Importance of Natural Resources

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  1. more intense weather/disasters, wars and rumors of wars, increased lawlessness and famines were predicted by the bible for the end times. It shows events like the Rapture, 7 year tribulation and 2nd coming of Christ is on the way. People have to worry more about being left behind after the Rapture than climate change since the 7 year tribulation will be the worse period in human history. In fact even the worse climate change predictions can't compare to the horrors of the 7 year tribulation. There will be both republicans and democrats experiencing the tribulation and spending eternity in hell. So turn to Jesus for forgiveness of sins and salvation since Jesus is the only and easiest way to heaven.

  2. The gamblers on a wagon roll one step ahead of pest control. Gypsy weatherman a bit like tuh tuh tuh turrets a bit like an all bet's off window into 'you go straight to hell N gone', this is the way of things inbetweens. Sinking the glitter snack'n bitch battleship yes that is fun sum. I say it's going to rain crystal balls on ya'lls

  3. OMG!! When will this madness end?? This man is STUPID!!! And he really thinks that he is being so cleaver, that no one noticed. Ya'll not embarrassed yet? Huh? LOL!!!

  4. Bulls**t, he’s removed more environmental protections than any president. The only thing Trump cares about is money

  5. Figuratively speaking the devil sucks raw pork butt, entertainment wise, never chump stop sign no roll'n gypsy chuck wagon, less you think you know wut your do'n, do ya, do ya know what the fuck you're do'n ? Yes Madam X mark's the spot you nasty old bat's go straight ta hell, this kid can't science his buzzing bee hind from and honest day's hole in the ground. The high society devil's child abusing monsters, such as they have center stage always been. I got a spotlight for ya nasty old gyspy blood suck'n bat's

  6. OMG! He just never stops lying! It's unbelievable and so very sad for our country! What damage he has caused. It will take years, if it's already not too late, to regain the respect of who used to be considered our allies. This man is a pathological liar, mentally unstable, and so incredibly ignorant about so much that is known by just about anyone that has a HS diploma or higher. I NEVER thought it was possible to have an individual such as this con-man occupy the presidential office. Times have never been more sad than those caused by DT! He is absolutely incapable of running a small business, let alone a country! I do not know how, but I do hope he resigns or something that will get him out of that office before any more damage can be caused by him.

  7. If these idiots knew what facts were they would know man-made climate change is bullshit. Trump knows it and that's why he blew them off. Eat shit losers !!

  8. the tramp is a profiteer along with the rest of the GOP….they don't care how they do it, who they hurt, what they hurt and how much damage will ensue….shame…..and he is one of the most ignorant faux potus' there has ever been…


  10. Literally everything that comes out of this guys mouth is a lie. Every time he speaks he lies. Like HOLY F___K. He is an absolute disgrace and it makes me sick that he has been in office for 3 years. He has completely ruined this country’s name, reputation and elections. Either lock him up or put him in a mental institution. Either one is fitting

  11. Trump is a genius and knows the environment better than any of you libtards. He was the first to discover that windmills cause cancer. Give this man a Nobel.

  12. climate change / global warming =  a carbon tax on EVERY HUMAN BEING   on the face of the EARTH!!…in other words , TONS of money will be collected by "the establishment"..wake up people… it's BS..  just like the other "good causes " organizations that milk people out of money for their evil purposes.

  13. it amazes me how many SHEEP are out here..  geezzz..  how stupid are you people???    anonymous scientist versus REAL scientist..  real names , real reports versus invisible crap.???    what's wrong with you all??where are the tests?? benchmarks? reports?   in the 80's they told us the earth would burn up by 2010!!!  seas rising… Florida should have been gone years ago…   WAKE UP.. it's all BS. its' all about getting our $$$ into their pockets..

  14. Aw, dough boy going off thinking he knows more than anyone..He makes me sick..I can't wait till he's in mid flight, has the runs and bathrooms full….I have never seen anyone ramble on about how smart they are, when in reality he's so full of shit..I mean dough boy is so full of shit, that his base just loves all the shit he puts out…

  15. Here you go CNN because all you care about is views and likes… I threw one to you to so fox doesn't just completely overtake you

  16. “Windmills! Weeee weeee weeee!
    If the wind doesn’t blow you can forget about television that night.”

    – The President of the United States of America.

  17. None of you idiots have any clue what-so-ever as to how trump operates & it's causing a huge meltdown. None of you spastics can actually comprehend what's so simple & starring you in the face. He playing all you fools like the Puppet Master Manipulator. Keep dreaming of Fantasy-land where the rainbows will dispel all your worries so that you will not need any puppy therapy or crayons & play-do to make it through your imaginary crisis.

  18. Yea right meanwhile rest of world can shout clean Earth as much as they would like but still continue to pollute it. Americans are one of the most environmentally conscious folks.

    How could it have gotten so hot with so few cars and people around in the 1930’s?

  20. We're coming out of the ice age we have known that for 70yrs, you want to spend trillions to put a drop in the bucket.CO2gases have increased leaf cover by 37%reducing earth temp significantly.

  21. Polluting our Oceans is going to Kill us sooner than we think, that's were the true danger is coming.Almost to the point of no return .

  22. All that was needed was for Clint Eastwood to be standing next to empty chair and having a conversation with it….

  23. Even with a photo the poorly educated supporters don't care and that pic is altered and fake news. Comrade trump has always done everything bigger and better than anyone's ever done.

  24. He has the advantage because don’t forget Trump is the chosen one. Trump gets his information straight God! It’s time to impeach this racist clown ?. Dump Trump before 2020

  25. Climate Change is a HOAX from the #BigFreeze of the 70’s, the Y2K scare of 2000 to the scorched earth fear-mongering of today ??? Don’t call me a liar until you research the facts. The fact is, we’ve been waiting for a weather catastrophe on epic scale since 1922… We should be seeing the astroid crashing into the earth ideology soon!

  26. I think the shitballs in charge of the corporations, esp. the oil industry, probably always knew climate change was a real thing. Never doubting scientists for a second, they planned, according to libertarian edicts, for long run shifts in the markets. So, say, when global corporatism got its wings in the 1990s after Bill Clinton signed NAFTA , they pushed climate change denial thru mass media while capitalizing on the stripped regulation, figuring that as the environment changes, they'll exploit those changes, and make megabucks on ventures aligned with them. Melting ice would give them access to oil drilling sites previously unreachable, scorching heat would grant them privatization of resources (since they own the Electoral College they can minimize gov't control), and so on. Corporations plan for the long haul more than the public is aware of, and in ways that imperil public safety. Oligarchs like Trump, the Kochs, Rupert Murdoch, and Putin undoubtedly have laundered funds all over the fucking world to manipulate the markets, making nations that are ostensibly enemies huge potential gains for the multinationals. To them, middle class America is nothing but an inconsequential hangnail from bygone days. If so, we’re in even bigger trouble than we thought.

  27. So why did Obama buy a mansion on the why would any insurance company insure any water front property let alone 100million dollar properties…..but they do even though in ten years they will have to pay all the money out…wake the fuck up people

  28. It's pretty obvious that the president of the United States is unable to tell the truth, about anything. How this is ok with the republicans we'll never know…

  29. Climate is not caused by humans but is determined by solar activity, gravitational influences, and orbital considerations.

    What man does do is degrade and pollute the climate — much as they do the oceans, lakes and streams. What undetermined effect that degradation and pollution has on the temperature is secondary to the actual degradation and pollution that we are all subject to.

    It's too bad the global warming enthusiasts haven't shifted the focus to the pollution of the planet rather than man-made global warming, as I think there would be more support and less polarization (no pun intended).

  30. People should watch these two videos to have a better insight if there is any truth to the "global warming/climate change" issue: @ and @. Global warming/climate change had been propagated by IPCC which is an organization initiated by the Illuminati-Globalists led United Nations.

  31. Overall disrespect to the American people doing this shit it's his job and hes ruining political relations with all the countries involved just saying this when other countries politicans are caught in your lies that's unusually how wars and conflict between countries start

  32. FAKE!

    Man made climate change is a lie.

    Evolution is a lie.
    Carbon dating is a lie.
    You've built up a house of cards that comes down easily when exposed to the truth. Until you admit it came from the flood you will never know the real truth.

  33. It is NO surprise that Trump doesn’t believe in MAN made Climate Change ! and Basically neither do Most Intelligent People only the tin foil Hat Liberals and their Parrot Fake News Media Cronies ! There is NO Proof Of man made Climate Change ! The worst Hurricane that hit Florida was 1935 ! Dorian didn’t even come close to it’s Power ! If the Libertards care so much about Climate Change I suggest they CLEAN up their Cities First get the Homeless in check , get rid of the rats that spread disease , and get rid of the Human waste that litters their Streets and POLLUTES our Oceans ! What’s ridiculous is that everyone of these Assholes are saying the same thing and yet DO Nothing but want to RAISE taxes for the Illegal Immigrants ! Obama just bought a house on Martha’s Vineyard for 14 million dollars ! A small Island ! Doesn’t seem he believes in the seas rising because of The Poles melting or Al Gore doing the same ? Only these retards who all decided to SCARE the Millenial Sheep to death ! These same Libertards told me the same thing 60 yrs ago ! Well guess what ? I’m still here NO seas have risen ! The Polar bears are thriving ! See you in 30 more years ! I’ll be on my deck cooking a Steak on my GAS Grill ! and after that I may Go Skeet shooting with my 12 gauge !

  34. He's nothing more than a triple dog liar. He should be in a conversation, with a group, of environmentalist with degrees and the news media present. The environmentalist would blow him away, with their information. The man has a certified degree in idiotic thinking, speaking and being a liar! This tape should be played to him, whike in the meeting. All he would be able to do is babble, as usual!

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