Importance of Natural Resources

Playas Work for Kansas: All Sorts of Wildlife

Well I raise mama cows, mainly, and sell-off the calf crop. I raise quite a bit of alfalfa, wheat, corn, milo just about whatever I can get to grow or maybe try to grow anyway. Really, there’s only the one major playa, and I think that playa probably is less than 40 acres. A playa is hard to farm. You might get one out of six years where you could grow a good crop, but the clay soil in the bottom is kind of prohibitive to farming it. So I think it’s a waste of time to farm them. Might as well do something else. I’ve always been a fan of wildlife and enjoyed hunting. And I have family who likes to hunt. Well, one way that you can improve your hunting is by creating environment for your wildlife. You know, the playa attracts wildlife. If your place is surrounded by grain fields, you’ve got a food source. Even in the drought years, when there’s hardly any water if it rains and you get an inch rain, which is not uncommon, or 2-inch rain, you’re gonna have water in that playa, and that’s going to keep wildlife attracted, and they keep coming back because they want to check it out. You see all sorts of wildlife, from upland wildlife to the deer and antelope. We get cranes. We get ducks. We get geese coming in there. Everything frequents that place, and I think sometimes even if there’s no water, they use it for a source to habitate, you know, out of the weather out of the wind. It’s gonna be in a wetland reserve easement, and it’ll be a perpetual. NRCS is real good about helping you, and those guys want you to get everything you need. So it’s a good deal. If landowners and neighbors and people who have playas lakes on their property, if they could check into it, I think they’d find out it might be a real good program.

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