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Pentagon Warns Of Military Collapse If Climate Change Isn’t Taken Seriously

Recently, the us military released a new report
that they had commissioned on the threat that climate change poses to the military itself.
Now again, this report was commissioned by the Pentagon and like every other Pentagon
report on this issue since 2006 the Pentagon tells us that we’re in deep trouble when it
comes to climate change, but more specifically within the next 20 years, this report says
we could be looking at the collapse of the U S military because of climate change and
all of the things that brings with it the collapse of the United States military. Now
that is a phrase that doesn’t even sound possible, right? We spend more on our military than
any other country in the world. We spend more on our military than the countries behind
us combined. So how could it be that our military could be overwhelmed by something to the point
of collapse while the Pentagon spells it out very clearly, you’ve got climate change that’s
going to bring blackouts, disease, thirst, starvation, and war. You have 600 million
people. The report tells us who live at sea level or even on the coast and within the
next 20 to 60 years, they’re going to have to find a new place to live. If we do not
address climate change, we don’t know where they’re going to go. We can’t handle that
massive influx of people across our borders. Other countries really can’t handle that either.
So what are we going to do? And then if they do all mass migrate to certain areas around
the globe, they’re not all obviously going to the same place, but then they fight for
resources and that breeds war. This is something the Pentagon’s been telling us for well over
a decade now. Resource scarcity breeds conflict. All of human history has proven that and yet
we right now are slow marching towards that because we just don’t want to take action
as a country, as a planet really. Now, this is not meant to discourage or downplay the
role that scientists and activists have played in climate change. But I have to say this,
we as a country, as a government have done nothing with regards to climate change. And
that’s what the Pentagon is trying to tell us. We’re not doing anything. Now again, we’ve
got brilliant scientists out there warning us, beating the drum, constantly saying, here’s
the problem. There’s still time to fix it, so let’s do it. We have activists saying,
let’s do this. We have some politicians saying let’s do it. But when it comes time to put
the rubber on the road, we simply don’t as a country, even during the Obama years, he
didn’t act one good environmental policy than immediately do a horrible one. And I know
what I’m talking about here folks, because I wrote for an environmental website for the
entirety of the Obama administration. It was my job to talk about both the good and the
bad. And you can go back and read through all of it. I’m not saying that cause I hate
Obama, I’m just saying it because that was my job. I had to talk about the bad and there
was a lot of it during his tenure. But we have a chance, even the Pentagon admits, we
still have a chance. We can fix this, we can correct it, but what they’re saying now is
that if we don’t, if we continue down this dangerous path, we as a country, as a military,
we’re pretty screwed.

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  1. The problem is most of the big decisions are taken by old, white men who don't really care what happens to the world after they die as long as they can make more money now

  2. Just another reason why I trust the military more than the government. Even when generals and admirals are stating the very real effects of climate change, politicians wanna continue to bury their heads in the sand and ignore it

  3. so its almost like what happened to the Drells in Mass Effect (except they had mass deserts and no flooding) climate changed ruined their planet and it went tits up except they were "saved" by big stupid jellyfish there wont be no saving humanity its fucked and despite what trump says the "space force" aint gonna make Mars habitable anytime soon

  4. The military won't collapse. Martial law will give them plenty of work. Someone's got to give the 1 % their nice lives at our expense.

  5. As a Canadian, most of Canada's population is next to or close to the Canada/U.S.border which is a pretty substantial number considering there's roughly 37 million of us so if the U.S.Military collapses ,as the Pentagon fears ,then Canada will follow because we have no where near the military capabilities of America so who will come to our aid in a crises? Geographically ,having America literally next door gives Canada a sense of protection and peace like a big older brother.Theres an old saying, if the United States sneezes Canada catches a cold.Whatever affects Americans will affect Canadians.

  6. Trusting anything that comes from america is a No for me. i think i speak for a lot of people. And trusting pentagon? cmon guys? pentagon?? wtf

  7. I love how north america worships money/capitalism. I dont think anyone is surprised that politicians who take money from corporations would prioritize short term money over long term progress.

  8. Climate change is a big problem, and we need to elect Bernie next year to actually be able to solve it. However, something that you can do right now is to go to the website below to donate money to plant trees. One dollar equals one tree. I've donated $5 to this.

  9. Is the United States Really Leaving the Paris Climate Agreement?
    Trump formally pulls out of landmark Paris climate agreement

  10. It's not lack of resources that makes conflict
    It's greed of resources because capitalism does not wish to stop it can't stop because if it stops trying to gather resources the capitalist and capitalism collapses

  11. This probably wouldn't be an issue if we were a country that doesn't celebrate stupidity/ignorance but no we let the influences of money cloud our judgment so we're to stupid to think big picture about what's going to happen 20 to 60 years down the road well the point here is we act on this now so future generations don't have to pay for our arrogant mistakes & suffer because of our failing to act.

  12. WHY is ONE psychotic asshole being allowed to break the world? I'm starting to think it will take an entity like the UN or the Hague to intervene and force this untenable nightmare to leave office and then banish him to an International Prison.
    edit: removed some profanity

  13. Mother Earth has a virus. It could be called Human Arrogance. So many symthoms. And it's treatable and a cure could be just around the corner.

  14. You know what? I don't want any harm to come to anyone and lord knows we need to handle climate change. However, this might be a good thing for the military industrial complex, and its demise.

  15. The Chinese put 90,000 of their soldiers to work planting trees. Over a billion to date. BILLION!!!
    Ours we only use for killing.

  16. In the words of a very smart person sell you home on the coast. Ow wait that was Ben Shapiro. Not a very smart man, actually he's a fucking moron.

  17. You are not an alarmist you are an honest reporter on this issue.
    America has yet to face the fact that its way of life is leading to extinction.

  18. let me get this right, the militaries pollution of the planet, is, preventing, the military, from polluting the planet. lets call it what it is, pollution, we can pinpoint the culprits, that are poisoning us and the planet


    Seeds are GOLD.

  20. Bonespurs has never followed the advice of his military advisers. If we're going to save the he must be removed from office and the RepubiCONs should never have majority rule again.

  21. All the more reason for humans to expand beyond this planet.
    Mining astroids would mitigate resource scarcity, at least for a few hundred years, then we need to expand beyond the Earth's orbit.

  22. We can understand the root cause of Climategate as a case of scientists constrained to attempt to do normal science in a post-normal situation. But climate change had never been a really ‘normal’ science, because the policy implications were always present and strong, even overwhelming. Indeed, if we look at the definition of ‘post-normal science’, we see how well it fits: facts uncertain, values in dispute, stakes high, and decisions urgent. In needing to treat Planet Earth like a textbook exercise, the climate scientists were forced to break the rules of scientific etiquette and ethics, and to play scientific power-politics in a way that inevitably became corrupt. The combination of non-critical ‘normal science’ with anti-critical ‘evangelical science’ was lethal.

  23. Funny i thought it was 12 years now its 20-60 yrs back in 2001 florida was supposed to be under water by 2016 oh yea and my government has never lied to me before and the media would never mislead me. So mabey your right none of the climate chage predictions have been right before but mabey everyone on the up and up this time. I guess ill just take your word for it because you said so. No need for me to look any further some guy with a camera said so

  24. If the military collapses then we know who to blame for this. Let's work on deporting these corporations out of our country with nothing but the clothes on their backs.

  25. @The Ring of Fire FYI, before this video started YouTube tried to show me an ad from Trump for his Impeachment Defense Petition

  26. To truth is we have already missed the opportunity to save planet. People need to prepare themselves for the fallout of what's shortages looting .

  27. Climate Change: costs the military, money
    Republicans: I do believe in climate change! I do believe in climate change!! I do believe in climate change!!!

  28. How fortunate that US military emissions are excluded from official statistics on US carbon footprint. I guess we all have to thank them for their service.

  29. My dear friend who is a marine biologist says we have 70 years left for a viable earth. I’m sure that will rapidly decline with Trump lowering EPA standards in all departments. We’re effed. Period.

  30. I'm terrified for the future of this planet. Boomers won'tt be around when things really get bad. The people standing in the way need to be pushed out of office.

  31. Mass migration is due to you open border democrats

    I dont give a fuck about what happens to indonesia we dont have to let the, in

    No the fuck we dont

  32. If Americans don't care what they are doing to the planet let them suffer for it. As a species humanity most likely will be it's end, this planet will continue to exist long after the human Extinction.

  33. I think there are some people ignoring the dangers climate change on purpose because they want conflicts to happen. If so, then those guys need to go. This is the world we live in. Stop trying to destroy it and start helping others save it.

  34. It's not just us. There's not enough personnel to handle all the problems that would take place here at home let abroad if our climate goes to hell. If the military can't handle it, preppers aren't going to be too far behind that. The wealthy think their money will save them. That should be amusing to watch when all their money fails.

  35. Flooding of naval bases? Oh yeah, billions and billions lost in military real estate.The billions to make new ports and naval air stations. But don't worry Trump and his financial advisors as scientists say climate change is not real. Don't worry be Happy it a great Trump day! Burn that coal, gas, propane, and barbecue like no tomorrow it will make plants grow and I can guzzle my beer and eat barbecue while watching the Football game burrrrrrrrrrrp! Hic hop in my SUV and get more beer Hic! Global warming is a Hillary Clinton hoax lock her up BUUURRPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!

  36. Wahh. I wanna drive my big SUVs and trucks, motorized vehicles, crank my ACs in summer and heaters in winter, eat meat with every meals, throw away single use utensils.
    Burning carbon is fun!

  37. Never thought I'd say this, but…"RAH! RAH! GO CLIMATE CHANGE!!! WOOOOOOT!!!!"
    But seriously, what are we actually worried about? I thought it was all a Chinese hoax. The big, bad military thugs and useless corporate whore morons who line their pockets funding them aren't afraid of a silly Chinese hoax, are they?

  38. If I may, I think that we don't even have a 10-year window to do something about the climate.
    Not if Trump keeps on stopping everything that it is supposed to be done.

  39. Under President Obama, all military and intelligence training and other manuals were purged of words associated with islam. Under President Trump, all references to 'climate change' (i.e. what the UN's IPCC deems to be catastrophic global warming caused by CO2 emissions from human activity) should be purged. The IPCC is guilty of promoting the greatest scientific deception ever imposed on mankind, using pseudoscience… cherry picked studies that support its narrative while ignoring an overwhelming body of science that debunks its supposition.

  40. kThe US' Pentagon has had a scenario on their books for temperature changes for a very long time.This is not new.

    These things "could" happen. By 60 years everyone on the coast WILL have to move? based on what? Numerous geologists have studied the planet’s history of sea level rise and fall. In this current era, post the most recent ice age, the sea level has risen ~130m. If history repeats itself, likely as sea level has risen and fallen hundreds of times, then based on the sea level rise in the previous interglacial period there is another 4-6m of sea level rise in the future; this has nothing to do with humans

    So we want to now try to change the climate? How will we change the climate? According to the EPA CO2 has risen steadily for the previous 170 years. During that time temperatures have declined for more years than temperatures has increased. So it's not CO2 (unless you can explain to me how a gas molecule is responsible for both decreasing and increasing a gas' temperature.).

    Back to sea level.. The previous 100 years had barely an inch of sea level rise. So if that repeats itself, then in 60 years there is no change. IF, the maximum projected rate of rise occurs, 3.66 mm/yr, then this is 8" over 60 years. That is a big IF and that is a lot of new melt from glaciers ON SHORE. Don't see that happening.

    I do agree that being prepared to adapt is the right answer. Sadly, to the Climate Change Movement this means humanity stops using hydrocarbons. That will not change the climate.

  41. Bitter betrayers of children, now the US military is just starting to implicate you as saboteurs of the USA, get out of our way, so the USA can lead.  The USA can make it rain metal in the desert, the rest of the world can not even have marijuana until the USA says it's okay.  All we need to lead, is for you bitter conservative republicans, to get out of our way.

  42. And yet, the chiefs of staff and these incumbent politicians refuse to do anything about this – or at least do anything to try to stop this. Why? Because they'd rather take the big board/lobby checks that come when they retire from service than save what they're planning to buy with those checks.

    F^^^ those old pr^^ks. We need a complete overhaul and overthrow if we are to get anything meaningful done.

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