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Nature’s Little Squeeze Review

– Hey everyone, this is Amy Baumetz here from and actually
we have a special guest. We have Miss Whitney here. Can you say hello? The smile was her hello. We have to tell you about our new most favorite thing. It was like my mom victory. So I’m passing it along because I think it’ll
help some other moms. Whitney over here (sighs)
okay we all know parenting is so humbling. So I had this. (baby screams) She does have something to say. Thank you for that. I made all this. So she’s like eight months now so we’ve been doing homemade food for a while. So I homemade all this food and literally she ate off a spoon for a couple months and then
she boycotted the spoon. No spoon, no luck, what are we gonna do? So we got her some of the. The only thing she would
eat out of are the pouches. (baby grunting) Okay, A they’re expensive. Are you feeling a little frustrated? B they are, I don’t
really like all the waste. And I really like being
able to use my own stuff to feed her. I just, that’s how my brain works. So I found the most amazing thing. I outsmarted Whitney. I totally outsmarted her. All right, so I saw
Nature’s Little Squeeze. They are reusable pouches. Okay so I love these ones because they’re dishwasher, freezer safe and they don’t have. Oh she thinks I’m feeding
her right now, see? I have a filled one. They don’t have corners so you don’t have to worry a ton about things getting stuck. Like they can be really hard to clean with all the corners. So you literally just
run water through ’em. I’ll show you in a second here. Sorry, we’re having a moment. See, she likes them. I was like, I totally
figured something out. And tomorrow she’ll hate them. No just kidding, we’ve been
goin’ for a couple days. So we think they’re the
greatest thing in the world. I’m gonna show you how to use ’em here in just one minute. Okay, thank you, thank you. (baby giggles) Okay, mom life. See, lovin’ it. Okay, so here’s how it works. So easy. I blended the food. I put like carrots, blueberries. Avocado, I think I put
a little bit of mango. Whatever you just make it up. A little bit of water in the Vitamix. Blended it up. And you open up the bottom. And I literally just poured it in. It took me all of ten seconds. You seal it up. And you feed your child. Amazing. So we got six of them. I don’t know, it mighta been $16.99. There’s three different sizes. We got the five ounce packs. (baby squeals) Yeah, it’s super good right? I love it, so it’s a
family owned business, so I love that. Small family owned. It’s just like I think probably a mom who was a lot like me who’s doing it. So it’s called Nature’s Little Squeeze. Nature’s Little Squeeze. Literally, I am so excited about ’em. I’m telling all my, people who are moms, you have to know about these. They are amazing. Whitney how was that? Was it pretty good? Yes. Do you like your Nature’s Little Squeeze? Yes. So I’m gonna go finish feeding her. But I had to tell you, go get yourself some
Nature’s Little Squeeze. I’ll put the link down below to them on Amazon. I think they’re like, it’s the best 16 bucks I’ve ever spent. So enjoy.

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