementation of NEPA for the
American people. NEPA requires federal
agencies to assess the environmental impacts of
proposed major federal actions, including the
issuance of federal permits and other
approvals, as well as when providing federal funding. NEPA affects communities
and the quality of life of Americans across the
nation — from the construction of roads,
bridges, airports, and harbors; to water
infrastructure; agriculture, forest, land,
and fisheries management activities; and
environmental restoration. The goal of NEPA is to
ensure well-informed decision-making. But the process can be
unnecessarily complex, burdensome, and
protracted. A lengthy process can
delay or even derail important projects to
modernize our nation’s infrastructure, manage our
federal lands and waters, and restore our
environment. The Council on
Environmental Quality has found that the average
time for federal agencies to complete Environmental
Impact Statements is four and half years. Further, for highway
projects, it takes over seven years on average,
and many projects have taken a decade or more to
complete the environmental review process. These delays deprive
hardworking Americans of the benefits of modernized
roads and bridges that allow them to more safely
and quickly get to work and get home to
their families. NEPA is the most litigated
area of environmental law. Delays due to lengthy
reviews and lawsuits increase costs for project
applicants, states, tribes, localities,
and taxpayers. These delays deter
investments, and these delays make our country
less economically competitive. Today’s proposal
would modernize the environmental
review process. The proposed rule would
make commonsense changes to establish a presumptive
two-year time limit for Environmental Impact
Statements; require federal agencies to
request information from applicants and the public
earlier in the process; increase coordination by
agencies to reduce delays; avoid duplication by
facilitating use of documents required by
other statutes or prepared by state, tribal, or local
agencies; and ensure that the regulations reflect
current, modern technologies. The proposed rule would
provide for a faster process while ensuring
that agencies analyze and consider the environmental
impacts of proposed actions and reasonable
alternatives to address significant impacts. It’s important to note
that the proposal would reform the process of
gathering information on environmental effects,
but would not change any substantive environmental
law or regulation, such as the Clean Air Act, the
Clean Water Act, and the Endangered Species Act. Nothing in the proposal
would eliminate the protections that Congress
has enacted to safeguard our environment and
the American people. Today’s proposal has
undergone extensive interagency review and the
Council on Environmental Quality has carefully
considered thousands of public comments. Under the President’s
leadership, the administration is
committed to ensuring that we are good stewards of
our environment while supporting American
prosperity. As we move forward with
this proposed rule, we will remain focused
on improving the environmental review and
permitting process while ensuring a safe, healthy,
and productive environment for current and future
generations of Americans. Mr. President, thank you
for your leadership and support. The President:
Thank you very much. I appreciate it. Thank you. (applause) Thanks, Mary. Thanks a lot. And if I could,
Secretary Chao? Secretary Chao. Thank you. Please. Secretary Chao:
Thank you, sir. Good morning. We are delighted to be
here because today is indeed very historic. Today’s action
is really needed. Our nation’s
infrastructure is in danger of deterioration
and it needs to be repaired and rebuilt. And as you have heard from
the President and also from the Director of
CEQ, the time that it is required to rebuild
a new project is now unsustainable. Our nation needs, our infrastructure needs to be addressed. We all care about
the environment. What we are talking
about are cumbersome, unnecessary, overly
burdensome, duplicative, and outdated regulations. Many of these regulations
have not been updated, modernized, in decades. What we’re seeking is
commonsense solutions. As I repeat again: We all care about the environment. What we need to give, as
regulators, is certainty to the regulated
community, so that if a project were not to go
forward, they deserve a quick no. Right now, we string along
so many people who are waiting decades for
answers from the federal government. And again, that is not
responsible governing. So today is historic. This NPRM will solicit
comments, remarks, so it will be an open process. And what we are hoping
to do is to address the infrastructure needs
of our country as the President has said
on so many occasions. And then of course, we
want to see new projects be constructed and new
jobs being created. Thank you, Mr. President. The President:
Thank you, Elaine. Thank you. (applause) Thank
you, Elaine. I want to also thank
Elaine for doing a great job. She’s doing a
fantastic job. Secretary
Bernhardt, please? Secretary Bernhardt:
Mr. President, thank you for the introduction and
for the honor of being here today. I am thrilled. For those of you that
don’t practice in this area, let me tell you:
This is a really, really big proposal. This proposal affects
virtually every significant decision made
by the federal government that affects the
environment. And I believe it will
be the most significant deregulatory proposal you
ultimately implement. The President: Wow. Big statement. (laughter) Secretary
Bernhardt: Well, the reality — you know,
here’s the bottom line: You have been crystal
clear since the day you arrived here that
you wanted to have a commonsense approach
to ensuring that the government made better
decisions for the people. And what you see here
today are the people. And the reality is that
the NEPA law serves an incredibly noble purpose. At the heart of the law,
it establishes and ensures that we, as government
decision makers, think about the consequences of
our action before we make them, that we consider
alternatives to our action, and that we
receive the participation of the public before
we make the action. And everything in this
rule does precisely that, sir. But, when I arrived at
the Department of the Interior, it took, on
average, the Bureau of Land Management five
years to complete and environmental
review document. We now are doing those in
an average of 1.2 years. And the consequences
are far reaching. For example, the
quicker we can do our environmental reviews for
Indian schools means the sooner students can have
safer schools to go to school in. The quicker we can improve
and enhance our visitor’s centers and National Parks
means the sooner people can enjoy those parks. We even have the same
process here for NEPA, as utilized when we’re
thinking about good things to do for wildlife. And the longer it takes
to implement those conservation actions, the
more delayed those are. Our firefighters depend on
the speed of environmental review to do our
treatments in the forest. Our ranchers, which are
here, depend on the speed of our environmental
review to know whether or not they’re going to have
grazing opportunities next year. Our farmers need to know
that they can depend on our decisions, so that
they can know that our water operations are
likely to be consistent and secure. And what you’re doing
here is a very big thing. We have — in the last
40 years, we’ve gone backwards. And your actions are
changing that, and it’s a big step forward. So thank you. And thank you, Mary. (applause) The President:
Please, Andrew Wheeler — where is Andrew? Come on, Andrew. Administrator Wheeler:
Thank you, Mr. President. I’m pleased to be here
today to celebrate yet another promise this
President has fulfilled: to update the
NEPA regulations. This year marks the 50th
anniversary of both the EPA and the NEPA law. A lot has changed over the
last 50 years, and we have made tremendous progress
in protecting both the environment and
growing our economy. From 1970 to 2018, the
emissions of the six criteria air pollutants
have decreased by 74 percent, and all six have
gone down during the Trump administration. Likewise, on the water
side: In 1970, over 40 percent of our nation’s
drinking water systems failed to meet
the EPA standards. Today, over 92 percent of
all water systems meet the EPA standards
every single day. And at the same time, our
economy has grown by 275 percent, with
record-breaking growth over the last three years. All of our major
environmental statutes have been updated over the
last 50 years, and the regulations under those
statutes multiple times. The NEPA regulations
should have been updated and modernized
decades ago. It is long overdue. We have had incredible
advancements in environmental protection,
and the NEPA process has not kept up to date. It is important to
remember that NEPA is mostly about process. Today’s changes will have
no impact on the important safeguards of our nation’s
environmental statutes, such as the Clean Air Act,
the Clean Water Act, or the Superfund process. The NEPA process today
is too bureaucratic and burdensome, and has
delayed important environmental projects. The permitting process
for a new drinking water plant, flood control
project, or waster facility can take
years, if not decades. The NEPA process today
is more about preparing documents for litigation
and protecting the environment. NEPA established a simple
but important principle: that the federal
government consider the impact of its actions on
the environment before committing resources. The NEPA process has
lost sight of that goal. Over the years, step after
step has been added to the NEPA process, creating
a Frankenstein of a regulatory regime. Today’s proposal would
empower lead agencies to make executive decisions
when more than one agency is involved in the
process, and will streamline the permitting
process without compromising environmental
protections. This streamlined approach
to NEPA will free up countless career employees
to focus more of their time protecting the
environment instead of protecting the jobs of
attorneys who sue to stop each and every project. NEPA was not meant to be a
welfare program for trial attorneys. I want to congratulate
the President for his leadership and the Council
on Environmental Quality and our sister agencies
who put so much time into this proposal. This proposal is yet
another bold step this administration is taking
to modernize the federal bureaucracy and our
permitting programs for the benefit of
all Americans. Thank you, Mr. President. (applause) The
President: Great job. Thank you. Sean? Please. Sean McGarvey. Mr. McGarvey: Thank
you, Mr. President. Sean McGarvey, president
of North America’s Building Trades. We are fully supportive of
the President’s initiative when it comes to NEPA
and permitting reform. Few people in this country
understand the archaic nature of our system the
way the President does, based on his background
where we partnered with him for years to try
to build buildings and infrastructure in
the United States. This proposal does nothing
to take away from the protections for our
citizens, for our taxpayers, for our
workers, or for our environment. So on behalf of our
membership, we’re fully supportive and look
forward to the opportunities for
thousands — hundreds of thousands of millions of
people to go to work in the construction industry
once these reforms are fully in place. Thank you, Mr. President. (applause) The President:
Thank you very much. Would you like
to say something? Ms. Houston: Thank
you, Mr. President. America’s cattlemen and
women are subject to NEPA review on a regular basis,
whether renewing their grazing permits, applying
for USDA program, or improving their rangeland. And although
well-intentioned, it’s become mired in a complex
web of litigation and complexity and delay. So these reforms
are very exciting. They will streamline
the process, reduce duplication, allow more
local control, and let our cattlemen and our beef
producers going back to doing what they do
best, and that’s raise high-quality beef
to feed the world. On behalf of the National
Cattlemen’s Beef Association and the Public
Lands Council, thank you, Mr. President, Secretary
Bernhardt, Secretary Chao, Chairman Neumayr. We appreciate all your
work and all your, really, remembering the cattlemen,
cattlewomen in rural America and
everything you do. Thank you. (applause) The President:
Thank you very much. Thank you very much. And for the cattlemen
and cattlewomen, we’re signing, as you know, a
very big deal, among many other things, with China
— Ms. Houston: Yes, sir. The President: —
probably January 15th. And we just signed a $40
billion deal with Japan. That’s already kicked in. You see that. Ms. Houston: Yes, sir. The President: We
did South Korea. We have others that we’ve
done and some that we’re doing. We have tremendous
trade deals being made. Ms. Houston: I appreciate
iAnd they’re actually good deals for our country
instead of bad deals for our country. Ms. Houston: Wonderful. The President: So
it’s been good. I’m going to Ohio
in a little while. We have crowds of people
that for, two and a half, three days, have been
standing out in the cold. I don’t know
how they do it. They’re strong people. But they’ve been out
there, and it’s pretty much zero degrees. And it’s a great state. And we have a tremendous
crowd, so I look forward to that. I’ll be leaving
in a little while. But we’ll take
a few questions. Please. The Press: Mr. President,
you mentioned the Chinese trade deal that you’re
working on; you’re going to be signing, next
week, phase one. Can you give us a sense
of phase two — The President: Yeah. The Press: — what you
hope to accomplish there? And will you be travelling
to Beijing for that? The President: Well, phase
one is a big, big number. It’s a big percentage
of the deal. Some would say half, some
would say a little less, or a little
more than half. But it’s a tremendous
percentage. It’s pretty much all for
the farmers — also, bankers. We also have regulations
for a lot of different — a lot of things are
covered that people are going to be very surprised
to see, but it’s a big chunk of it. And we’ll start right away
negotiating phase two. It’ll take a little time. I think I might want to
wait to finish it until after the election,
because by doing that I think we can actually make
a little bit better deal — maybe a lot
better deal. But phase one was —
is a phenomenal deal. Could be up to $50
billion in farm product. So that’s something that
— the most they ever did was $16 billion. So they go from $16
billion to up to $50 billion. So that’s numerous times
more than they were buying in the past. It’s going to have
a huge impact. And I see farm prices
are going way up. I see corn is just — had
some big increases over the last little while. Cattle has been
doing really well. And the farmers
liked me anyway. That’s what I like
about the farmers. (laughter) But you know
what I did do — and you know this better than
anybody — I got — I was able — they were
targeted by China. You know — look,
China is negotiating. I don’t blame them. But they were targeted. They say, “You know, the
farmers like Trump so we’ll target the
farmers.” And they did. And the first year was $12
billion, and I took $12 billion and I asked Sonny
Perdue, Secretary of Agriculture, “What
do you think, Sonny?” He said, “It’s $12
billion.” And I think that would’ve caused
tremendous consternation. And they were hit for $12
billion, and I took $12 billion out of
the tariffs. We had tens of billions of
dollars left over; I gave it to the farmers. The next year it
was $16 billion. I took $16 billion out of
the tariffs; I gave it to the farmers. So the farmers did pretty
well, and now they’re doing great. And the prices are going
up very substantially, and China is kicking in. China has already
started to buy. Japan — the deal is done. They have been buying. It’s a $40 billion deal. But the big question I
have is whether or not the farmers will be able
to supply that much. Because it’s much more
than — it’s the biggest contract ever signed. So I think it’ll be great
for the farmers, but also great for regulatory,
great for banks. You know that. Great for finance
companies. Really, a lot. Then we’re going to
covering the opening of China and various other
things in phase two. The Press: And on
impeachment, sir, would you support a deal for
witnesses if that included testimony from Adam
Schiff and Hunter Biden? The President: Well, I’m
going to leave it to the Senate, but I’d like to
hear the whistleblower. I’d like to hear
Shifty Schiff. I’d like to hear Hunter
Biden and Joe Biden. You know. How does Hunter Biden,
with no experience whatsoever — would
anybody up — Sean, would you like the
Hunter Biden job? He has no experience,
making no money, and then all of a sudden, see,
he’s making millions and millions of dollars. You’d take that. Would you leave
the union for that? I think so. Mr. McGarvey: Uh, I’m
not sure, Mr. President. (laughter) The President:
I know so, but I’m not going to tell. No, no I’d like to hear
from Hunter Biden. I’d like to hear from —
he’s a corrupt politician, Adam Schiff. He’s corrupt. He gave a sentence. You know, he never knew I
was going to release the transcript. He gave a sentence
that he made up. He made it up. And it was not the — it
was not what was said in the conversation. That’s why I released the
transcript; got approval from Ukraine. We released the exact
transcript, and it turned out to be totally
different. These are corrupt
politicians. The whole thing is a hoax. But I would like to hear
Hunter Biden, Joe Biden, Adam “Shifty” Schiff,
and some others — the informer that
never showed up. You know, once I released
the transcript, you know what happened. The informer — he
never showed up. And the second
whistleblower — Jon, whatever happened to the
second whistleblower? The second whistleblower
disappeared. There probably was none
or maybe we know who the second whistleblower was. Maybe we do. But he never showed up. All of a sudden, they
don’t talk, because they were really unexpectedly
met with the actual conversation, the
exact conversation. So yeah, if we do that, I
would like to have those people, plus
others, testify. Because it’s the greatest
hoax ever perpetrated on the United States
government. This has gone on since
the day I came down the escalator. This isn’t just here; this
isn’t just the Ukraine hoax. This is the witch hunt. This is the whole thing
with Russia that turned out to be a total
fabricated plot. The ones who are guilty
are the Democrats, the DNC, and all of the dirty
cops that were involved that we caught. Yeah. The Press: Mr. President,
I’m sure you saw Mike Lee’s comments. Did your national security
team really say that it would be wrong for
Congress to debate military action on Iran? The President: So here’s
what happened on that: I had calls from numerous
senators and numerous congressmen and women,
saying it was the greatest presentation
they’ve ever had. Mike and Rand Paul
disagreed because they want information that,
honestly, I think is very hard to get. It’s okay if the military
wants to give it, but they didn’t want to give it. And it really had to
do with sources and information that we had
that really should remain at a very high level. Could we individually
maybe give one or two of them some information? Possibly, if
we can do that. I get along great
with Mike Lee. I’ve never seen
him like that. But other people have
called and they’ve said it was the best presentation
they’ve ever seen. And let me tell you what
was the best, forget about presentation: the result. We killed a man who killed
many, many Americans and many, many people —
thousands and thousands of people. And when I go over to
Walter Reed and I meet these young, incredible
folks — mostly, it just seems mostly men, but also
women — where their legs are gone, their
arms are gone. In some cases, both the
legs and the arms are gone, and the face and the
body is badly damaged. And frankly, five years
ago, they couldn’t have lived. And today, they can live
because of the wonders of medicine and the wonders
of Walter Reed and the people that, over there —
what — the job they do, the medical doctors. But I will say this: We
caught a total monster, and we took him out. And that should have
happened a long time ago. We did it because they
were looking to blow up our embassy. We also did it for other
reasons that were very obvious. Somebody died — one of
our military people died. People were badly wounded
just a week before. And we did it. And we had a shot at him,
and I took it, and that shot was pinpoint
accurate. And that was the
end of a monster. Then — and that was —
really, that was the second attack. It was not — we
didn’t start it. They started it by killing
one of our people and wounding badly
other of our people. So that you call
“retribution.” Ukraine — if you look at what
happened with Ukraine, that’s a hoax. Well, this is a hoax, too. Iran went in, and they
hit us with missiles. Shouldn’t have done
that, but they hit us. Fortunately for them,
nobody was hurt, nobody was killed. Nothing happened. They landed — and very
little damage even, to the base. They landed. But we had a chance to
take out a monster; we took him out. And it should have been
done a long time ago. The Press: But would you
go to Congress to take further military
action against Iran? Would you seek
congressional approval? The President: It would
all depend on the circumstance. I don’t have to, and you
shouldn’t have to be able — because you have
to make split-second decisions sometimes. Sometimes, you have to
move very, very quickly, Jon. But in certain cases, I
wouldn’t even mind doing it. What — you know what
I — what bothers me? When I see a Nancy Pelosi
trying to defend this monster from Iran, who has
killed so many people, who has so badly — I mean, so
many people are walking around now without
legs and without arms. Because he was the big
roadside bomb guy. He was the one who would
send them to Afghanistan. He would send him to Iraq. He was big. That was his
favorite thing. He thought it
was wonderful. He doesn’t think it’s
wonderful anymore. When Nancy Pelosi and the
Democrats want to defend him, I think that’s a
very bad thing for this country. I think that’s a big
losing argument, politically, too. Yeah. The Press: So anyway,
outside the JCPOA and also with total sanctions
implemented, what’s left if Iran — The President:
Well, just so you understand, on JCPOA:
It’s close to expiring. In other words, if I
didn’t terminate it, it expires in a very
short period of time. One of the problems, of
which there was many — $150 billion, $1.8 billion
in cash — all of that money — and then that
money was used for terror. Because if you look at
Iran, it wasn’t so bad until they got
all that money. They used that
money for terror. That’s when it
became really bad. You just take a look. I mean, it really got
bad when they had $150 billion, $1.8
billion in cash. The JP- — the agreement
— I always call it the Iran nuclear deal
that didn’t work. The Iran deal, it was just
something that it was — is no — is no good
for our country. It expires in
a short time. That means they would be on their path to nuclear weapons. And for me, it’s about
nuclear weapons, more than anything else. Iran cannot have
a nuclear weapon. Iran will never have
a nuclear weapon. They understand that. We have told them
very strongly. Iran now is not wealthy
like it was when President Obama handed them
$150 billion. They’re a much
different country. We’ll see whether or not
they want to negotiate. Maybe they want to wait
until after the election and negotiate with a weak
Democrat — somebody like a Biden, or a Pocahontas,
or Buttitieg [Buttigieg] or one of these
characters. Okay? Maybe they want to wait. But I think they’re
probably well off doing it now. Because if you look at
the polls, and if look at what’s going on, we’re
doing very well. They’re losing a
tremendous amount. They’re getting hurt very
badly by the sanctions. It all can end
very quickly. But as to whether or not
they want, that’s up to them; not up to me. It’s totally up to them. They can straighten
out their country. Iran, right
now, is a mess. They can straighten out
the economics of their country very,
very quickly. Let’s see whether or
not they negotiate. The Press: (Inaudible)
these sanctions — when should we expect to
see sanctions on Iran following the attack? The President:
Immediately. The Press: Tomorrow? This week? The President: It’s
already been done. Yeah. We’ve — we’ve
increased them. They were very severe,
but now it’s increased substantially. I just approved it a
little while ago with Treasury. The Press: And who will
they be against and what sort of sanctions — The
President: Well, you’ll see. I mean, we’ll put out
a minor announcement. It’s actually
a major event. It’s like this. This is, to me,
a major event. And so far, I haven’t —
had no — I haven’t had — no questions on the fact
that we can build a highway in, you know, a
small fraction of the time, that we can build
all of these beautiful bridges that we want to
build but they can’t get approvals. I’ve had no
questions on that. Are you shocked, Sean,
when you hear that? Mr. McGarvey: No,
Mr. President. (laughter) The President:
I mean, honestly, they — they should be having
some questions. Okay. Yeah. Jon, go ahead. The Press: Mr. President,
the plane that went down — The President: Yeah. The Press: — coming from
Iran — The President: It’s terrible. The Press: — what do you
think happened to that plane? The President: Well,
I have my suspicions. The Press: What are
those suspicions? The President: It was very
— I don’t want to say that because other people
have those suspicions also. It’s a tragic thing,
when I see that. It’s a tragic thing,
because somebody could have made a mistake
on the other side. Could have — could
have made a mistake. It was flying — The
Press: The air defense systems? The President: It was —
it was flying in — not our system, no. It has nothing
to do with us. It was flying in a pretty
rough neighborhood, and somebody could have
made a mistake. Some people say
it was mechanical. I personally — I don’t
think that’s even a question, personally. So we’ll see what happens. The Press: Do you think
Iran shot it down by accident? The President:
I don’t know. I really don’t know. I don’t want to get
— that’s up to them. At some point, they’ll
release the black box. Ideally, they’d
get it to Boeing. But if they gave it to
France or if they gave it to some other country,
that would be okay, too. I think, you know,
ideally, that will be released. I have a feeling that it’s
just some very terrible — something very
terrible happened. Very devastating. The Press: Mr. President
— The President: Yeah. The Press: The situation
in Venezuela has not gone as smoothly as some
people would, likely even yourself, have hoped. What are you prepared to
do differently — The President: Well, I never
thought it would go smoothly. Venezuela hasn’t gone
smoothly since it became a socialist or
worse-than-that country. So I never expected
anything to go smoothly. We’ll see what happens
with Venezuela. They’re doing poorly. I mean, there’s a great
case — when I say this country will never be a
socialist nation, there’s a great case. It was a wealthy country
15 years ago, 20 years ago. That was like, a really
wealthy country. And now they
don’t have water. They don’t have food. We’re supplying
a lot of food. We’re supplying
a lot of water. So, no, it takes
a period of time. It’s been — you know,
I’ve only been here a relatively short
period of time. We’ll see what happens. The Press: Are you
prepared to do anything else — change
the strategy? The President: Well, I’m
not going to say that. No, I have — we
have a good strategy. But we’re taking
care of people. We’re helping people. Colombia is helping
a lot of people. Some of the nation’s
surrounding are helping people. But we’re — I think
we’re doing a good job. They have a system that,
right now, is very broken. We’ll see what happens. Stay tuned. The Press: Mr. President,
you said Iran was trying to blow up the
embassy in Baghdad. Can you provide more
details on what that plot was? The President: No, I
think it was obvious. If you look at the
protests — and this was the anti-Benghazi. This was — Benghazi
was a disaster. They showed up a long
time after it took place. They saw burning embers
from days before. I said, “Get out today,
immediately.” They were saying, “We think we can
have them tomorrow.” I said, “Nope. They got to go right now.”
And they were on their way very quickly. And they got there almost
— I mean, they got there quickly. They could have done that
with Benghazi too, by the way. Same — same thing. Had they gotten there —
had they done what I did, you wouldn’t have had —
you wouldn’t know the name “Benghazi.” It would not
be a very famous name. Now it’s a very
famous name. This was the
anti-Benghazi. We got the Apaches
there very quickly. They were doing
the flares. People didn’t know
what was happening. But if you look at those
protesters, they were rough warriors. They weren’t protesters;
they were Iranian-backed. Some were from Iraq, but
they were Iranian-backed. Absolutely. And they were
looking to do damage. And they were
breaking the windows. And, you know, those are
very structurally strong windows, as you know, and
they were almost through. And had they gotten
through, I believe we would have either had a
hostage situation, or we would have had a — worse,
we would have had a lot of people killed. Those people were going
to do very serious harm. They were soldiers;
they were warriors. And we stopped it. We stopped it. That was a totally
organized plot. And you know who
organized it. That man right now is
not around any longer. Okay? And he had more than that
particular embassy in mind. The Press: Mr. President,
do you — The President: Please. The Press: Do you have
a problem John Bolton testifying in
the Senate trial? The President: Always
got along with him. He didn’t get along with
some of our people. But that’s really going
to be up to the Senate. It’s really — it’s al-
— The Press: But you wouldn’t stop it? The President:
It’s always up. I don’t stop it, no. But he would — it would
be — no, I — I do have to — I’d have to ask the
lawyers because we do have to — to me, for the
future, we have to protect presidential privilege. When we start allowing
national security advisors to just go up and say
whatever they want to say, we can’t do that. So we have to protect
presidential privilege for me, but for future
Presidents. That’s very important. I would have no problem,
other than we have to protect — we have to
be able to protect. People can’t go up and say
whatever my thoughts are, whatever your thoughts
are about us, countries, views. You don’t want
that to be out. So we have to protect
presidential privilege. Yeah. The Press: So, Mr.
President, you said yesterday you want
NATO to do more. Could you be a little more
— could you provide a little more information
— The President: I did. I spoke — The Press:
— on what you wanted (inaudible) — The
President: Right. I spoke to — The Press:
Have you gotten any indication from them
that they might do more? The President: Yeah. I spoke to them yesterday. I spoke to the Secretary
General yesterday, and we had a great conversation. He was very — I think he
was actually excited by it. And I actually had a
name — “NATO,” right? And then you have
“M.E.” — Middle East. You’ll call it “NATOME.”
I said, “What a beautiful name.” NATOME. I’m good at names, right? “USMCA.” Like the song,
“YMCA.” (laughter) Everybody — nobody could
remember “USMCA.” I said, “Think of the song,
‘YMCA.'” Now everybody says it. They don’t remember the
previous name of the bad deal, okay — commonly
known as “NAFTA.” No, if you add the words — if
you add the two words “Middle East” at
the end of it. Because that’s
a big problem. That’s a big
source of problems. And NATOME — doesn’t that
work beautifully, Jon? Think of that:
NATO plus ME. And he’s not — obviously,
he’s not getting it. He’s not smiling. He used to smile. Before Iran,
he was smiling. Now, he’s not smiling. So — The Press: Mr.
President, (inaudible) — The President: You know
what I’m talking about. The Press: Mr. President,
more NATO personnel in the region — is that what
you’re — The President: Yeah. As opposed to us, to
be honest with you. Because this is an
international problem, and we can come home — or
largely come home — and use NATO. This is an
international problem. We caught ISIS. We did Europe a big favor. We got 100 percent
of the caliphate. We have — thousands and
thousands of ISIS fighters are killed, and thousands
and thousands — tens of thousands are in
prison right now. And Europe
doesn’t want them. It’s not right. They want to go to France. They want to
go to Germany. They want to go to UK. They want to go to these
countries where they came from. That’s where they —
that’s their home. The U.S. is not their home. They want to go — it’s
not fair that we’re holding these people and
that other countries aren’t taking, because
we’re bearing the cost. So I think that NATO
should be expanded and we should include
the Middle East. Absolutely. And we pay for a big
percentage of NATO. And by the way, if you
look at and speak to Secretary General
Stoltenberg — who’s doing a terrific job, by the way
— he will tell you that I raised $130 billion more
than they were getting. It was going down from
past administrations every single year. It was down to a
very low number. I came in. I said, “You got
to pay, folks. You got to pay. We’re working with you. We’re protecting you. We’re a part of this. You got to pay.” We don’t
want to be the fools, like we have been for
so many years. So we raised $130 billion
almost immediately. We had a meeting with
all of the countries. I said, “You got to pay.”
I mean, I can imagine they don’t like me as much as
Obama and other people. But they got to pay. We’re protecting;
you got to pay. We got $130 billion
more — more. Not $130 [billion];
$130 [billion] more. In fact, my biggest fan
in the whole world is Secretary General
Stoltenberg, because he can’t believe it. And now he just announced
$530 billion we’ve gotten under my watch. And so we’re in great
shape with — with that whole situation. And I think NATO should be
helping us now with the Middle East. Having an international
flavor there is good. Plus, you had a deal
signed with many of these countries that
are in NATO. So — you know, the
economic deal with Iran. So I have actually — I
have actually said that I think the scope of NATO
should be increased and they should be
looking for ISIS. We’ll help. But right now, the burden
is on us, and that’s not been fair. But we’ve done a
great job with ISIS. When I came in three years
ago, ISIS was all over the place. It was a disaster. And now ISIS is — the
caliphate — 100 percent of the caliphate is gone. A hundred percent. And we have tens of
thousands of prisoners. Well, we have
them in prison. But they should be taken,
and Europe should be helping with that burden. But I like the idea of
NATO expanding their views. The Press: How much of
your own money are you prepared to spend
on your reelection? The Press: Since the
environment is part of the issue we’re talking about
today — The President: Say it? The Press: Since the
environment is something that is on the table
here today, what is your position on
global warming? Do you think it’s a hoax? Do you think that
something needs to be done? The President: No,
no, not at all. Nothing is a hoax. Nothing is a
hoax about that. It’s a very
serious subject. I want clean air. I want clear water. I want the cleanest air
with the cleanest water. The environment is
very important to me. Somebody wrote a book that
I’m an environmentalist — it actually called “The
Environmentalist” — actually, before
I did this. But they wrote a book;
I’d like to get it. I have it in the
other office. I’ll bring it to my next
news conference, perhaps. I’m sure you’ll be
thrilled to see it. I’m sure you’ll
report all about it. But, no, I’m a big
believer in that word: the environment. I’m a big believer. But I want clean air. I want clean water. And I also want
jobs, though. I don’t want to close
up our industry because somebody said, you know,
“You have to go with wind,” or “You have to
go with something else” that’s not going to be
able to have the capacity to do what we have to do. We have the best
employment numbers we’ve ever had. We have the best
unemployment numbers we’ve ever had. So that’s very important. All right, one more. The Press: How much of
your own money are you prepared to spend
on your reelection? The President: I literally
haven’t even thought about it. I spent a lot on the first
one, and I said — I did the primaries, and
obviously that came out to be very successful. And I have not
thought about it. I will say this: Because
of the impeachment hoax, we’re taking in numbers
that nobody ever expected. You saw the kind of
numbers we’re reporting. We’re blowing
everybody away. We’ve never — nobody has
ever taken in the money that we’re taking
in from the public. And it’s good because it’s
an investment they’re making. They’re making
that investment. It’s better than
the big donors. We’re taking in — we’re
taking in numbers that nobody has ever seen
before, frankly. And it’s a great thing. The Press: You (inaudible)
a lot of voters in 2016 by saying that you wouldn’t
take donor money, that you would be — The President:
Well, I don’t know — I put in a lot. The Press: — independent,
and therefore you wouldn’t be bought by the donors. The President: You know
the number that I put in? Do you know the number I
invested — I put in for the primaries and for
the first election? What? Do you know that number? The Press: I don’t
have the total — The President: It’s
a big number. And I, to this day, say,
“I wonder if it mattered,” because I never noticed
myself getting any credit for that. I did; I spent a
lot of my own money. You know, tens of millions
of dollars, times a lot. But I spent a lot
of my own money. And I always asked
the question. I said, “I wonder if it
was necessary.” Because I don’t think anybody even
knew that I was spending it. I’d mention it every once
in a while, but I don’t — for instance, I
give up my salary. It’s $450,000 —
approximately $450,000 — presidential salary. I give it up. It goes to — usually,
I give it to drugs. I give some to Elaine,
sometimes, for transportation. But every quarter — I
think it’s paid on a quarterly basis — I give
up 100 percent of my salary that I
make as President. I don’t think anybody
has written that story. You guys don’t want to
write that kind of a story, but that’s
okay with me. Listen, I’m going to Ohio
— some of you are coming with me — and we
look forward to it. I want to congratulate all
of you because I think this is going to make a
tremendous difference in your unions and in your —
for your workers and for your investments
and for everything. This is going to be
a fantastic thing. We’ll bring numbers down
from 20 years to less than 2. We’ll bring them
down from 10 years. I really think that you’ll
hit much less than two, even for major projects. And I want to thank
everybody for being here. It’s a great honor. Thank you very much. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you very much.
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  35. Why is FEMA buying CHICOM weapons under the table? Ordering 5,000 ChiCom M4 & 1,000 Dragonov knockoff weapons? Something we should know? FEMA.. Is this the new Adrenochrome Factory in USA? 🇺🇸

  36. I am from quartz mountain okla, something is not right, why is the question, what are the dems trying to really hide from us, by constantly attacking our president why? they are hiding a very deep secret that they do not want anyone to know, it’s their last stand before they are exposed, of a bigger wrong they’ve been doing, these people are traitors,

  37. My wife loved and respected you, she passed away a year ago, Jeanne and I are Democrats, we voted for a real president Donald trump, because Hillary scared the hell out of us, she had hers way she would of handed us over to China, hers outfits she wares is what Chinese leaders wear, she would be queen of China, she is one sick puppy, GOD bless our president, find out the truth, follow the money trail

  38. Even his Russian handler knows he's a moron:

  39. National Environmental Policy Act regulations never a good thing! dramatically reducing the authority of the act, signed by Richard Nixon in 1970. The idea was that the federal government would protect the environment
    from excess by assessing the impacts of major projects — and include
    the public in the deliberations. Trump's instinct is to protect private
    companies from any restrictions, nature be damned. Your action will make it easier to for companies to build pipelines, clear-cut forests, dig mines, drill for oil, etc.
    Trump has reversed 58 policies
    related to air pollution and emissions, drilling and extraction,
    infrastructure, animals, toxic substances and safety, water pollution,
    and more. And he is in the process of rolling back another 37 regulations, for 95 in all.
    rollbacks could significantly increase greenhouse gas emissions and
    lead to thousands of extra deaths from poor air quality every year. Economist Paul Krugman predicts that environmental destruction will be a lasting legacy of what he calls the Republican Party of Pollution. Yes cleaner water Trump but the sea has not seeped into it yet!

  40. This posting is dated 15/01/2020 (dd/mm/yyyy) at 2115 Hours Singapore Standard Time (SST).


    Firstly, let me narrate a series of events that occurred last week. Last Tuesday, 7th January 2020, I attended an appointment with a private psychiatrist and both my parents were present in the consultation room.

    To keep things brief, my father seriously advised the psychiatrist to have me placed on depot injections once again as he reasoned that I was non-compliant to oral medications.

    Feeling shocked and flustered, I immediately left the consultation room and decided to temporarily put up in a hostel somewhere in Singapore’s Chinatown area for a few days to clear my mind. I also purchased a combat knife with whatever spare cash I had on me.

    In the end, I decided to return home on Friday, 10th January 2020, but not before I revealed my ‘TRUE COLORS’ in Singapore’s Central Business District (CBD). That pretty much sums up my downplayed version of events last week.


    I really do not like the way you all are handling my case.


    Let’s get real here. My security investigator father will never wake up and Prime Minister Lee Hsein Long will never own up. I humbly beseech you all to make contact with me as soon as possible. I want to be put to good use and have some structure in my life.

    Thank You.



  41. Let me explain spirit and man in the flesh Christian and sinners alike because of sin we all have sinned and falll short of the glory of God because of this state we will sin again willfully because of imperfection because of anger and because of the flesh no good thing dwells in the flesh so if we ask god for forgiveness of our sin he is faithful and just to forgive us our sin (BUT) if we say I am doing sin and I don't care that IAM doing i sin I don't need forgiveness from god for anything or I don't believe in that or believe that way you cant be forgiven and or, refuse to stop doing wrong so you can't be forgiven. So there is no hope for that sinner only judgment hell if or she does not change 1/15/2020

  42. THE FORGIVE THOR = 666.
    Thor Haakon Sandberg: The forgive = 1776.
    Thor Haakon Sandberg: The forgive – King Lucifer = 1776.

    NEW EARTH OF THOR = 666.
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    Thor Haakon Sandberg: New earth of – King Lucifer = 1776.

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    HOUSE OF GOD THOR = 666.
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    Thor Haakon Sandberg: House of God – King Lucifer = 1776.
    Muahaha! 😉
    Muahaha! 😉

    Bring flame Thor – The number nine = 1776.

    BRING TERROR THOR (9) = 666.

  43. From the "Illuminati Testament"
    Demonic celebrities. Demonic magus. Demonic influence. Palace of Lucifer.
    Red serpent. Great deception. An image of darkness. The sublime. Serpent race. Pure faith.
    Jared Kushner. Thirty one (Sacred). Bohemian Grove. Global warming. Solar eclipse. Come together. Believe Lucifer.
    Satans aliens. Shape shifter. Apollo eleven.


  45. Dear Mr. President,

    As President of the United States of America you are representing the people of the United States. I am not an American Citizen but I am German and living in Germany but nevertheless I am writing this letter to you because it is an urgent matter. More and more people in Germany are very much concerned about things going on in Germany. We are concerned about our safety and our freedom. As you surely have been noticing life in Germany is getting more and more dangerous for German citizens. Violent actions even in public at places where you thought you are safe but you are not. Most people functioning in a daily life and having jobs are not able to avoid such places and public space in the country. At the same time freedom of speech, freedom of press, freedom of information and freedom to dress and behave the way you want is under great pressure. This letter is a cry for help. There are more and more Germans who do not know what to do to save their future and the future of their children. German government is not responding to the voices from German citizens.

    We would be very thankful if you, representing a great nation in the world, standing for freedom, could intervene and help German citizens.

    With kind regards


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