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Overnight in Malaysia Rainforest: Sekeping Serendah Retreat Glamping [Small Girl Big World]

We see some light over there so we find another house Some lighting over there In this video, follow me to experience
overnight in Malaysia Rainforest This is my jungle house Now we explore this tiny trail Follow me First, let me show you what
you can expect from this rainforest There is a tiny stream, so turn on your
volume and listen to water flowing Along the trail, there are many
rainforest trees and plants Also don’t worry. There is
no tiger here. This is perfectly
safe rainforest jungle What fruit is that? Malaysia fruit? Hmmm… Jacky Fruit Looks like Jacky Fruit Much smaller Let’s continue and explore the houses
in this rainforest jungle We see some light over there so We find another house Take a video for me when I am taking
photo of that house In Chinese: Is this the fruits? A small house for one couple Let’s go explore the first jungle house
the glass house Look how beautiful this jungle house This is built by the side
of stream so there will be non stop natural stream
sound over the night so beautiful. the glass that
the very first thing you see after open
your eyes in the morning are the
nature greenery Now it is only 5 o clock, 5 pm
but you see it is getting dark Now I am in the same trail it’s during the night now it is so dark In distance: Werewolf howling I will show you the jungle house later
now stick with me with my night
adventure It is so dark in this jungle that
my camera hardly capture anything
so it is better you explore yourself In Chinese: Why you can see me? Welcome to the Sekeping Serendah Back to nature I just sleep in the forest in a small mountain.. hill maybe is a hill and there are different theme hotel in this forest so here is the entrance to my homestay hotel and the… few steps climb up to the hotel all the way Okay Arrived Dang dang dang… Welcome We have two rooms here One is left, one is right so we take the left here and here’s the kitchen in the middle is the a simple kitchen open kitchen you can do the barbeque This is our key Okay So this is our place to stay tonight and it just a simple hotel but the enviroment is very good You can hear the insects outside, the insect and the bird singing so it’s nearly to the closest to nature clean bed and very basic toilet and shower the rooms I stay is called Mud House but it was made in bricks and concrete
and definately not mud Time for dinner soon so keep watching
if you want to see my rainforest dinner This room is so fun, I can climb over
the window I am so thristy so boil some water back to nature Prepare some food for our dinner Barbeque… self barbeque to see what we have we have the hashbrown potate okay We have the sausage two person and we have lamb lamb meat okay What’s the next? I also prepare some fruit The Cherry, very expensive and also have the chicken wing one is the spicy one another is the honey one so this is our dinner forgot… we forgot one more fruit we just bought from the road side Rambutan Dang dang dang… so many Let’s get the food ready for barbeque Okay Charcoal is ready and hot Back to nature, it is really fun to cook your own After dinner in the jungle, I will show
you the glamping facilities available
around, so keep watching Lamb meat There is a fish pond
Watching fishes swim is quite
relaxing There are two swimming pools available
Let me show you the first pool Swimming pool is basically is surrounded
by mother nature Later, I will bring you to see the second
swimming pool and then follow me
further explore more jungle house again
BIG Jungle House This second pool is at the hill slope
You will have the infinity view of trees There are plenty more houses in this
jungle. The one I am going to bring
you this time is so grand and big,
the best here One of the largest one You can stay inside for whole
family around 10 person
or above If you are interested in waterfall
I will be going to the nearby
Serendah Waterfall later As for now, keep appreciating this
enormous jungle house This is the Serendah waterfall It is situated outside of the jungle
house, about 5 minutes drive away Here also I come to close proximity to
the tallest tree I ever seen in my life Give me a thumb up if you like the video
Subsribe me for more fun travel video in
future. See you again

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  1. I had a wonderful time here. Fresh air, beautiful nature scenery and nice jungle house. Is there any more similar concept retreats in Malaysia? Let me know. I wish to have similar experience again

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