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Mediterranean Climate

the Mediterranean climate by Daniel
Vardy and Clark ping in the Mediterranean climate where should they go well kind
of clothes should they wear the Mediterranean climate the comment
that is on or near the 40 degree lines of latitude they all have similar
weather both places with the Mediterranean climate are on the
Mediterranean Sea there someplace that although the military hyman climate such
as California however the weather is hot dry summers
and mild winters for the day when suddenly invite them to dinner to the
gutter changing climate leon clear going to dinner with Nero what can we do 10 said you can cut down
on the co2 emissions which is trapping too he said the atmosphere making this
summer to get harder which makes the ocean level which in vacancies ocean
levels rise which is making the city that risk of flooding ask you a question
if you’re paying attention what is required for a place to be considered of
having a Mediterranean climate

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  1. I like sunny day without cloud because no water vapor cause me to be cool quickly after sweating.I choose the sunny without cloud climate with moderate rainfall like alicante,spain.

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