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How old is the Earth? The earth is 4.54 billion years old. Do you know what the sun feels like on your face? I am not equipped to answer that. It feels amazing! Now you make a wish… Searching the web for “wish”. There it is! He’s so slimy. Can you hear the ducks? You wouldn’t believe the view Wow. Look at the stars. There are over one hundred billion stars in the galaxy. But have you ever seen a shooting star? That’s what I thought…

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  1. The real truth is that the earth is around 6000 years old. It definitely could not be even 1 billion years old, let alone 4.5 billion. If it were then the moon would have drifted much farther away from earth. In fact it wouldn’t even be in earths orbit anymore. The moon is currently being observed to recede away from the earth two inches per year. At that rate the moon would’ve been touching the earth around 1 billion years ago, yet there would’ve been more major problems long before that for anything living. The sun is currently losing about 5 feet of diameter every year. At that rate if you count backwards in time it would’ve been far too hot on earth for anything to live within 100,000 years ago. The earths magnetic field is decreasing at a steady rate. So much so that nothing could’ve lived here within 25,000 years ago. The magnetic field would’ve been so strong that it would’ve ripped the iron out of any red blooded creatures veins. It’s too bad that this commercial spreads this lie (about age of the earth) for the young children to see when they’re watching TV. How low can people sink?

  2. This is so cute
    but..Having this robot as a friend is kinda unusual,
    Like she takes this thing everywhere

    edit: I love nature valley bars

  3. This is a great ad, but I’m worried if A I inslaves us. They will look back at this ad, and go o those humans they thought they had hope………I have a really dark mind I’m sorry

  4. What is the point of the girl asking how old the earth is? What does that have to do with nut bars and granola? That is a tad beyond your purview is it not? Especially when the answer should be "we don't know for sure, but the range of estimates is…." That would be correct. The damn robot spits it out like it knows what it's talking about. Or course, Nature Valley has to kiss the feet of the god of evolution.

  5. It amazes me how you people can take a cute commercial about a girl enjoying nature….and start picking it apart.  It's no wonder kids lose their innocence so quickly.

  6. 2018: Kids addicted to video games, snap chat and instagram

    2020: Kids addicted to Alexa

    2022: HELLO SKYNET

  7. The earth is only 4000 years old. check out for real content not controlled opposition bullshit.

  8. Of course it had to be people who have no clue what they're talking about to do something like this. You know that nature is everything right? Whether we'll build robots, weapons or a house, they're all still part of nature because they're part of the natural world. The only thing that would not be natural is the "impossible" stuff that will never exist because it cannot exist, thus becoming unnatural. If something exists in this universe, then it is part of nature.

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