Importance of Natural Resources

Nature Punishes Gardener

Jeb Gardener Presents My name’s Jeb I’m going to grow some hydroponic celery So I’ve just cut some holes in this storage tote These little plastic things are called net cups You can get them on the internet or at a grow store Right now I’m editing this video And I’ve lost 40 pounds (18 kilograms) since it was filmed I wonder what tomorrow will be like This spongy material is rock wool And these are 3 inch (76 millimeter) net cups So I got to stuff in some Scraps to get a good fit It’s kind of awful stuff But it does give the seeds a great place to start I’m going to add just a little more hose water before I put the seeds in Week 3 So far these seeds have just been sitting in fresh water To get started Week 8 I added fertilizer to the water a couple days ago These fungus gnats have been going wild on the algae that has been growing in the rock wool Get out of here! Week 9 Most of the gnats are gone now because the rock wool has dried out The water level drops over time Week 10 I’m making it rain under this plastic lid Take that nature! Week 11 Week 12 Hey that Beethoven knows how to make some music, huh? New growth has filled in where the hail damaged these plants This way of growing plants is called the Kratky method You can see the water level is slowly descending Week 15 Here you can see some of the rapid growth That hydroponics is well known for Algae grows in the tote because Sunlight penetrates the yellow lid Week 16 But now that it’s being shaded by the plants There’s a lot less of it However It’s still coating the roots Week 18 When it’s hot and dry the plant transpires more than usual And that can bring up too much nutrient into the leaves But that’s not the problem I’m worried about Week 19 Celery doesn’t like hot weather either It turns the plant bitter and sets it to flower early So I’m going to sample one of these stalks and see what I have It’s a little fibrous It’ll taste better when the plant matures Adding fertilizer in the heat is risky But so far I’ve only topped off with fresh water And I worry that the algae has been using up the nitrogen Week 20 This plant has all the water it could ask for But it’s still struggling in the heat The reason is The roots are dead One day later I think that algae died on the roots And a fungus came in to decompose it Unfortunately fungus grows great In hot moist environments After it finished with the algae it moved on to the roots Week 21 I tried trimming away the dead material To give the plant a chance to recover Of course I know this is futile The power of nature is unstoppable Week 23 Week 24 Drops of water Fall like tears from my plastic tote lid Of course that rotten plant smell Reminds me of a compost bin Gives me an idea of how to Turn this situation into a positive First we can’t let this nutrient water go to waste And I got to play in the dirt a little To get back to my roots Will a phoenix rise From this fireplace ash? My plan is to keep this topped off with water And when the smell goes away Maybe I can grow a plant in this So what do you think is this going to work? Let me know Thanks for watching Share with a Friend!

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