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Nature vs. Nurture: Why Are You Introverted?

What causes introversion and extroversion? Nature or nurture? Most people know whether or not they identify as an introvert, extrovert or an ambivert Most people have qualities of both however, people usually tend to lean one way more than the other Growing up, I’d have to back out of social gatherings last minute because the idea of having to look this entertained for this long was draining As an introvert I’ve always wondered why I am the way I am and not the way my best friend is She could count the people she speaks to on a daily basis on both hands while I could only count her my boyfriend and my cats as the ones I interact with on a daily basis My best friend on the other hand could see people every day and not get tired of their company Why was it so hard for me but not her? There had to be an answer as to why people lean one way more than the other on the spectrum at first I guessed that it would come back to the age old debate nature vs nurture Truthfully, just like introversion and extroversion nature and nurture is not black and white We know that now and I think we always have It’s a grey area because there’s no way to say that someone’s upbringing is completely due to their home lives and there’s no way to say that it’s solely because of the environmental factors either Let’s say you get pushed around a few times as a kid so you grow up to be quiet and secluded because you were bullied as a child or you grow up to be talkative and attention seeking because you never got to be that as a child when you were being picked on These are drastically different outcomes So it can’t be one surrounding that makes him or her an introvert two different possible outcomes suggests that nurture is not a sole contributer Well, according to Hans Eysenck a psychologist from the 1960s it’s just got to do with our brain and its chemicals You could be raised this way or that way but as long as you’ve got your brain you will be who you are despite nature and nurture In 1999 scientists measured the blood flow of introverts and extroverts and found that introverts had more blood flow in their frontal lobes and interior thalamus These sections of the brain are the parts that take care of remembering things planning events and solving problems At the same time extroverts had more blood flow in brain areas interior cingulate gyrus, the temporal lobes and the posterior thalamus that had more to do with sensory in this case, specifically for socializing This may be why extroverts enjoy people’s company Since their brains are happiest when their senses are being stimulated Carl Jeung suggests that this is why extroverts are more outwards and introverts are more inwards over decades of research for the two personality types most scientists have come to the conclusion that it has a lot to do with dopamine in the brain It is suggested that extroverts are less sensitive to dopamine so they need a lot of stimulation to get enough of it This has something to do with the amount of blood flow to certain sections of our brains A 2012 study by Randy Buckener at Harvard University found that introverts have thicker grey matter in their pre frontal cortex linked to thinking and decision making than extroverts did He says that this is probably why an introvert can thoroughly consider outcomes of a decision while an extrovert may make one and act upon it quicker Now, if you’re asking why some people have more blood flow in their frontal lobes than their posterior thalamus I couldn’t tell you I don’t think there’s enough research that’s been done on the biology of the human being let alone the human brain to explain why we are built the way we are If you enjoyed this video and want to see more psychology videos from Psych2Go please support us by sharing this video on your social media.

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  1. I myself am an introvert, so I don't have much to comment. But thank you to everyone who watched and supported this video. Next video on Sunday! Stay tune to see what it might be about. Each week we aim to talk on a topic that's relevant to the psychology community.

  2. Funny, I get happy over small thing easily, and due to bullying and hate I started getting more annoying to others and they appeared more dislikeable to me, like dopamine wouldn't be around any longer with them or so easily. I guess it has been related to that little fact I am this introverted nowadays 🙂
    Nice graphics by the way, seems more complex but the other is also cute <3

  3. if you cancel on plans you're an ass, being an introvert doesn't justify that. don't make plans if you're going to cancel them later.

  4. My best friend and I are the same as you and your best friend, except I have a dog instead of cats and I'll probably never get a boyfriend, girlfriend or enbyfriend (insert forever alone face here!)

  5. Maybe the blood flow is caused by more usage of these brain areas through life? I thought his arms were sticks until his hands came up! 🙂

  6. Hmm… my parents tried to get me to visit people and took me everywhere when I was tiny. It made me afraid of them. Although part of that was my super sensitivity to external stimuli and with the very strong sights and smells of a very large extended mexican family that I couldn't understand… yeah maybe that was the reason.

  7. To tell you the truth, I became introverted because of bullying while in elementary school for 3 years which traumatized me. Ehich led to me separating myself when when I became a high school student because I was scared to go through that all over but when I started to get depressed I became desperate for a best friend which could understand me but it felt one sided so I ended the friendship a year ago and I met new people but I'm still pretty introverted…..

  8. Very disapointed. The neurological research is not interpreted in the nature/nurture light. It's not because your brain functions a certain way that it's natural. I hoped for more insight about how nature and nurture interact together. All I got was an essentialist presentation. Sigh…

  9. I think it's a mixture of both, but I'll always consider external factors (nurture) as the more impactful and more traceable explanation for our behaviors.

  10. I'm of the opinion that nurture and nature are inseparable given how environmental factors can interact with gene expression.

  11. I love being around people that i like, such as family and friends. But i don't like to actually communicate with them. I want to just sit there, listening and watching them while being lost in my mind. Does that make me an introvert or extrovert?

  12. While several and repeated inconveniences occured in my life by other people certainly contributed, I am and was already notably introverted in kindergarten; Keeping mostly to myself with few and fun engagements with the other kids in some days, but preferred to lay puzzles that usually bored me – but nothing else were stimulating me. One well respected kindergarten teacher took a liking to me whom I also liked, had good communication with my parents so anything that happened on the same day were conveyed.

    There were 2 times I do remember showing some worse parts of mankind, one scenario was about powerplay and the second righteousness out of assumption.

    1. I was doing some puzzle by myself, one kid decides to show up and started to "tease" me through powerplay – marking me a victim and him as alpha. I condone violence and prefer to keep myself out of trouble, but apparently according to my parents I seemed to have punched him, just one. Surprisingly I seemed to have suppressed that memory but I must've done so since there's nothing else in aftermath.

    2. A girl gently asked me to make a paperplane for her as she didn't have the "know how". I built one almost finished but decided to make a little fun by running around with it, after a round between two rooms she went FULL throttle on the whining gauge so I slowed down in order to stop. In all of that one kid somehow managed to time his leg to trap me and unprovoked punched me and told me to give it back to her – the assumption was that it was her possession, while I made it.

    Then I have the elementary/primary school poisoned with bullying and neglect and teacher who didn't care.

    High school was a bit better, shunned due to severe depression but had teachers who did care.

    But I ended up somewhat misanthropist, damning the worst traits of man, not being able to get a job surely doesn't help.

  13. When I was about 10 my parents would tell me that after school I had no friends. I couldn't talk to anyone on my way home and I had to be home in 10 minutes at most 15 minutes. I had to run home everyday so I didn't make any friends outside of school. Now, I am 23 and only have one friend that I hang out with. I am a complete loner, but I can have conversations with people, but I can't be around them for too long. 🙁 I hate social events like work parties. Now that I am out of school I notice how my introversion is affecting my job opportunities. I left my first job at a company because they did evaluations and one of the categories in the evaluation was personality. I was told that I was too quiet and needed to open up more. >.<! I left after a month.

  14. 2:10 Um, isn't "your brain is literally wired that way" something that falls under the very definition of "nature", with respect to "nature vs. nurture", as opposed to some undefined third category?

  15. I tend to believe in nature over nurture, I think people's natural inclinations determine how they are affected by outside influences (like the story of the two brothers with an alcoholic father where one became an alcoholic and one never drank in his life). Here are the things that I think "make me an introvert", or however I could phrase it…

    1. Most, perhaps even all, of my favorite activities are solitary ones. I like reading, watching TV-shows, engaging in artistic expression like drawing and writing and modifying my clothes, researching topics of interest, and so on. Those are all things that are best done alone, in my opinion.

    2. I absolutely HATE social interaction just for its own sake. Small talk and such is just tedious and a waste of time. If I talk to someone, I want it to be about something that matters. I want to have a meaningful exchange that I can leave with new ideas and perspectives. When people message me without any plan in mind as to what they want to talk about, they just want to talk for talking's sake, it makes me really annoyed.

    3. Maintaining relationships consumes a lot of time and energy. I have better things to do than keep up regular conversations with over a dozen people! As long as I have enough friends to fill out each position (one for political discourse, one who shares my artistic tastes, etc) then I'm fine, I don't need more than that. Not to mention all those people who would rather talk on the phone or – GASP! – meet up in person instead of just texting! That is SUCH an inconvenience, if I can't text you then we'll probably never talk at all.

  16. was bullied as a child. became quiet. As i grew up became less quiet, but still introverted. I really felt like I wanted to connect with more new people since I spent a lot of time alone.

  17. blood flow on the brain. so, being the introvert or ekstrovert is since we are born, like some code on our DNA?

  18. my brain must be faulty then, i'm an introvert, yet i forget after a few seconds and can't plan for shi…oot

  19. Well, it seems introverts are more intelligent than extroverts (more grey matter in the brain, and so on). That's a small comfort to me, being very introverted as I am, to know there is a bright side this

  20. I used to be so talkative, until I realized my voice never mattered and I was always told very rudely by family. I guess that's why I rarely want to voice my opinion.

  21. Just because some people don't have many or any friends, doesn't mean to say they are introverted, it could be society that are treating them badly

  22. nature nurtures, but nurture is not always natural. Too much input is pointless. Extraversion is a disability. 😉

  23. I hate when we can classify out psychic that makes me more depressed and not important , you know , everything i feel are chemicals. While these videos inform me about world they make me more depressed because i am starting to see that all this is just an illusion created by brain.

  24. I just started to watch this videos and I have to tell you, this one was the best for me. I hate how people go and say "oh yeah, I'm soo an introvert" when they are clearly not. Is not fun being an introvert. Not at all. The social thing is a daily battle for me, because I have a big family and a small group of friends, and I do love them, very much. But it's stresfull to me when I know I'll have to get together and be there happy and chatty for hours. I dread this social events weeks before they happen, and the fact that I always leave early is a problem for them. Also the canceling. Is weird, because my job comes with dealing with a LOT of people every day but for some strange reason, is not the same. Anyway, my point is that knowing that there's something fisical, touchable visible in my brain that makes me different from them actually makes me feel better. I guess is because that's the proof. Is not that I'm just weird and dissapointing in some way. So, thanks for this video.

  25. Perception is reactionary while reality is sequential. Building off preconceived notions dictates intuition which then molds reality. If we had to continuously redetermine our environment we would not be able to survive. So how we intuitively evaluate people is how we decide if we should socialize. It is not a determination of more or less to say but merely if there is value in saying it.

  26. My prefontal cortex is just going crazy, ever since I got a brain scan I've been looking up why it might be over firing. The answer? Me. Literally ever psychological thing I have is linked to the prefontal cortex.

  27. Im an introvert but i forget about everything, people who know me knows that i ll probbably ask the same thing 2 or 3 times because i dont remember if i said it before… Ugh

  28. I disagree with this theory…There is another factor with nature vs nurture that is ignored completely.. The physical and external environments… Nature/Nurture are never in a vacuum and should never be explained without considering all the factors which makes up the environment.But, to dismiss it all together is completely off…

  29. I love this video.
    A great book by Steven Pinker, the Blank Slate, seems to me to have settled the debate not long ago.
    Why more people don't site the book more often I'll never know… well actually he explains peoples' aversion to belief in the nature side of nature/nurture.
    Must read.

  30. Do hot girl introverts exist? Cause I swear it seems that girls' only means of fulfillment is interacting in the public sphere.

    Edit: All The Time

  31. I think it's both for me, because naturally I don't talk to people. But then again, growing up my mom always discouraged having friends. And the only places I go are school and my house because they never let me go anywhere, she also never let me make my own real decisions. So they most likely helped with the introvert part. Along with giving me major anxiety, depression, Indecisive, and a sense of worthlessness. Dammit mom. At least my aunt is trying to help, she brought me to a restaurant, and I almost cried multiple times, Also I had her decide everything for me. Well it's a start.

  32. So by nature a tiger is a predator and is biologically wired to hunt and kill. If I raise the tiger from a baby cub to be nice and friendly to humans will it not be a predator anymore? What do you guys think? Can you tame a wild animal by good nurture or will it tear you a new ass?

  33. It's nice and all that you give a perspective from a spicological point. But no taking in consideration the soul, which is the most important variant when it comes to why do people use they're brain the way they do and what kind of habilities they have or how they develop they're "grey matter". The authenticity comes from the soul, the source of all creativity and the reason why people is just flat our different. We are not supposed to work all the same, and we are not supposed to ever understand humans by only understanding the body, or the physical aspect for that matter. No real progress is created until humanity starts to take in consideration all those parts they've forgotten or alienated because of society.

  34. I worry I'm not enough for my boyfriend because he's a complete social butterfly and I'm… well I'm just not.

  35. First up this video didn't help anybody, they didn't even answer their own question and some guy did a test and said ''it is what it is'' and were all like ''ya, He's smart, Makes sence''.
    and what about all the other tests, Some test say they can tell the difference between introverts and extroverts with babies (introverts would cry at the slightest stimulus while extroverts would ) and many more. Many people could swear they were extroverts when they were younger but then fliped and became introverts at some point. So what do you have to say about this?

  36. I’m an introvert or at least I consider myself as one, but I keep going to parties and stuff because I keep trying to fit in and because my therapist says I have to overcome my social anxiety, sadly, that interferes with my introversion, since I hate being around people and I get super anxious

  37. I was somewhat stuck between extrovert and introvert. Some said I was pretty shy and reserved in grade 7, some said I was pretty outgoing. My mom herself is an extrovert, but my dad was an introvert. But as I grow older, I've learned many things through trauma, betrayal, bully, being the last one picked and social rejection that led me to social anxiety. Now I'm like 70% introvert while still trying to maintain the other 30% to remain social. I'm good in my own company. I love solitude. I don't fit well with the idea of relationship as I find it exhausting, let alone date an extrovert who seems to like the idea of hanging out every single day.

  38. im both which can be confusing to me and it sucks because I make plans with a lot of people and I don't know if my introvert side will come out or if my extrovert side will come out

  39. I’m a twin and my brother is extroverted and I’m an introverted . I was bullied alittle when I was a kid and that made me switch to my brothers image since we look alike . So when people talk to him . They would think I’m just like him and not bully me so I kept it that way for along time . Now out of high school and I’m finally safe with my self and introversion (: I always thought there was something wrong with me or I’m not doing it right like my “twin” extroverted brother cause I could never do the things he could like talk to people without exhaustion or just fit in with society . I’m happy with myself now . But anyways… the point is , is it because due to a siblings or “twin” that makes us introverted ? Like say if we have someone whose extroverted, will that make us introverted ???? I don’t think so :/ cause our parents are extroverted ? So no ?

  40. Well I'm an introvert because.. I don't know. I guess I was gained the trait in like 3rd grade. I'm a mixture of all 4.

  41. Would trade problem solving for ability to make friends any day.

    Mostly because my inability to form meaningful relationships and helpful connections is my biggest problem.
    Ngl, absolutely hate myself for being introverted. I see extroverts benefiting greatly from knowing many people and not being afraid of asking for favors and joining all sorts of things. Meanwhile, any skills I do have seem kind of pointless because nobody knows me and therefor doesn’t need me.

  42. Where I live everybody is bold and extroverted. My definition of an extrovert is somebody who is self confident, uninhibited, assertive and popular. It's very hard for any introvert living here. Introverts tend to like deep and meaningful conversation, which sadly extroverts do not. In other words, you may well be a highly intelligent introvert but the vast majority will avoid you because they're not articulate enough to understand where you're coming from (or maybe it's just pure ignorance??)

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