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Managed Package Enhancements

(upbeat music) In winter ’20, we are excited to announce Managed Packages Enhancements also known as Second Generation Managed Packages. Second Generation Managed Packages enable Salesforce partners to build and distribute packages via AppExchange. The new feature enhancements are intended to offer feature parody so that the features you love in First Generation Packages are also made available in Second Generation Packages. Second Generation Managed Packages offer source-driven modern application life cycle management for Salesforce partners to build, distribute, license and manage apps on the Salesforce ecosystem. With enter and automation and by leveraging all the capabilities of Salesforce CX Second Generation Packages increases developer productivity and enables partners to innovate faster than ever before. We have an exciting set of features. In the AppExchange publishing console you the Salesforce ISV partner can connect your Partner Business Org and extract your developed Managed Second Generation Packages. Once the Managed Second Generation Packages are extracted, they are made available in the packages section of the publishing console similar to the First Generation Packages. Unlike First Generation Packages where each packaging org has to be linked to AppExchange with Second Generation Packages you can just link your Partner Business Org and all the Second Generation Packages owned by the Partner Business Org into the publishing console. Once you extract the Second Generation Packages you can also register the packages to License Management Org and submit them for security review similar to what you do with First Generation Packages. We have also developed a string of other features to offer feature parody with First Generation Packages. In sfdx-project.json or via parameters to the force package version create command you can specify an apex script that runs after a Second Generation Package install or upgrade and an apex script that runs before a Second Generation Package is uninstalled. You can also specify a web page to which package installers can go in and order to see post-install instructions and release notes. With Second Generation Packages you can also run code coverage checks during package version creation. We have also built other exciting features like support for patch versions and enhanced coverage for metadata types that are packageable in Second Generation Packages. In upcoming releases we’ll continue to add other new and exciting features. (upbeat music)

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