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Paving the Way for AI in IoT

The recent increase in available computing power, more efficient networks and new machine learning algorithms have created a surplus that telecoms can take advantage of. One idea is to use this power to improve the way in which service providers do business in relation to the Internet of Things. And the way to do that is by deploying artificial intelligence in the IoT. AI allows telcos to replace rule-based standing models used in the IoT with new continuously evolving ones that are constantly learning to become more comprehensive and reliable with time. As a result, when a problem with a device or service occurs, an AI-powered IoT platform will define the most effective solution based on past and recent events. The applications of AI are almost endless. In agriculture: sensor-based irrigation and soil monitoring In the automotive industry: remote engine testing and process monitoring In the mining industry: detecting threats and reacting to emergency And in logistics: tracking and best route analysis To meet these IoT requirements of the above listed industry verticals, and many more, Comarch enhanced its IoT Connect platform with IoT Analytics embedded with artificial intelligence. This ensures our customers benefit from efficient service onboarding and management. It also means Comarch’s solution enables telecoms to accumulate IoT service knowledge and react to current and future events such as anomalies, service disruptions, required maintenance and security threats all this to obtain significant savings. With extensive knowledge and experience in the IoT business, coupled with our next generation IoT solutions, Comarch can assist you on your journey towards IoT transformation. Comarch IoT Connect is a reliable platform that integrates with your company’s IoT ecosystem. Augmented by artificial intelligence, it completely redesigns the predictive maintenance and anomaly detection functions, providing better services, significant savings, improved resource allocations and strengthened security. Trust Comarch and let us take your IoT transformation to the next level!

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  1. Global IoT market is poised to reach the value of $1,017.61 billion in 2024 from $176.58 billion in 2017, growing with the CAGR of 32.31%.

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