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Oregon Climate – A Solution That Works For Everyone

I’ve been in this business probably for
fifty years this hatchery started in 1978 one of the very first shellfish hatcheries
on the west coast in 2007 we hit a stage where we couldn’t grow any larve at all. We went into 2008 thinking well that was just a bad
dream but 2008 was horrible year for us and it was really at that point that we
knew we had a problem we get our water from the Netarts Bay I think scientists thought that the pH in the ocean will never be an issue but they started finding out that the dissolved co2 levels were extremely high Mark’s story is not unique. Not only does
carbon pollution lower the ocean’s pH it changes the climate. people all over the world are suffering
from severe droughts, reduce crop yields, longer fire seasons
and vanishing snowpack. Well if nothing is done to reduce
greenhouse gases, if nothing is done to reduce carbon what climate scientists are projecting into the
future are things like temperature increases, sea level rise,
various risks of extreme climate activities that
will happen and these are going to cause real costs to
businesses and households across the world scientists have warned for
decades that carbon dioxide pollution would
dangerously change our climate and yet the world burns fossil fuels
faster every year our movement is fighting tirelessly to
sustain the planet for future generations. So how can we
leverage our efforts to bring pollution under control? Perhaps it’s time to address the problem
at its source. Climate change is not a problem of too few hybrid electric
cars or of too many gas pipelines. This is a
problem of accountability. The fossil fuel industry doesn’t cover all its business
expense. The rest of us do when billions of our
tax dollars pay for superstorm clean up, drought relief and wildfire control. If
you put a price on carbon you make people realize that using something
that has carbon content is actually more expensive that they realize to be begin with. But its up to them for businesses and households to figure out what is their best way to deal with it. Economists across the political spectrum
say, the clear way to hold polluters
accountable is with a price on carbon. If we could hold polluters accountable
for their own costs the bad stuff would get more expensive and
when energy providers invest in cleaner alternatives the good stuff would get cheaper. in Oregon a young organization, Oregon
Climate is bringing together committed
volunteers, businesses and community leaders. Uniting them
behind a simple idea; to put an end to free carbon dumping by
charging companies more for choosing dirty energy and then
returning that money to everyone. The plan is simple, Oregon can put an end to free carbon dumping with a simple fee. Polluters would pay a
specific price for each ton of carbon dioxide. and the price would rise every year in
predictable increments. Then, consumers and businesses would be rewarded for conservation, and clean alternatives to
fossil fuels would become cost-competitive. meanwhile the millions of dollars in
revenue would be distributed evenly to every Oregonian as a cash dividend ranging from 500 to
1500 dollars per person per year we can use this money to offset the
growing cost of climate change and ease the transition to a clean
energy economy. In just our first year, Oregon Climate has united
thousands of people behind this idea, and our numbers are growing every day. As a part
of our grassroots campaign, we are lobby our legislators, hosting phone
banks and going door-to-door to build support for a carbon price and dividend
policy. If Oregon adopts this policy we can prove that the climate crisis, need not be solved on
the backs of low income families that there is a fair, affective, market-based
approach to reducing carbon pollution its not like the other things we debate in politics that you can stand on either side. I
think the risk of doing nothing is so huge, so-costly, so dramatic of a change. And this is where you come in. If we
build momentum behind this idea, with a broad-base of people like you, we can force decision makers in Oregon to take notice it only takes one state to build a model
of effective climate policy. If we unite and ask for that policy by name, We can win it. So join us. Climate change is a real
problem, now is the time for real solutions.

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