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Monkey Mother Mourns Loss of Her Baby | Love Nature

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  1. This actually made me cry. I feel so sorry for the sibling and mother.
    They're so much like us. This is so…emotional. *sobs*

  2. Wonderful movie, and yes they care for their young, so unlike the humans of today, where a young mother will slit her babies throat and then put the body down the toilet, and that happens every day in South Africa.

  3. Does pride improve the human's behaivour? If we actually are the most intelligent creatures on Earth, why do some of our own kin find that killing others of their own is fun? Why is the planet almost on ruin? Why everything the human touches (well, almost everything) instantly perishes? Why is there so many people that die each day due to high stress levels?
    Hopefully, we can, somewhat, someday, use that intelligence as we should.

  4. Well, this shall be long answer. Those who want to read, go on 🙂 But I must just say, this is my simple opinion.
    There, good Sir, There you can have a fine example. Cats are domestic animals. They have a rare need of hunting so they don't die of hunger, as we feed them, so they hunt for fun. Evolution alongside humans. You mention cats, dogs, parrots, ferrets. Those are all Domestic Animals. They have their support already, because they became part of the Human Society. Perish the thought of

  5. touching them. (In case you ask, I do have a she-dog, and I trully LOVE her. And I must add, I'm studying to be a vet. You can't ask for anyone better to talk well about animals). But what about those who live in the wilds? Who suffer from human advance towards nature? Are they being supported? Most of the viral humans out there only care about one thing: Profits. Money. Let's do some business where the most important Source of Plancton -And therefore, Oxygen source- is in the Planet. I didn't

  6. mention at any time that we are living doomsdays. Let that to the 2012 endoftheworld-followers. If I don't lack of, is the hope that there is a fix of this whole mess we're at. Diseases like Cancer normally become active because of high levels of stress -Dormant viral cells-. And…Wait, Cancer. Viral cells. Dormant. Become active and your body is almost doomed unless you do something. Relate that, but with the Human being the Virus, and the planet being the Body. What do you think?

  7. I didn't think you were talking about wild animals, as you game domestic ones examples. Still, that's just us, and the few of us who are here, moved by the moment this video's author offers. And you must probably know that there are a lot of animals who might adopt other species under their wings and raise them as their own kin. I completely agree though, that we're the only ones who would be able to take care for anyone and everyone.
    Thought you must accept, our number is not big enough…

  8. (read first answer too) Trying, but Cancer is way too volatile to treat so far. Vets are trying to treat animals too. Then again, we are fewer. And "less important" (Someone once told me that Vets are not even Doctors, which is not true).
    Why so many people make movies like "Avatar", or create stories like "Pocahontas" or "Tarzan" then? "Modern" humanity is always shown as the ones who ruin anything they touch. But they show as a posibility for us to melt with the nature, be one with it.

  9. But we are way too far from it, and so few of us are trying to put their own effort to make that change. You mention human history, it is filled with humans discovering, creating, but it has more of destruction than anything else. And you can't just be blind as say we are doing fine, because we are totally not. We create in one side, and we take away from the other x 2.
    I guess you are too proud of our species. I understand your point, and I don't share it. But I'll respect it.

  10. I watched it again it looked too me like the mother was trying to groom her dead baby, maybe even trying to wake it up. And I don't think that baby male was trying to mount the dead baby. While instinct is stronger in other animals, they do posess emotions. Especially animals that are social, look at how parrots go insane from being left alone too much.

  11. This is certainly heart breaking. Poor baby. This really shows the love and devotion that is shared among other species.

  12. Too bad they didn't kill about a hundred more of those little baby monkey bastards they're foul nasty creatures only idiots get attached to him they all look at the beautiful baby this the beautiful baby that they have been our competition for time and Memorial they will never do anything for you only to you and they cost thousands of people to starve and go hungry every year in third world countries by stealing their food you fucking idiots

  13. See wtf man, why dont humans (corporations) or evil empires see that animals are more like us and we are like them we have a whole paradise this world has more than enough for all living creatures but we opt for technology

  14. A documentary needs to be accurate and tell truth. Macaques don’t grieve or wallow in sorrow. They don’t understand death. They just wonder why the thing doesn’t wake up. At some point the mother will drop the mummified carcass on the ground and move on when she doesn’t recognize it anymore. That’s the extent of a macaque funeral. There’s no sorrow in the troop. All they’re thinking of is food

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