Importance of Natural Resources

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  1. The greatest scam ever..
    1. They never wanted this to go to the senate, that is why there were no high crimes mentioned, they knew it would die quickly there.
    2. Their only goal was to make the president look bad and give him that title that he was impeached.
    3. Nancy , Adam and Nadler could never take the chance that if it got to the senate, they would be forced to testify.
    4. This is all an act now. They are all dancing with joy in the back rooms thinking they tricked him.
    5. Buttttttttt, they could be wrong….maybe, just maybe , the President wants a trial and they are all going to be dragged in clawing and screaming…just maybe.

  2. Let's get this straight. Federal Lands belong to us. We are in the midst of Overwhelming Evidence of Climate Change in just this past year. Instead of protecting our Natural Resources, Big Business and the Wealthy want to decimate our World. California, Australia, Puerto Rico, The Rain Forest, our Water Supplies, Rivers, Lakes, the Ocean, all polluted by Chemicals and Oil. The Sea is rising as we speak. and the Arctic is melting. Greedy, irresponsible people who have allied themselves with this joke of a president could care less. Just as long as the Stock Market is paying dividends.

  3. Obviously, Trump feels it's perfectly okay

    to lie to the American people,

    even when he's sure he's in the right.

    And Fox News is perfectly willing to go along.

  4. FOX NEWS ALERT: Keep America Great Again!! Vote for TRUMP!! KING of the bone spurs 2020 🇺🇸 ❤️ 🇺🇸 ❤️

  5. It is funny we have a housing crises demakkkrats answer we will buy everyone tents and drug needles and make it harder to build. Go Trump undo the demakkkrats shitopa

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