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Nature Is Speaking – Reese Witherspoon is Home | Conservation International (CI)

I am home I give you comfort I shelter your family See me for who I am Home, sweet home. I am your refuge I am the floor that supports you The foundation that keeps you steady The walls that give you shelter The roof that protects you I am your home. If you don’t take care of me I cannot take care of you.

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  1. Why doesn't the entire Republican Party of the about this? They have families and enjoy nature … why are they the Evil Empire of the environment?

  2. Hey CI! We want Turkish subtitle for this video series (Nature is Speaking) and for all languages of world. Pleasee. We need it to our People understanding.

  3. Yes indeed! Our home, home of human kind, the human race which is hopefully EVOLving into kind humans.

  4. Much goes by
      Rain in the mountains
    Hills grow old
      Wash them away
    The Earth-
      The Earth's mother-
    Run home laughing
      Ocean to mountain
    Mountain to sea.

  5. What they don't understand is the ones in power are preparing for the time the world dies, relying solely on artificial life, and controlled livestock. They are already working on it. This is why they are distracting the masses with this thing called "life". No one will be able to grow their own food. For those people who will "run off into the forest" – There will be no forest. No animals. For those people who will go with the flow – What if your not worthy enough to eat in their eyes? The food will be controlled by one governing force. This is when freewill won't exist anymore – There will always be free radicals, of course. We don't want to get that far. Some of us are ready to fight, protect, and go down screaming if necessary. #Iamnature

  6. Most celebrities live a decadent life; I don't admire them at all, but some of their voices are used to send a strong message.

  7. Anyone been to the Conservation International website for these videos. I'm thinking about joining for updates of what's going on and how to help but also thinking about giving charity when I can. Of course with that i have to ask if anyone knows if this organization is legit? Will my charity truly be going to the benefit of the planet? Thanks

  8. Although I totally 100% believe in this message, beware of UN Agenda 21 which wants to put "sustainability" above individual life.

  9. Impressive and true!!!! Thanx for that, everybody should watch it and take action for sustainable world!

  10. So how much have Reese Witherspoon, Liam Neeson, Julia Roberts, Harrison Ford, Kevin Spacey, Edward Norton, Penélope Cruz, Robert Redford, Ian Somerhalder and Lupita Nyong'o REALLY done? I know some have contributed more money that others, one has a foundation…where are all the PSAs, where are all the commercials being aired to teach this to the public? This isn't doing anything, this is putting your name to something for ego. If you do not get people to change their apathy and habits, we are on the fast track to environments destruction. I haven't seen them run adds or commercials to save the 30 remaining Vaquita!

  11. A species' forest, grassland, desert, river or sea is of, by and for, all the other native plants, animals, fungi and soil microbes which have occupied those places. It is their forest; the species' forest. The Species' Planet does not have a voice and certainly not the voice of actors. There is no universal translator for the minds of all those other species. However, if you visit a species' forest set-aside with the purpose of protecting it and speaking for it you will begin to understand that which we never will fully understand. Too late to work within nature, but we can work in concert with nature. By the way, if anyone is interested in coming to Boston Oct 21, 22 2017 you can help out behind our Species' Forest (Species Forest, Inc. nonprofit) table at the Boston Veg Food Fest. We are the only nonprofit of Massachusetts with the word SPECIES in our name. We will represent the actual Species' Forest, Conway, MA which is the first species' forest set-aside (since 2001) in the US. It's approx. 80 acres are filled with all the other species. Boston is a great town with many vegan restaurants especially on Massachusetts Ave. The BVFF gets thousand of people and the convention hall and lecture rooms are filled. Thousand of people will pass our table. Remember, there is a real species' forest; it is not just in the movies. Pal around with us on one or both days. Susan and I live only 32 miles from the species' forest. I warn you, the Species' Forest has no trails or facilities; get it? Forest walking only. It is the species' forest. We are unlike any other land trust. We speak for nature. Give Susan or me a call (802) 258-7845. We need people behind out table Oct 21, 22.

  12. Please, let me translate this video into Portuguese so I can share it to Brazil. It would be so important! Thank you.

  13. We should be ashamed of ourselves sometimes. We need to wise up in the way we vote our leaders…Some are just hopeless!

  14. Truly amazing and moving videos, I deeply believe that there should be similar videos about Animals and fish as well, as an integral part of food chain and healthy – sustainable nature that will flourish

  15. Absolutely fantastic idea to deliver the message in such a creative way, but what about animals and fish? definitely they should create videos about animals and fish as well

  16. People protest boycott would boycott wood stop overfishing stop overfishing stop cutting down the forests stop cutting down the forests

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