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– So through here?
– Yes. – Are you ready?
– Yeah, I think I’m ready. – All righty, there’s some deer fir that you’re sitting in right there. (wolf growling)
No, she’s checkin’ you out, there’s somethin’ else fuzzy there, yep. – Oh, she’s got my hood. (intense music) (wolf howling) The gray wolf is considered
the largest on the canids. Males can reach 150 pounds,
and while they do grow larger than the females, a lady wolf only weighs in at around 90 pounds. My first encounter will be
with the wolf known as Orenda. Like all wolves, Orenda
is always on high alert with her senses firing on all cylinders. Front facing eyes provide an incredible field of vision with highly
tuned depth perception. Ears perked, this wolf
can hear sound frequencies from many miles away, and can detect a multitude of sounds human ears can not. But Orenda’s most
powerful tool is her nose which contains roughly 300
million olfactory receptors making her sense of smell 40 times greater than that of a human. I mention these senses
because they immediately allow Orenda to tune
in with foreign objects like cameras and bearded strangers that are about to enter her home. Now Darlene said I need
to take off the majority of my outer clothing,
that’s so that the wolves don’t grab onto my hood, as you can see, this jacket has some fir on it which looks like a great thing for a wolf to grab onto and play with,
and they’re extremely powerful. The last thing I want to
happen is for a wolf to grab me and start dragging me
somewhere, so I’m gonna also take off this vest, and then I’m gonna put on my wolf warrior in training vest. Now Darlene did also
say to take off my hat because the wolves may take it
but it’s keepin’ my head warm right now so I think we’ll
just see what happens. And I think at this point I’m ready to enter into the enclosure and
become one of the wolf pack. Here we go, a coyote meeting wolves. All right Darlene, I’m geared up. I kept the hat on, if they take the hat I feel like I’ll be okay with it. – [Darlene] Okay, sounds good. – All right, so through here? – [Darlene] Yes, are you ready? – Yeah, I think I’m ready.
– All righty. – I’m excited.
– Okay, so I’m gonna let you in first then I’m
gonna shut the door after you. – [Coyote] Okay. – It’s a double gate system.
– Okay. – Secure, all right, so this
is our second gate here, it’s a big step down so be real careful it’s icy out here in January. Okay, so the white one up there
is our little Arctic wolf. His name, he’s a male, is Isha. – Hi, Isha!
– And the we have Orenda, that’s over here. – [Coyote] All right. – [Darlene] That’s the female. There she is! So she probably likes you to
get down on her level there. – Okay.
– As you can see, there’s some deer fir that
you’re sitting in right there and palm up with her, awe,
she’s givin’ you some kisses! – All right, hi how are you? How are you? This is amazing, my first face-to-face encounter with a wolf. I see your paw, it’s so big! Wow, it’s amazing being right
next to a wolf like this. They’re a lot bigger than you would think, especially those paws. I’m just lettin’ her
check me out right now. Yeah, I see! Is it okay for me to be in here? Now what’s the best way for me to seem submissive to this wolf, Darlene? – Always be down on her level.
– Okay. – [Darlene] And when you go to pet them, you want under the chin
instead of on top of the head. – Okay.
– ‘Cause she can see your hand that way
– Okay. – [Darlene] Because it
can make ’em nervous if you’re goin’ over the top of the head. Good girl!
– So how old is she? – She is two years of age.
– Okay. – [Darlene] So she’s
pretty much still a pup. Look at those beautiful
yellow eyes that she has. – But she’s pretty much full
size right now, correct? – Yeah she is, she has
her full winter coat on, weight on her would probably
be around 80 pounds. – Okay.
– 70, 80 pounds. And she is a gray wolf or
also known as timber wolf. – Yep.
– Gray wolf and timber wolf, same thing, just depends on where you live and what you call ’em. – I would say she’s the
most quintessential look, when you think wolf, she is
sorta that perfect color design. They come in multiple
different color phases, there’s this gray mixture, black, white, is there any other that
mix in there as well? – Your typical is gonna be what we call a silver gray like what you see there, they can be in shades of black,
black and sort of a cream, they can have some reddish tones in there, but that is your most typical. When you think of a gray
wolf or a timber wolf, that’s sort of what you think of. – Orenda, Orenda! So is there a key word or a phrase that you use to bring
her in closer to you? – She likes high pitched voices and if you say treats really high, she definitely is treat motivated
so she likes that as well, and she knows I have
a couple in my pocket. – I see. – And so she’s checkin’ you out and she said, “Oh, there’s
somethin’ else fuzzy.” – She’s got my hood, she’s got my hood. Well.
– She wants somethin’ fuzzy so I’m gonna try to,
yep so what you wanna do is make sure that she’s not
getting behind your neck there because she’ll wanna steal that. Awe, she said, “I’ll give you a kiss!” – Now I did grow out this
beard just for you guys. (wolf growling)
– No! – None of that, what is she saying with that little growl there? – She’s saying that she
doesn’t want you to lay down, she wants you to sit up like that. – I see, okay.
– Yeah. And she’s probably wanting your jacket and so she’s saying, “I want that jacket.” – [Coyote] I see. – She could be a little bit nervous because there’s a lot of people in here, she don’t know what’s going
on, and I have meat treats and she’s wanting that and not wanting you to take it away from
her and that could be– – That is the full wolf kiss right there. – Yes it is, yes it is, and I’m glad that she has good breath and
she hasn’t ate a roadkill deer. – Yes!
– So I’ll bring her over here, see how fast she is? – Oh yeah. – Here you go.
– Okay. There you go, oh yeah,
it makes you nervous to feed a wolf pieces of meat. You don’t want your
finger to end up in there so as soon as she goes for
it, I try to keep my hand– – It’s callin’ eat like a wolf. – Yeah, eatin’ like a wolf,
it’s amazing how fast she’s– – Very fast and you gotta be
very careful with your fingers, so very fast, there we go. – Yeah, there we go.
– That’s gone that quick. – Yeah, I see what you’re
doing, you’re letting her kinda dig in like that a little bit, I’m a little nervous that she
would grab on to my thumb. – The way she is right
now I would probably just do a flat hand there
and what I’m trying to do is get her away so you can
just see how quick she is, and if it falls on the ground, let her – Let her go for it.
– Let her pick it up, yes. – Woo, that definitely gets
your heart racing a little bit. As soon as she lunges like
that, you can just see the power and the strength and the
speed is just incredible! – It is, isn’t it.
– I can imagine what it would be like to
see wolves in the wild, a pack of them taking down
something like a moose. You think about how big
an ungulate like that is and how they work together as a team to bring somethin’ down. Just being this close, seeing that power within this proximity, you can understand how they’re able to move so quickly to throw that animal off balance, be able to work together as a team to then take down larger prey. – [Darlene] Right, absolutely, good girl! – Now when it comes to
the pack structure here within the individual enclosures, I noticed that there’s
two wolves per enclosure. Now, are they both considered alphas within their own little domain? – [Darlene] What happens
is we try to pair them up, usually in a male,
female combination there. I have had up to a six pack together, but because you’ve
changed all the dynamics in a captive situation, that does change whereas out in the wild, they
can disperse from a pack, in captivity, that doesn’t
happen and so eventually it keeps dwindling down to where you have two compatible pair. – Well I think we’ve had the great chance to be up close and personal with a wolf and now as I understand
it, you guys actually have a roadkill deer that we’ll be able to bring into one of these enclosures and actually see how wolves eat. – [Darlene] Absolutely. – Okay, well I think I’m
ready if you’re ready. – Yes!
– Let’s feed some wolves! – Let’s do that! (intense music)
– Stay tuned coyote pack, our epic encounter with
wolves continues this weekend. Dinner is served, boys and girls! Make sure to subscribe
and ring the dinner bell so you can help us feed the pack!

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