Importance of Natural Resources

Marin Youth Ecology Corps

My name is Chris Driver and I’m a corpsmember. It kinda combines what I like to do. Be outdoors and kinda build things like hands-on work and I learned a lot more than I thought i was going to and I enjoy coming to work. The work that Conservation Corps North Bay is working on here in the park is fencing along Fern Creek. And what that’s doing is actually helping people to stay on trail and keeping the sediment from falling into Fern Creek What surprised me most with them is how quickly they’ve picked up finding joy in harvesting and the farming. I thought it was going to be much more dredge work to try to convince them that vegetables are interesting things and that working can be fun. This job has encouraged me to pursue a career in wildlife management and habitat restoration along with geology. It being an organic farm and all, you have to do everything from scratch and to know that you put in that hard work, that effort that people are coming every day just to eat your food that you work hard on, they appreciate your work. To give you that verbal, you know, that verbal appreciation, is what makes this job worth it. I’m always looking for ways to engage at-risk youth and let them explore possible careers, particularly if it can help them connect better to their community and learn about their health. And I can’t think of a better model to do that than the Marin Youth Ecology Corps.

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