Importance of Natural Resources

Navigate Brightspace Learning Environment – Notifications – Learner

Control how you receive information about course activity by editing your notification preferences. This tutorial shows how to customize your notifications. To begin, click your personal menu. Then select Notifications. Choose the contact method you want to use to receive notifications. You can receive notifications by either email or by mobile. You can also receive a summary of activity by email for each of your courses. Click the action menu and select Daily. Then select the time of day you want to receive your summary. You can choose to receive instant notifications for different course components. In this example, we will select Content, Discussions and both Grades options. Note: If you enable notifications for Discussions, you must also subscribe to forums, topics, and threads to receive instant notifications. If you don’t want to receive notifications for some courses, you can exclude these from your notifications. Click Manage my course exclusions to remove a course or courses from your notifications. When you are ready, click Save. Edit your notification preferences to control how you receive information about course activity.

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