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New Disney Zootopia Danger in the Rainforest District With Indominus Rex Jurassic Toy Unboxing

it’s great to see you again I’m so glad
you came back we’re gonna have another opening today let’s go ahead and take a
look at this one sec topia danger in the rainforest District School to Target
stores that’s gonna be so much fun to open up if you enjoy this video New Disney Zootopia Danger in the Rainforest District With Indominus Rex Jurassic Toy Unboxing make sure you click like to leave me
comments and later we’ll have today through word and also endured a lot more
fun videos Wow let’s go ahead and open this guy you
all on it’s off to work I go care to Mr moon justice left this is our chance to
search his house for Kevin and mister big have to swing up their curry displaces
creeping the daytime nopee locked the door account open it or not here is
there’s so many doors carrots are checked this one you check the other one
nobody here check to sioux nap on the balcony now there are like two ok let’s
check the kids I’ll see anybody here either boy had to check the bottom of the tree anybody there anybody there do you see
anybody in any of those holes nobody here but us fox’s QTP have you guys seen them meanwhile on
top of the tree limbs realize what are we gonna get the facts will finish them
kids look with alternate is opening the door boy I’m gonna see what goodies I
can still hear behind may carry it open the door mister big and Kevin are using
the trains fire machine they changed we sent it into a baby dinosaur kids
escaping wow we caught him carry it carried something’s happening to the
dinosaur he’s here 30 get serious here would like to but it
does get better glad the tree tried to get us jumped out there and put
through you I plus I see nobody care trim and was she is doing good and
change them back to weasel too well here goes nothin but I think we should leave
then that’s a dinosaur this guy’s better than wiesel too I think it’s working
care to hear well well wow carrying bags you can have the book he tried to feed
me to the dinosaur three years go ahead and take it down right now we did it again with two big split he
did it all he planned it all banquet brought the stores to two cores
can choose a team the size of a while guys wud was right disney’s utopia danger in the rainforest
districts toy set looks also check out the back of it in the box to mister base of the tree balcony in
the batteries and this looks like the door agenda tree and a bunch of stickers ok
let’s go ahead and put it together ok guys here is this all put together
we’re gonna start at this end you have a swing here there are characters cruise
used to swing on to the bridge so you’d have them jump on their swing to the air
jump onto the bridge and then they could explore the rest of this rain pour in
here you got a bunch of like little door openings here you’ve got the machine
that will change mister muchas so Mr moon shots were answered the door as
himself but then the store closes flashing scary yellow lights there and
you open the door and Mr moon chess is horrible Panther ready to strike and
then here’s the rest of the front you got these little door openings here and
let here’s a look at the other side at the side of but you got a bunch of
Windows here couple little doors a look at the
back-to-back is really colorful you got three openings there bunch of leaves you
got a little balcony here with the door some lights and then here’s where you
would put the bad reason you got like a little peace symbol here and that’s
pretty much it to do that transforming action of the
pic you actually turn this thing here as you can see the inside there is moving
so you’d put the regular care on the front here and then when you close the
door it will spin around and it will be the other character you put into their
so that’s pretty cool I mean the said does come with two characters mister
just as a horrible panther and ask himself so it is a really fun set and go
ahead and enjoy this story that goes along with the girls and guys did you
enjoy the show that was a lot of fun and guys today secret word is the word tree our comment section below the video you
enjoyed the video and you remember if you a video and Sears card with a lot
more fun videos I hope

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