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Office 365 Backup with Acronis Backup Cloud

Hi my name is Alex Lim and I’m one of the cloud solutions specialists here at rhipe, the Cloud Channel Company In today’s video I’m going to show you how you can do an Office365 backup using Acronis Backup Cloud If you are a service provider and you would like to learn how Acronis backup Cloud can help you to expand your Backup As a Service Business Please Feel free to Visit the link Below So let’s Get started. Before Jumping into the actions you’ll be best to understand how the Acronis Office365 backup agent works. You can see here that the Acronis agent is required to be installed on a Windows machine that is located at a customer’s premise. This agent will need to have internet connectivity and will read Office365 Mailboxes which will then be backed up into storage of their choice Acronis Backup Cloud Is flexible and offers customers the option to backup Office365 locally at customer storage. Backup to service provider Hosted Cloud storage or Backup to Acronis Hosted Cloud storage Next, let’s get started with the installation first log in to your Acronis backup Cloud web console. If you do not know how to log in or do not have a Login account Feel free to drop us an email at [email protected] Next click on add devices and select Microsoft Office365 in the pop-up menu This will initiate the download of the Office365 backup agent Go ahead and run the setup file once the download completes. Click on install to proceed with the setup. You’ll be prompted to key in your Acronis Backup Cloud Login details. This will be the same account ID that you use to log into Acronis Backup cloud console Sign in and proceed, the installation will run for a few minutes until it completes. The wizard will then ask you to go to the web console to continue. Click on close and switch to the Acronis Backup Cloud Console. Now in your Acronis Backup Cloud Console you will discover that there is a new Microsoft Office365 option listed under devices Click on that and you will be asked to log into your Office365 account You will need to log in using a Global Admin account of your Office365 tenant Once the signing completes the list of Mailboxes within the tenant will be listed and you’ll be able to choose which are the mailboxes that you want to back up Let’s go ahead and backup one of the mailboxes here. Click enable backup to continue. It is here that you will be able to choose where the backup will be stored. You can choose to store it in local storage at customer premises or it can be stored in cloud storage You can also define how frequent the backups should occur and how long to keep the data. Click apply to continue Next, i will initiate the backup now so that i can show you how the recovery looks like. Once the backup is completed click on recovery and you will have the option to recover either the email messages or the entire mailbox content. Let’s look at recovering the mailbox content first. When recovering the entire mailbox you have the option to recover to original Mailbox, or you can select a new mailbox that you have created in your office365 tenant. If you select the recover email messages option, the email content will be populated in the web console and you will be able to recover to original mailbox, a new targeted mailbox or you can directly send email to another recipient As you can Acronis Backup Cloud provides a flexible platform for you to manage all your customers within the same dashboard I really encourage you to try out the features for yourself and for more information please contact your rhipe account manager or visit the links below Thank you and I’ll see you next time

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