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No, 20% of Your Oxygen is Not from the Amazon Rainforest

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  1. I'm a fan of hemp as a CO2 sequester.
    Hempcrete makes some pretty freaking nice insulation, and then it doesn't really get released again unless the house it's in burns down.

  2. Our Prime Minister in Pakistan believes that trees can save us from climate change so he's planting billions of trees(its great agree). But is it really the full solution?, I think we should ban cars and replace them with bicycles or electric vehicles(I know it sounds crazy 😉 but like we've done with so many things, we see a fatal problem and we fix it. The solutions are there but the changes will be drastic and that is what it's gonna take to stabilize the planet.

  3. Can you make a video on whether or not burning wood is carbon neutral? I have seen many arguments from both sides, both opposing it and being for it saying that as long as another tree is planted in the burnt trees place, it should take up (over time) just as much as is released. Of course I believe it isn't carbon neutral, but these people make some decent points. I am in no way an expert on any of this, which is why I would like to know.

  4. Hey Trace am following you from DNews it was great knowledge sharing platform.. your way of presentation and your knowledge on the respective topic are excellent.. Thanks for your effort to share this knowledge.. god bless you..😊

  5. Trace, I didn't know you had your own YouTube channel but now I know. What I want to know is what Bernie Sanders and AOC it's saying about climate change if we really do have less than eleven years to reverse it. If we don't, will it be irreversible?

  6. Could you pleace make a video on cows farting? im sure this dosen't actually put any methane into the atmosphere because it is a part of the natural cycle, but everyone keeps saying it does.

  7. amazon is a major source of moisture and dew and the efficacy of the ecological life/water cycle not oxygen……..if the northern hemisphere were to regrow mega forests [like it used to be] alongside other food crops the cold dry climate will become semi tropical where atleast a third of the year will be tropical while the colder seasons will be less dry and will be able to support more plant life

  8. Your line about "I get why they're doing it, to make you care" is central to so many unhelpful problems with science coverage. The medical errors thing we both looked into, the overcooked climate change coverage etc. The reality is bad enough as it is, but people (with good intentions) seem to think the way to engage people is to exaggerate and we've been in this spiral of hype for years now and I guess the subtle realities no longer shock people enough. But the stupid stats make it easy for opponents to claim you can't trust any of them. /rant

  9. Some fake facts in media should have
    consequences for the publishers!
    Like jail for 20 years with science class every day!

  10. You need to remember that the amazon is on fire because of animal agriculture. The solution is to end animal agriculture.

  11. I feel like Trace has just a trace of redpill in him. Much respect sir.

    Also, I never understood tge negative connotations around "red pilled." Maybe I misunderstand it, but to me it means willing and able to accept truths that oppose your preconceived notions and/or ideology

  12. THANK YOU! I get so fucking pissed when we try to call out S. America and africa for deforestation…. Yes, it's wrong BUT WE'VE ALREADY DONE IT! The US and Europe stripped down their forests during their development! Instead of trying to stop developing nation's from utilizing their natural resources, why don't we fund projects to help them utilize it their resources responsibly where we failed. We didn't know any better when we were going through our forests like crazed, tree hating psychopaths.

    I'm sure a poor farmer in South America isn't going throughhg cost benefit analysis when he's looking at an acre of the Amazon. He's probably thinking "I need to grow crops" or "I need grazing land for my herd of cattle" not realizing he can make a better loving utilizing the forest as it exists.

  13. Hi Trace Carbon has been a problem since the industrial age, but it had sulfur in it too. The sulfur shielded us from the effects of global warming. During the bush administration that was well pointed out on C-SPAN. So, one option till a better method is found is to put the Sulfur back. It would stay high in the atmosphere and reflect the sun back out into space. When we put the sulfur back though, it causes acid rain. One option is to put it in jet fuel and use GPS to emit it over the polar caps and icebergs to keep them from melting compounding the problem, but that is not considered a green strategy. This looks solvable; can I email or chat with you on the solution? Some of it I do not want to disclose publicly.

  14. Hello Trace Nice Video !
    If anyone want to plant tree for just $0.59 please visit :
    It is river saving campain in my country !

  15. You know what is here and is leaving earth is Helium. They get it out of the ground and then it escapes into space. Big bummer.

  16. You contradict yourself a wee bit. First you say the Amazon doesn't produce 20% of Earths O2, almost implying it's no big deal and won't affect us if it were gone, then you say we need trees to absorb all the CO2.
    Seems to be a lot of videos lately claiming the only real side effect of losing the Amazon would be less rain, with some even thinking it will be a good thing. Now I don't like rain just like everybody else, but just have to look at places like north central Africa where it never rains. Nothing but a desert where nothing lives, not even bacteria.
    Karma will come to Brazil for allowing the rainforest to die when the whole Amazonian territory will be severely weakened resulting in massive landslides, plus massive flooding as the Amazonian river eroding the ground.
    I for one will not be donating money to save the "poor Brazilians" who lose everything as a result.

  17. Excellent. Can you please share the URL to the papers you are showing regarding the increase of CO2 and decrease Oxygen in the atmosphere?

  18. it's been killing me!! people don't understand the working of the earth whatsoever but act like activists on social media

  19. Who cares how much oxygen it gives us we still need to protect it. We need the Amazon rainforest. All the medicines we are losing and the animals going extinct. When I was little I wanted to go to the Amazon but if it keeps burning I’m never going to see it

  20. "But alternatives to fossil fuel are too expensive"
    Those who say that don't take all costs into account. Sea levels will rise, making floodings near the coast line way more common. Storms will increase in intensity, causing major wind and water damage everywhere. Not only will their beloved cars get damaged or destroyed, they might also lose loved ones.

    "But if I spend all that money, and the others don't do that, then it won't accomplish anything"
    That's true. But most people think like that. If you don't do anything, then no one will follow you and world will go to shit. If you do something, and no one follows your lead, then the world will go to shit. If you do something, and others do follow your lead, then we can save the world.
    Yes, you're paying more compared to the others who join in later. But I'm willing to do that. Call it selfish, but I don't want my shit to go to shit. I'm going do what I can to protect it. I don't care if I pay more. Because in the end we'll either all go to shit anyways, or we'll save ourselves a LOT of money because we didn't wait for others to invest.
    I'm willing to take that game. Aren't you willing to do that either?

  21. As a forestry graduate all the false stats people use made me cringe so hard.

    Also thank you for including that bit on parcilazation.

  22. What's this? An episode of Uno Dos of Trace on a Friday? And such a good and important one too. Thank you for the information. After I first watched this episode I got into a talk with my Mother, who was dead set on this 20% Oxygen myth. She refused to believe me due to how much the big media outlets spew out and propagate this false fact. So I rewatched this episode today, and I don't know how else to convince her other than sharing this Great piece you've made. Hoping this will help open her eyes. Maybe she might even subscribe to the channel.

  23. Here's a challenge for you: Show us the actual science that demonstrates how global warming is the result of human-caused CO2 emissions.

  24. There's no way to stop these? Call me pessimistic, but at best 25% of Amazon will remain after 2050. But my point is, what would happen to Brazil and even the US's agriculture then?

  25. Just wanted to say that you genuinely deserve WAAAY more views. You make top quality content that's driven by facts, well presented, and well edited. It baffled me when I realised how few views you get compared to other science content on youtube. Probably just need to keep choosing contentious topics and hope you hit lucky on the algorithm with one of them.

  26. Sigh!Always the fairytale off CO 2! There has been a lot more CO 2 in the air than now and plants and animals were thriving!!Remember the Dino's?7000 ppm CO 2 in the air compared to that tiny bit of 400 ppm now..And we barely escaped the death of plants on 280 ppm!That should be the death of every living thing on earth!!Not the rise of CO 2 to say 800 ppm!

  27. LOL !! TRACE!! I definitely subscribed!! : ) Oh! No!! collect yourself trace! love you hehehehe!! " bestie friends forever!! " eeeeek

  28. Thank you Trace. I have been trying to teach my students that it is not the Oxygen that we should be worried about, it is the Carbon dioxide that is the real issue. Unfortunately, many have been spreading rumours to the contrary….
    So THANK YOU for this affirmation.

  29. Dear Trace,     I would like to ask for your help in comparison between the outer-space forces that influent climate of this planet includes sun's activity, wobble of Mediterranean pole (due to the two stars that left our Milky Galaxy, etc. ) distance and location of our galaxy from the nearest black hole, colliding of space objects to earth surface, and as well, earth central's activities, and many more.     All of that to possibility effect of CO2 to earth's climate.    The reason is: I don't want CO2 to be blamed on such huge matter. And we end up dismissing an extreme important material on earth that helps us to survive, progress and is one that we might need in our mission expelling a huge asteroid that's on its way collide with our earth. That material is: The fossil fuel.

  30. Correct me if I’m wrong but I believe it was a Planet Earth episode witch stated 30% of our O2 each year is taken from CO2 through the massive ocean algae blooms. Mostly only possible Because of the AMAZON, witch supplies the required Nitrogen through its massive amounts of erosion and water run off into the ocean witch the algae needs

  31. Could we all agree that trace should start making Dnews plus style podcasts on his own? Goodness knows I've learned 90% of what I know from those 😅

  32. It doesn’t really matter. What’s happening in the Amazon is tragic either way. Humanity is doomed and people like you who downplay it is why we’ve waited until it’s too late to save anything. You still think it’s no big deal.

  33. Well done. I think Hank's comment about the loss of rainfall and desertification within Brazil due to the deforestation of the Amazon is worth exploring more deeply. I'd like to know more and see what the computer models say about that. Care to take on that research project?

  34. its not that. its the species that live inside of the forest. we took their planet, killed their kind now were taking their only home. plus the tree's, if they get burnt we cant even use it honestly such a waste. thats what im worried about but im glad to know we wont run out on oxygen 😋🤙

  35. Great video, Trace. Thanks. You're crushing this solo thing.

    Not that you would care, but you're about a week faster than Seeker on this topic:

    I'll #HumbleBrag it for you so you don't have to. Lol

  36. *IMPORTANT* They are lying about the Amazon Fires! From NASA… as of Aug 26th 2019 the total fires from across the Amazon Basin have been close to the average in comparison with the last 15 Years! The data shows this year is currently a LOW Fire Season…As of Aug 23rd the total number of fires taken from the ten zones that make up the Amazon was a total of 105,508 Fires … That sounds like a lot but in 2005 there were 205,000 fires by the same date, and the average over the 15 years is 120,000 for this date…So the News is LYING to you!!! Again I find them lying about ‘climate change’ and normal disasters by inflating and BS you with incorrect data… They want you thinking we are doomed… This has to stop!

    You can find the info at NASA in the global emissions fire database

    Here is a video… with actual facts not media BS

  37. I hear a lot of people, including @Trace Dominguez, assuming that climate change science is settled. I have read several recent scholarly papers that say it's far from settled. Here's just one:



    In this paper we will prove that GCM-models used in IPCC report

    AR5 fail to calculate the influences of the low cloud cover changes on the global temperature. That is why those models give a very small natural temperature change leaving a very large change for the contribution of the green house gases in the observed temperature. This is the reason why IPCC has to use a very large sensitivity to compensate a too small natural component. Further they have to leave out the strong negative feedback due to the clouds in order to magnify the sensitivity. In addition, this paper proves that the changes in the low cloud cover fraction practically control the global temperature.

  38. So… Trace believes that climate change and ozone protection are about oxygen availability. It's about heat, sweetie. Our peeps, always off topic and a few centuries behind.

  39. I'm curious, how much co2 is coming from the world's active volcanos? If its carbon from the planet core, is it still considered "sequestered carbon?" Also, every co2 molecule takes 2x the oxygen to make, so where is the rest of the 10% coming from?

  40. Beware people that think their cause is so just that it's a good idea to lie to people to achieve their goal. Lies get built upon other lies and eventually you end up with a situation that people think an odorless, invisible gas that belongs in the atmosphere is going to destroy all life on earth. A gas which existed in much larger quantities in the past and the earth was fine. A gas necessary for plant life that we are returning to the atmosphere being trapped over millions of years. A gas that very nearly reached such a low level that plant life would start to die. Beware those people.

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