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MSBI Career and Job opportunities.( Microsoft Business Intelligence)

Welcome everyone, welcome to this small introductory video where we will try to understand what kind of carrier does a MSBI developer have What is the prospect of MSBI? Should people take this as a carrier or not? What kind of people can take MSBI as a carrier and how to go about learning MSBI? In order to first understand the job market of MSBI I have opened up this Very famous portal of India, On this I’ll search MSBI Whatever I am doing on this site here, it is focused on India You can very well search on your countries famous job portals I am sure the result should not be too much I have searched MSBI I have only got Two thousand three hundred results Is this MSBI really worth as a carrier or not? MSBI is not such a small market. Its a big chunk of market In MSBI you have three sections one is SSIS, other one is SSAS and the last one is SSRS The Job market is divided into one of these three sections When a company places a requirement he says I need a SSIS developer Sometimes he does not want SSAS and SSRS As a MSBI developer you should be knowing all of these three From the job aspect or from the job prospective Lot of projects just use SSIS or they just use SSAS or they just use SSRS There are some projects who actually use all the three of them If you want to analyse the job market of MSBI then you should be searching all of these three keywords as well Let us search with SQL server integration services Also add SQL server reporting services Also add SQL server analysis services We have 23000 jobs i.e 10 times more I would like to emphasize a very important point here The job distribution between SSIS and SSAS and SSRS They vary in a very huge manner Maximum numbers of jobs are available in SSIS and SSRS. Maximum times you will see that people either want SSIS, SSAS or they want both of them You have very very less jobs in SSAS Because SSAS is used for analysis purpose The jobs which are there in the SSAS they will normally been for bigger companies like JP Morgan Morgan Stanley, Wells Fargo Big financial institutions actually use SSAS while SSIS and SSRS can be use by smaller companies as well You will always find the job market of SSIS and SSRS are large in numbers The job market of SSAS is small in number At the same time we have very less good developers in SSAS That’s how the distribution of MSBI jobs are Let me discusss about this whole job market again has two kind of MSBI developers One kind of MSBI developers I will termed them as configurators. Configurators means they can drag and drop, they can right click, they can go to properties, they understand MSBI They know what every properties does and they can complete a project. This is one kind of MSBI developer who is a configurator who understands basics and can work with MSBI and deliver project There is a other kind of MSBI developer who goes one step above, who says I also know C# and SQL server very well If you know C# and SQL server very well then it adds more value to MSBI There are two kind of people who just know MSBI who just know how to drag and drop, execute the project, complete them And the other one are bit top of it, you can say advance level where they also know SQL server very well and they know C# very well. This job market is divided into this two categories If you see this requirement here where I have searched you can see if I just scroll below this is 5 to 10 years of experience, if I scroll below 5 to 7 years and 5 to 10 years. You will not find fresher MSBI as such means If I could I have searched with numbers of years of experience, 0 years of experience, I don’t think I will get such kind of requirement. In other words the industry expects a MSBI person to be at least above 3 to 4 years of experience that is the requirement Next questions comes for people who are coming newly in this market How should they go about it The first thing for the fresher, for the freshers you should at least try to understand the basics of MSBI, you should be able to understand every property of MSBI and you should know all the three legs of MSBI and you should be in a mode where you can execute the project First basic thing the basic level of MSBI you should be knowing For people who senior for them I think the road map is very clear if you are a SQL server dba I am dead sure MSBI adds value to you because MSBI is a layer on SQL Server For SQL dba this is a very very great path For C# developer it again adds value because in MSBI there are situations where you suddenly need some kind of a custom development For MSBI, C# and VB.NET is a programming language When it comes to customization C# and MSBI people can add MSBI to their list as well For freshers you should at least reach that basic level where you know all of these three technologies how to use them For people who are already in the market, who are in the industry If you are a SQL server dba then this is the right choice for you, you should definitely go for it For C# developer it adds value because when you just say C#, there are 1000 requirements and there are 10000 people When you say C# with MSBI the requirements are 100 then you have 5 people The competition is equivalently less MSBI definitely adds lot of value to your carrier either you are fresher or either you are senior I would like to make a very important point for people who are entering as freshers in the MSBI trade At the basic level once you know MSBI once you know SSIS, SSAS, SSRS how to configure the components, how to use them Then you have to know C# and SQL very very well Just don’t learn MSBI Try to learn C# as well as SQL People who are seniors for them the road map is very clear. I always feel if you are a SQL s dba, it is must that you should know MSBI If you are a C# developer You will one of those knish crowd you will stand where you have extra MSBI added to your series How do we learn MSBI, that we know there is advanced and there is basic The best way to learn MSBI so that you will fetch jobs as soon as possible is by doing a project Don’t learn MSBI section by section, don’t say now I will learn SSIS only and I will learn SSAS Learn it with a project, understand the complete ecosystem how these three things work with each other Thinking from that prospective we have floated a course called as Learn MSBI in 4 Days that means 32 Hours In this In the 32 hours or 4 days of course we have taught MSBI with a project We have taken a project We started doing ETL we started doing cube making, we started doing reporting I would suggest you to follow that video in case you are not aware where the video is Right where this video is playing down we have put that link of learn MSBI in 4 days You can click on that and start learning it right away now I hope this video was useful. In this video we tried to understand what was MSBI, What is a job market what are the various things people look at when you look at a MSBI developer and from where to start Best Of Luck and happy job hunting Thank you so much

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  1. Thank you for your tutorials and encouragement. I am currently a student of your 'Learn MSBI in 4 days' via youtube. The experience has been amazing and very education thus far. I will keep you posted of my development. Thank you once again.

  2. Hi
    Do we have to know(Enough Knowledge) T-Sql and Sql Server, to LEARN MSBI???

    also let me know

    Which is More lucarative MSBI or MS-DBA??

  3. Hello, I am a 4 year experienced Software professional. My skillsets are pretty much on the IT Infrastructure and Support side. I'm in to Networking and Transmissions, (i.e) Secure File transmission Analyst. Also with exposure to Mainframe and Distributions Schedulers (Little bit of SQL and Unix)

    I am looking for a core Technical switch.

    Business Intelligence excites me. I m trying to make out a career in ETL/BI.
    Would you suggest me take up MSBI?
    Will there be ample opportunities for me to make a technical career switch in the industry.

    I loved your first hour video.

    Looking forward to your response.

  4. hi sir am recently completed my PG in MCA, I don't have any knowledge in coding which course is suitable for me
    plz give ur valuable suggestions sir

  5. Hello Sir my name is Naveen kumar. am working in one of pharma company in bangalore as a data analyst role…i want to change to IT Sector is any chance to change this same role as a data analyst in sql or msbi

  6. sir im from commerce backgroud i know ms sql dba and im looking for msbi ssis. is there any scope for me should i do this


  8. Just let me know if a person is switching profile into MSBI so how we will modified resume like working for support function.. like……SQL+MSBI…as i m in SQL so this is good for me..Thank You

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