Importance of Natural Resources

Plastic Bank uses Blockchain to Recycle Ocean Plastic

PlasticBank is a platform for the world to gather together to alleviate ocean plastic and poverty. To create an opportunity for the poor to use plastic as money. To deposit it at one of our centers, either take cash exchange it for the things that they need, keep some of it in account. To give people a sense of worth and pride and connection and community. So, when we stop saying plastic is waste and we think of plastic as value we have that paradigm shift in that plastic is money, plastic is hope, plastic is opportunity. We want to use the technology that is best suited to change the world. What everybody needs is reliance – a trust. A trust that their data is safe, a trust that they’re safe, a trust that their finances are safe. Well, I firmly believe the blockchain has got potential to do that and that’s why from Cognition’s Foundry point of view we’re proud to be involved right at the start of it and we want to keep that involvement, and people are the revolution.

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