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[Motion Design] Actility – The ecosystem

the IOT opens exciting business perspective but it’s a complex fragmented world activity created think part the software intelligence allowing connected objects to communicate on a dedicated IOT network using lower Wan radio code close to accelerate the new markets activity is now gathering global community on this platform sake will for instance he has a big dream creating a health monitoring service for the elderly based on SmartWatch a service would not only make the elderly life easier but also their caregivers and doctors over will has a concrete idea of the solutions you want to offer he obviously needs to rely on partners that’s why we activity bring together Elida key players in a digital community and at live events like meetups bootcamp or hiker Tommy it allows them to meet connect and share business opportunities what will and his two co-founders mean now is to test their connected watch idea without investing too much time nor money they want to accelerate their good market using a simplified development environment and Adi makes it easier for Wells developer to create provision and test the device on the network connectors to the main IOT cloud platform guarantee that sensor data is seamlessly transferred stored and analyzed will is indeed delighted with the huge progress is made but it still needs to figure out where’s how and to whom he’s going to sell his service in other words how does he make money out of iut think back market is the one-stop shop for all lower one products what are you selling like will or buying like the service provider interested in distributing service think mark market users benefit from a trusted platform the global catalog and guaranteed payment to facilitate their commercial journey join the sync part community and fast-track your IT projects

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