Importance of Natural Resources

NY Currents Clip: Celebrating Estuary Day (September 2019)

Celebrating Estuary Day Estuaries are where freshwater, from rivers or streams, meets ocean saltwater This unique habitat with surrounding wetlands acts as breeding grounds for fishes and birds and naturally sequesters contaminants. Estuarine health is threatened by elevated nitrogen (N) that can lead to degradation of ecosystem features like eelgrass beds, saltmarshes and beaches. In 2018 Long Island’s three estuary programs – the Long Island Sound Study (LISS), Peconic Estuary Program, and South Shore Estuary Reserve joined resources to develop Long Island’s first collaborative Estuary Day. This free event provided the public with a better understanding of ways they can help reduce N pollution locally. The LISS will serve as lead organizer for the 2019 Estuary Day, which will be held at Theodore Roosevelt Park in Oyster Bay.

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