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Our Amazon: Brazilians who live in the world’s biggest rainforest | AFP

People living in Brazil’s Amazon express worries, regrets and frustrations. “The first product is cattle. Cattle became my passion. Cows, steers, all that comes from the cows,
that’s my priority. When I first arrived here, I committed errors against the environment. I want to say it’s my dream now that most of
those who come here, along with those who are already here, understand, that we need the forest too.” Loggers authorised to log in the Amazon have a hard time competing price-wise with
illegal loggers. Not all the clients agree to pay more for
certified products. They often say that they want to protect the Amazon, but when they buy products from the Amazon,
they want the cheapest. They won’t pay for the certified products which
follow the law, like I do. This indigenous teacher worries the next generation in her community might not have a forest
10 years from now. “We only see destruction, deforestation..
I don’t know what this generation of children will be like, if they’ll still see this forest.
If they’ll be able to know everything we saw. because many things already are extinct
and I never got to know them. Thing my grandparents used to eat, but people don’t
get meat anymore. This used to be only forest, not anymore. Will it still be around in 10 years?
It’s worrying. While the Amazon is at the very heart of the fight for the preservation of the environment,
Brazil is pushing agriculture and logging.

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