Importance of Natural Resources

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  1. The new savior for libertarians is Ray Kurzweil who bristles
    at the mention of AGW b/c, he says, by 2020 we will
    have the capability to convert Co2 with nano particles or
    space based tech to divert sunlight. This has given
    certain conservatives & libertarians the
    go-ahead to finally say that they are convinced of AGW…
    20 years after Issac Asimov said he was
    "late" to global warming back in The 80's.
    It is finally politically correct for them at Cato to
    go against the Koch message.

  2. thanks cat lady but I didn't deny climate change. I'm a little tired of hearing about it. Unless someone has a plan or a strategy to improve the situation stfu.

  3. A basic way that I've seen climate changing over my life is the shift in the growing season and finding plants growing in latitudes that previously couldn't support a particular species.

  4. Unmistakeable warming, an average, over the last 130 years! Holy smokes!
    By how much?

    Oh, about 0.2 to 0.4 of a degree.

    Good heavens!

  5. Since the posting of this video much more is known about the "hockey stick" incident and Scientists around the world are stepping back from this obvious bad form of conduct.
    The corrections to the temperature record which the man NOAA speaks of is also being scrutinised.
    past records clearly show that CO2 is not the main driving force in climate change and it is good that skeptics have kept the debate going.

  6. Bloviating bull shite from the agency that tells Politicians prior to Trump what they want to hear to raise taxes, on the sheeple. Like France today?? Shut coal fired power plants that produce 40% of our electricity with no mention of replacing or cost involved, per Obama. Certifiable insanity.

  7. This is propaganda disguised as objective science. The purpose is an attempt to repair the reputation of a highly politicized, scientifically compromised governmental agency. The central deception is that because the average surface temperature of the earth has risen over the last 130 years, that this proves the anthropogenic warming hypothesis. This is a logical fallacy. Have NOAA scientists heard of The Little Ice Age? International climate scientists are making excellent progress on explaining near-term and long term climatic trends by analysis of solar and solar system impacts on cloud formation and effective solar irradiance. They are not corrupted by the flood of US government research funding that is directed to proving a single hypothesis. NOAA needs to listen to whistle blowers in their organization like Dr. John Bates and resist political influences like that seen from the Obama administration ahead of the Paris Accord in 2015.

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