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Operation Elephant | Jungle Animal Rescue

[music playing] NARRATOR: After a long, slow
drive through the night– KARTICK: Yes, girl. We’re going to get you out. NARRATOR: –the rescued elephant
arrives at the sanctuary. [elephant whines] KARTICK: Don’t worry. IZZY HIRJI: There we go.
KARTICK: Excellent, excellent. IZZY HIRJI: OK. KARTICK: So there’s axes and
all kinds of hooks and stuff. So let’s start
getting all that off. I think every single
day of her life, she’s been beaten with an ax. Scars all over her forehead. Her forehead is dotted
with scars all over. You can see all the wounds
and the scars around. IZZY HIRJI: Yeah.
KARTICK: Just look at that. IZZY HIRJI: Yeah.
My goodness. KARTICK: She’ll never have
pain from these things again. NARRATOR: Having
spent years abused and alone, this elephant also
carries psychological scars. DR. HEZY ANHOLT: I
just want to help her. Wild elephants live in these
very tight social family groups where socialization and
communication are really important to their daily life. Whereas a captive elephant
lives in total isolation. They’re deprived of contact
with other elephants. These elephants
have really serious psychological conditions
that are linked to captivity. NARRATOR: The team
hopes that introducing her to other elephants will
heal some of those scars. But first, she
should be initiated into the Wildlife SOS family. KARTICK: What we’re
going to be doing now is the welcoming ceremony
and the naming ceremony. When a new elephant
is rescued, we always welcome her with prayers,
asking for God’s blessings to support her and have a safe,
secure, and a pain-free future. We pray to Lord Ganesh,
who is elephant god. Sandy is going to seek the
blessings of Lord Ganesh. IZZY HIRJI: Beautiful. KARTICK: And there you go. Good girl. Take the bell off. MAN: OK. IZZY HIRJI: You’re almost free. KARTICK: That’s it. IZZY HIRJI: There we go. KARTICK: Her bell’s off. IZZY HIRJI: Wishing
you a better life. KARTICK: From that moment
onward, she’s taken care of. And we are going to be
calling her Kalpana. IZZY HIRJI: The name
that’s been chosen is Kalpana, which means
imagination or dreams. You know, Kartick, this
was the most special moment of the whole rescue. Now she is someone and
not something anymore. KARTICK: Yes. She’s Kalpana. IZZY HIRJI: That is the key to
the beginning of her new life. It’s shedding everything in the
past behind and starting fresh. Just a little bit of
love, and you can change an animal’s life forever. [music playing] [elephant snorts]

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  1. These lovely gentle giants are so cruelly abused their whole life. Now she will live where she is loved.

  2. Aww……,! I am really a big fan of your channel, but I am not getting snake City here in India ? I subscribe your channel and I would give you 1000 likes if I could. Best channel ever??❤️

  3. God, please protect all these incredible creatures that you've created, away from human monsters. ????❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  4. If I could somehow wipe out dislikes first thing I would is wipe out the 2 unlikes, why would someone unlike this?!

  5. Humans claim they're omnivores, buy next thing you know they're trying to rescue prey animals like elephants?? Humans aren't omnivores, shut the f**k up, grow the f**k up, and live a vegan lifestyle.

  6. Are there no repercussions for those that abused this animal?, what are the laws where she was treated so badly?

  7. Please lonch your Official App Nat Geo…❤ I love to see your all channel's each & every programme

  8. Oh right, let God help her now and bless this elephant. Why wasn't God smart enough to save her before captivity and abuse?

  9. Idols huh. Can't see how they could help. Put some honey on one and see if it could stop the bees from sitting on his face. Thanks to the volunteers and thanks to the sponsors

  10. Doing this to such intelligent and amazing animal…. Only praises for the ones who rescued this elephant!

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