Importance of Natural Resources

Preparing our Roads and Bridges for the Impacts of Climate Change – Dirk Nyland

Climate change has been happening for a
while and from a engineering and design perspective you’ve got to make sure
you’ve taken the things the climate throws at you into account so that
you’re not going to get washed away or or blown away or all these other nasty
things that can happen when the weather gets extreme so what has been done
within the Ministry of Transportation is we’ve required all our engineering
designers and consultants to ensure that they’ve taken climate change into
account show us how they’ve done that and make sure that the infrastructure
that’s being designed lasts for at least fifty to sixty years if it’s a bridge we
want it to last at least a hundred years Those rules have been in place now for
about five years so things like drainage works are
sized a little bit bigger now temperatures are taken into account in the design work all to make the highways safer
and to make them more resilient and to make sure that when you want to
go to the grocery store the road’s there to serve you it’s important for people
in rural areas that we take this into account because the roads are their only
lifeline to get their groceries to get their supplies in and we don’t want
to have them wait days because a bridge has been washed out

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