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Pointing Out Your True Nature

How to connect
directly with your true nature — buddha nature. The teaching for that is what
we call “pointing out instructions.” “Pointing out” means
to point out your true nature, just like you point to something
with your finger, “This is a diamond.” It is as if you were holding
a diamond in your hand, and you are looking at it, but the problem is that you
don’t know that it is a diamond. You have a diamond, you are looking at it, you are seeing it, but you do not know
that it is a diamond. Then what should you do? Simply point it out: “Hello, this is a diamond. Ah, this is a diamond! Oh, how precious!” If you do not realize
that it is a diamond, then, even if your hands
are full of diamonds, for you it is the same as pebbles, the same as small stones. For you, there is no value. But if you realize
that it is a diamond, then the diamond
becomes very, very valuable to you. “Wow, how precious!” The practice for this
is first the introduction. You receive the introduction
to the nature of mind practice, and after that,
when you practice, it is there. But the problem is… that it is so easy, so close, and that is why
it becomes difficult. It is so easy
that you cannot believe it. It is so close to you
that you cannot see it. This is why, normally, we do not give this
pointing out teaching in public. So I can not teach it to you now, but I just tell you a little bit about
the qualities of the nature of mind In order to practice this,
you have to practice step by step, the foundational practice
and then the main practice. Thank you very much! Bye, bye!

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  1. Sir 🙏🙏 Thanks Sir Excellent knowledge Great Explanation 👌👌👌👌 Superb. hundred percent.. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐. 5 out of 5. 100%.
    I was searching for this type knowledge thanks .

  2. Our true nature is being happy and joyful all the time, but the problem is we try too hard being unhappy

  3. Bummer, I hoped to get in touch with my infinite self. Is it difficult to teach over YouTube or is it some secret bullshit? Unsubscribed.

  4. You accept things as they are, not as you wish they were in this moment. This is important to understand. You can wish for things in the future to be different, but in this moment you have to accept things as they are.

  5. Any advice for someone like me who used to meditate a lot and suddenly step out of the cushion , I found it’s very difficult to sit back in! Why ? What’s the inner fear for meditation? I am really lost ….. guru , please help 😢😢😢 Lama Chenno!

  6. Rinpoche la tashi delek ,l have request to you can you give meditation instructions in tibetan for new biggner tibetan people so they can practice. About 30 minutes .l myself do whenever l have time but many lay tibetan people think they meditation is forgotten monk not for lay people please l want you explain to then how important it is and how much beneficial is for body and mind , please rinpoche la and thank you

  7. Yongey Mingyour Rinpotché is the MAN, he is the best because of him I managed it to adapt my own way of meditation I also read the book IN LOVE WITH THEWORLD, so I'm really thankful and because of him I decided to manage my own channel with relaxing video and cartoons,i put some meditation adevice on the descrption… if some of you are interested you can check out my channel maybe tell me what's good what's not at least you can give your opinion and subscribe if you really like it so you can support me to do more and give the best to this world.
    A great thanks to Yongey Mingyour Rinpotché and thank to all of you also

  8. Hey what happened to the video on sleep meditation and how to do sleep meditation. It appeared yesterday and disappeared and was replaced with this one

  9. .Pointing Out Instruction
    “The problem is so easy, so close, that is why it becomes difficult. So easy you can not believe; so close to you, you cannot see it. “

    I saw it…I saw it…I saw it…It has been there all the time. Wonderful!

    Thanks, Mingyur Rinponche. ♥️

  10. I dont understand what this teaching is about. Can someone explain it to me? What does the diamond represent? What is so close and easy that it is difficult?

  11. Someone please help me , why do I get headache and feel nauseous while meditating ? I was okay before but this morning I couldn’t mediate at all. I immediately had to stop my practise because I was feelings Sick . It felt similar to my travelling sickness that I use to have only when I took long journeys.

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