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  1. I developed a sensi tivity to various che micals that are found in most sham poos, soaps, lotions, etc, so I tried argan life shampoo and conditioner and it's great! It doesn't irritate my skin at all. I love the smells.

  2. I love your body hygiene recipes!! Please do more 🙂 I tried the body wash with lavender its really good. The only thing is, is there any extra stuff you can add?

  3. Thank you for your videos. I learn so much from you and then I pass them on to siblings, friends & social media that I subscribe to. Thank you for what you shsre.

  4. When I was suffering from dry hair from over processing, My Argan Life natural shampoo was an amazing help! It brought my hair back to life and I highly recommend Argan Life organic shampoo !!!

  5. I was skeptical when I purchased Argan Rain shampoo 3 months ago. So skeptical that I took a before and after picture to see if it was working. I had pretty full hair until I became of a certain age. Slowly I could see my hair thinning, especially in the front. I went to a dermatologist who told me there was not much I could do. I wanted to tell myself that it wasn't true but I would not only find hair all over the shower but everywhere else, too. As far as me, I shampoo daily and have for many years. This shampoo has a pleasant smell (reminds me of incense) I have colored hair and it did not strip the color. My hair now has body, much more shine and is noticeably thicker. I hope you will give it a try before you give up on your hair.

  6. Thank you so much for sharing this idea. This is certainly a great idea, nothing to beat the home made product and safe to. However, baking soda does a great job, and baking soda is also useful thing for hundred more things. But be careful, not to use baking soda mixture very often because it can split your hair tips. It is fine when there is oily skin and hair this is the best remedy, but keep in mind its danger also.

  7. I've only shampooed with this for about a week or so, and even in that short time I can't believe the amazing results! My thin limp hair is now thicker, more manageable and there is very little falling out. I'm extremely pleased with Argan life shampoo.

  8. I have so many issues with my hair since co l l ege. .. I' ve tried pretty much every h a ir are product without any results. My hair was thinning at an alarming rate.
    …Since using Dermo b i o t i n hair loss shampoo …I have seen a significant decrease in lost hair follicles…

  9. Hello!! I was looking for something to h e lp my hair growth, because as I' ve gotten older , and as a result of my medication, my hair is starting to thin a bit. I found "Maxelder hair loss treatment and Oil" at (w— nyarganoil -—c) .. .
    I also starting taking B i o tin …. These 2 things have really made a difference to me. You can feel the oil work, and I've even given it a couple weeks to track any growth. I love seeing my baby hairs, and feeling more full again I hope the continued use continues to have this impact on me. Ha i r is a very important factor in one's self esteem. Recommended.

  10. Excellent Shampoo for dry, damaged hair. I've used with the Argan oil . I'd be washing it every other day. Now on day 2 still feels clean which goes a long way for damaged hair due to heat styling. Argan rain Shampoo is highly recommend.

  11. Lemon is acidic in nature how can someone put so much of lemon in your hair? ? lemon destroys your hair texture even in beautician courses not more than 2-3 drops is required for hair or skin

  12. This Argan Rain shampoo is great for using before coloring your hair because it cleans the wax build up and allows the color to cling to your hair better! It's a deep clean that needs to be followed up with a good conditioner. Good product and the seller shipped quickly and without hassle…Thank you!!

  13. after trying trying trying so many remedies finally I washed my hair with baking soda. believe me tat was the last day I saw dandruff on my head thank you so much. oly one use my scalp is so clean even after 3 days. Thank you so much

  14. first time hearing you have to wash hair everyday , washing everyday will make hair dry strip natural oil causing more breakage

  15. I am new to using a Argan Rain shampoo. I do have dry damaged hair due to me coloring my hair, for a few years. I am pleased to share that my hair is less dry and is more manageable since I started to use Best Shampoo for Dry Damaged Hair Treatment. I will definitely be purchasing this product again.

  16. wash every other day unless you have a date, rinse with rosemary tea smells great and helps it to grow antifungal as well. shampoos now have no additives.. but u can water them down to make them least with boiled water .. not tap water. theres no reason to skip as we have pollutants in the air and our scalp sweats. lemon is ok but it lightens. baking sodas breaks the hair shaft.. but rosemary mint herbal teas to use as a wash and rinse are fine or use organics for petes sake.

  17. what is this argan life shampoo that you people are talking about? I just don't understand. can somebody plz explain wat argan life shampoo is?

  18. Whatever you do don't use baking soda! This will damage your scalp. I did a lot of research and this is the best formula in my opinion. Watch Debbie Williams video to see instructions

    Unscented castile soap
    sweet almond oil
    pure lavender oil
    real aloe vera juice

  19. I absolutely love Argan rain shampoo. Leaves my hair soft. Smells great, unlike other shampoos and I definitely recommended!

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