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Our Work Environment – Working at IKEA

It’s a great place to work, you know. It’s fun, the environment’s great,
all the people are so supportive. Just the whole attitude of everybody is what
really just gets me with all the co-workers. Community. I really feel like everybody
here just knows each other. It’s kinda like it’s a family feel,
definitely. The overall look of IKEA is different. I feel comfortable in these jeans and sneakers every day, I like it,
versus slacks and shoes. This place has variety. As far as just, you know, different people,
different cultures, different personalities. IKEA definitely seems to encourage
a lot of diversity within the workplace. People from all backgrounds,
all walks of life, even different countries. I will say that IKEA is a great company.
I can warmly recommend them. As long as you are open, honest, direct,
you can be whoever you are.

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