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Minecraft Dungeons Diaries: Environments

A game environment is what we refer to
as the actual world that you walk around in. You can also call it levels,
which it is, but we refer to it as environment as that word encompasses
more than just the gameplay but also the look and feel, and the story that we’re
trying to convey. So, the entire point of a game environment is basically to bring out all the gameplay aspects of the game itself, so if you have an environment that has a lot of verticality in itself, then maybe you have enemies that can
shoot down at you from the high points, and that will sort of create strategies and
force players to think in a different way. The environments that you will
encounter in Dungeons will be very familiar. They are set in the Minecraft
universe, but with this game we’re trying to follow a plotline. And for that, all
the levels and all the environments that you see in the game are there to
accentuate or tell a story that follows the plotline. The desert temple traps, a
good example is that there’s a lot of stories about pyramids where there were a lot of traps present in the Pharaohs’ tombs, and I pull a lot of inspiration
from previous games I’ve played, from other genres as well and thought alright,
so if we’re going to make this in a top-down game, how will we make that? How
would that fit into the game? In general, in level design, I think it’s
important to create areas that differentiate between each other it
helps to distinguish one area from another. So if you play a game and every
room looks the same, then you are going to get lost no matter how many times you
play that level. But if every place looks different, if there’s different
lighting, if there’s different size of the rooms, if there’s just different shapes
everywhere, then you will instantly know where you are when you go back there. We have multiplayer, and it is very much designed as a multiplayer game, but you
should also be able to enjoy it even though you’re just playing by yourself.
And that is a great challenge when it comes to both designing the game, but
also designing, in this case, the environments or the levels. It’s absolutely difficult to design things for single player versus
multiplayer, because you have to take balancing into account, you have to take into
account the players who’ll just run around and run in two different
directions, so you have to sort of focus their target and make sure that everyone
has the same goal in mind. What makes a good Dungeons level, in particular a
Minecraft Dungeon level, is a level or an environment where you can jump in and
play on multiple occasions, and you get a new experience every time. The levels in
Minecraft dungeons are to some extent procedurally generated. The way that
we’ve married procedural generation with rewarding gameplay is to design sort of
like puzzle pieces, that we then can tell the engine to arrange for us either in a
way that we specifically tell it to do, or in a way that is more random. What procedural generation doesn’t take into account is pacing, what kind of
encounters you will have, how the level will play in general. So you have to
sort of strike a good mix between procedural generation and handcrafted
content. And I think that we felt that it was
important to have these handcrafted areas, where you could run around and
everything had a certain pacing, but then we could string them together using
procedural generation so that it actually behaves differently every time
you play. With Minecraft Dungeons, we want every level to stand out, and to be able to
stand on their own, so just by looking at a screenshot you should easily identify
where in the in the world you are, which level you are in, and hopefully also what
part of the plot that you’re in. My favourite part about developing
environments for Minecraft Dungeons is that I’m a big fan of Minecraft, and I
get to play in a Minecraft universe every day, and create new things. When the
game releases I think I’m going to watch Let’s Plays and just enjoy watching
people play the game and see them interact with the world that we’ve

Reader Comments

  1. this game will probably be pretty fun but I can't be the only one who feels like all of this should've been put into the base game instead of making a dungeon crawler

  2. Wouldnt procedural generation be, generation by a procedure? So the way they do the environment is actually procedural generation, just not "procedural generation"?

  3. Why do the minecraft spinoff games always have better animations and graphics than minecraft itself? Why dont they put that much work into making it look like the spinoffs.

  4. Vanilla Minecraft needs a princess to save, and now that Netherite is stronger than diamonds, we need a new enemy that can put up a fight and has Netherite weapons and armor, it could be a Nether Knight….

  5. This really does look like a solid game already. I'm a fan of the top-down dungeon crawlers since Diablo II.
    Speaking of… You gotta remember to put a Torchlight II reference in your game since they did the same.

  6. Warrior warhog small boss in piglin ???? Can drop ???? Mace biomes,spooky ??? Blinds the player very dark only basalt and ???? Piglin homebase ???? Piglin???? Netherlands mine !dangerous! Purple forest,battlefields. Plz recommend this mojang 🙁

  7. only third person is not a good idea, the first person for Minecraft is immersive game play for me. here i see a smart phone or tablet game

  8. For my minecraft bedrock edition for my Xbox, I accidentally deleted a important folder when I was downloading some mods such as Crazy Craft but I deleted a folder that somehow removed access to my servers and realms. It says "Servers coming soon" whenever I go to the servers tab and it always say "loading resources" when I try to join a friend's world or realm. I've also waited for new updates to come so that it would be fixed but it never did get fixed. Please help me fix this. I've already tried reinstalling but it didn't work either.

  9. Man, I'm running Minecraft from TLauncher because nobody from my family has a credit card or bank account but even so….
    I wish I had a better laptop to play Minecraft even from this TLauncher 😥😥😥 Man, my family doesn't really have much money so this is what I got: a low Intel CPU with Dual Core, 200GB on Hard drive for apps and games, USUALLY works with 1.70Ghz and only gets 2.40Ghz when not on any app, and pretty low resoultion… AND "finally" Minecraft runs eith MAXIUM OF MAXIMUMS OF THE MAXIMUMS with 70 FPS on SUPERFLAT WORLDS with no mobs and lowest setting… but on a normal world it's 30 to 40, 50 fps. For 1 second it sometimes hits 80 fps and then back to 30 and 40 after that second

  10. Things that you should put in Minecraft
    Ruby armor
    Ruby tools
    Ruby weapons
    Twilight forest dimension
    The yeti (boss)
    Tamable polar bears

  11. This is just slay and kill part minecraft with fancy graphics and somehow i find walking around lego characters, okay so i think minecraft original still better than this

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