Importance of Natural Resources

Passion for the sea

The ocean is a special place and timeless. To travel across it is to experience an extraordinary human adventure and follow in the wake of visionary men and women. Their boldness inspires and unites us. The ocean is a story that is passed down from generation to generation eyes riveted on the sea. It is a link between continents and cultures a link to our humanity. The ocean is a place for exchanges among peoples, a source of growth, knowledge and sharing. A pioneer in the shipping industry our vision draws from more than 40 years of experience acquired on all of the oceans of the world. Every customer who shows confidence in us every container entrusted to us is a reflection of that fact. Being a world leader sailing every ocean under the colours of France is a duty it’s a badge of honour. The ocean is a unique and precious ecosystem. essential to the equilibrium of our planet and our prosperity we must preserve it. Putting our know-how at the service of this environment is an honour. Protecting this ocean that sustains us is our shared responsibility. More than a conviction, it is our commitment. We wish fair winds and following seas to the student officers of the Jacques Saadé class

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