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Meet the Characters of THE LOST RAINFOREST 🐒🦜🦇

The lost rainforest of
Caldera holds a secret. The magic of an eclipse granted some
of the rainforest animals magic powers. Let’s meet them. This is Mez the panther. The other animals often look to
her as the leader of their group. She’s fierce when she needs to be,
but she’s also a good friend, and she has the power to turn invisible. Gogi is a capuchin monkey. He’s charming and witty, though he
definitely wouldn’t brag about himself. He has the ability to throw fire
from his hands, but watch out, he’s still getting used to his powers. Lima is a fruit bat, but
don’t you dare call her spooky. She is the happy-go-lucky heart of
the group, and she loves to talk. She’s able to heal wounds by licking them. Rumi is the smartest frog you’ll ever
meet, and one of the most poisonous. Don’t worry, his skin only becomes
poisonous when he’s agitated. He may be small, but
he has the power to create huge winds. Sky is a macaw. Despite his sometimes prickly demeanor,
he really wants to make friends. He has the power of divination. But the eclipse did more
than grant magic powers. It also awoke a great evil, the Ant Queen. She’s larger than a grown panther and
pure evil. She wants to destroy all animals so
ants can rule the world. If an animal gets in her way, she drains
their life and their magical powers. When evil roams free, no animal is safe. The battle for the rainforest has begun. [MUSIC]

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