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Natalie Bennett on climate change

it's lovely to see so many people who need to see me my name is that developed from 2012 to 2016 I was leader of the green tea party and even little Wailers so you don't have to see they won during the accent comes from Australia aroma to me and I want to say to begin by saying that all of the science that he presented earlier I very much agree bTW I come back from an important route because my first degree was agricultural science and unfortunately is very few people in qualities from a scientific background we badly need all the Equality spot that quite a background but what I was supposed to elected as leader of the Green Party the media strength intelligence to get would get the cultural science degree and they got very excited about a fact I was probably the only British political leader you never shear a sheep we probably told to order media that it does about me but it means that I didn't come to these climate debates with that scientific background but I would also say that I entirely disagree with most of all in about politics of this I also agree that about integrally in a social science agree into this and essentially where we are now the problems are not scientific the problems are political problems IRS don't proceed from the floor we have to change the system because our current system and this is the philosophy that is dominating for the past 40 years of neoliberalism but also elevating the 40 years of social democratic consensus before that that seed that growth is the way we improve people's lives we keep growing upon a bigger and bigger and so even those who eating the crumbs get support grants now we actually know that is greens we've known for a long time that you cannot have infinite growth on a finite planet climate change is actually only one about sets of problems great referred to the issue about nature many people don't realize the earth is one of the most nation appreciated countries in the world and to receive lots of figures coming out populations there's a measure of how much were collapsing and biodiversity are by our elements there's the plastics in the oceans is the state of our soils it really eats about soils don't do that to me but all of those things are in a state of crisis and we cannot have a system depending on worse because exactly right BC we are actually see that the amount of carbon emitted as a bishop the general environmental damage is reducing as it's needed to be grow big notice that I see reducing is an excellent book by a guy called Tim Jackson prosperity without growth which sets this out very clearly you cannot decouple GDP growth from carbon emissions you can reduce the intensity but we count the growth of GDP and this is something that's always been sinful to green card and political philosophy saying that economic and environmental justice through the visible the pie has to be shamed our family that means manager system change while the pie actually it's smaller but everybody has enough any short new realities we will heat a world we have a world in which there's enough resources for everybody a hair indecent laugh while we in within the physical this fragile planet but it has to be shared up and if we think about where we are now in Britain collectively however there was a need to be true I'm really not interested in your individual body you're interested in the system change over there is an individual collectively we're all using our share of three planets and we have to come back to what planet living but I would say rather than come back to let's think about rising to one because if we think about what else really needs to eat them it's creating a thoroughly miserable angry unhappy insecure society if you look at the measures particularly among our young people across all populations of making it work we have an absolute epidemic of mental in the world and that surprised you from an educational system in which schools are beaten an exam Proctor eats because we all want to compete were introduced more we have a situation where people are desperately struggling at paying the electricity bill in the best school because they live is great the same in a house that's essentially a vertical and we have a problem with fuel property in the UK I was talking to a group that stand in any as you do one of them came out with the most of our diplomatic atmost she said it's so cold as I be in Britain now this was a woman for a country there will be two is twenty or thirty degrees colder than it is either but to her the idea that our bill people to be cold this isn't really real or a concept so the reason why I want to be focusing tonight on the optimistic optimistic side of these things is we have to change that we remind everyone of the hashtag twelve years later because I'd really like to see it tricky in the pool tonight I've checked there's no football track game so I got a chance of making that happen twelve years left today our any brightly see if you put all sorts of scientific coming out of that but it's a really powerful simple message that people can understand that that's what we this really need we have twelve years to turn things around and since that message came out particularly really since the IPCC Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report last October we have seen a real challenge today that works like if you have to do this key to BC radio early Merseyside I have a fifteen minute chat with the presenter about climate change I put any money at all audacity in contact with BBC radio society let's talk about climate change and I had by some miracle they say yes they probably put a climate change denier up the radio as well for balance and that cuz they'll change the BBC policy is changed at all is message has changed now I think it is in some ways a dangerous message it's true because subject was in 12 years how commitment means around 12 years but on the CEO case that yells at the climate talks it had been sir in December and I was trying around the school year idea of training know what what else is changed in 12 years you know what I decided Twitter he's only 12 years old now I can still remember as a journalist because that's big most of my working life as a journalist the first time it must have be can't be more than about eight oh five years ago when I saw a story that see the Iranian Foreign Minister co2 is up and I practically fell over the shock and of course we've also a little bit older than that when I talk to school needs as I need for babies and tear our horn social rules our ways of the week elite subtractive massively 12 years we just forget how fast that means actually change and I would say to you that we need for that environmental change is actually hugely good news because as I said to you we're trashing the planet and creating a miserable Society there were the Greek armies start to talk about England something we were actually talking about 2010 because when people think of what tactic America is the talk is all agreeing you deal and that's essentially everything that is crazy saying about what we need to do about transport about energy about changing our food system all of those things or what we need to do for the environment but they really don't use the optimistic stories all of those things change in those needs he greatly improve our lives as well give us a much better life one of the things that my report the horse meat scandal from a few years ago those who don't he was basically lots of really with all speed and supposedly now one of the things that have urged that was in the UK we eat twice as many ready girls on average is the rest of Europe now if we actually look at the nature of our society we also have a second longest working hours in Europe might surprise you to know that the Greeks have the longest and we also have one average double commuting time the rest of Europe now how about if we could create a situation where people work fewer hours and there's a bit before they were working campaign there now and that will actually objectively reduce our carbon emissions because you would have to turn there to work with less extreme place but also every Capleton life I have attracts diversity she was an Arab a crab my traditional student in stable and wouldn't that actually be nice to spend some time at home maybe speaks inside with your family and your friends instead to improve your life and if we each make every kind of the needs of the sort of things that we've ever Iranian deal you know instead of the dreadful taste of rattling gas to produce more gas to heat our homes if we actually create jobs in every community the land small business jobs skilled jobs for businesses for the businesses for accountants all the first kind of jobs put solar panels on the roofs all the things that we can do and then we don't leave that quite guess you don't need the frat guys alternatives and it's you're a magnet Romania for labor empathy is now the government's fracking and because we're so educational process slightly disagree with Gregory because he eats so you know those politicians in terror well politician but paint what they're politician but what I would say is what we need to do is stop electing the world people and for people's rights means now I think the other state organizations like friends of viewers you're doing their best to what with Ettore sickness to make them a little bit less fattening but actually what we need to do is elect people who really entered in Westminster making the decisions so you can advise them instead of traffic to lobby them they are your the you need more people in Westminster now that is of course is why becomes an issue of democracy I think there was some reference earlier and he said all eating folk people and I think there was a cry from the audience oh no you can't that the audience is absolutely right in the last election 68 percent of the votes didn't count we are not a block receive the UK you the people that got responsible for our environmental policy or any other qualities because you have a medicine who's there in Westminster because we have a lot Democratic electorate is them so I would say to you that making whiskey to democracy is a Barney tool climate issue and interesting it is a lot of good academic work with these countries around the world that have proportional representation democratic election systems and meet significantly less discovered that the first part of most countries give the people the power and they will use it well and of course that applies to another classic political before we need this we need to take that power even west fits up with a fair voting system in the Democratic working system but we also need to take that power from West is that it's received earlier blackish sheer descent no to fracking I was outside the precedent council chamber when they said and he was really took was a real struggle that it was really hard and they said the right thing I think West it's too early to go water so we give power to local communities give them power to invest in renewable energy in warm comfortable portal that heat over everybody in public transport sort of public transport lipids we call around their local communities it gets people between northern communities in tiny degree what great sin – I want to tell you about friend wine is very London South nice place but she came to visit me across – a couple of weeks ago and she said to me I just kept waiting for the train to sweep up and it never did because we haven't had an investment that north we have another power resources in the north our political system is a huge climate change but you might receive anything how will change the committee consists of all there's lots of ideas about that but what I want to leave you with is one finally which is the next of what everyone in this room could do from a climate Stryper upper back – everyone will see you wherever you work wherever you live wherever you get involved engaged in your joke over the church because I am a saint that quality should be something you do not have done to you and what we have now is a system even the system as a whole works it repeats it deletes economic social environmental political educational wherever you work if you just start humming away if one bit of string in that ball and start that rapidly your bracelet of the system and that could be when you are at school campaigning to get rid of plastic supports if that proper life supports the even eat you like will you be campaigning for a fair electoral system or even think to get the castles of Clara climate emergency all of those things are worth doing all those things make a difference but all of those needs can deliver us towards that tall he is change but we so desperately need so remember 12 years left let's get it trendy and let's get it changing everything

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