Importance of Natural Resources

LSU | Preserving the Hunt (Ep. 3)

DISCLAIMER: THIS VIDEO WAS FILMED PRIOR TO COVID-19 Why is it good to be able to look at a
wing off of a duck that was just harvested? Because that’s the way
managers use to evaluate to make decisions. ♪♪ The point of us having this
program is not harvest. The point of the program is: We are creating the next generation of stewards of conservation in Louisiana and abroad, and if we’re teaching students holistically about wildlife then you can’t just end a program with harvest, because that’s not end of the program. ♪♪ Through dissection we learned a couple different things such as stomach contents of the
bird, what they’re eating, maybe where they’re eating it from. Agriculture
fields. Rice fields. So, I’ve cleaned ducks, but I’ve never really dissected them to look at them from a scientific standpoint, so that was really
fascinating. After our hunting opportunities, we dissect all the waterfowl, because the only way to understand an animal is to figure out
what makes it tick. ♪♪ I think we all kind of realized that the
success of each other is just as important as the success of ourselves,
because we’re all going out into the workforce and trying to accomplish the
same thing, which is the betterment of our resource. I love that about RNR [Renewable Natural Resources]. I mean it’s definitely unique to our major because it not only lets us learn in the
classroom but we get to go outside and actually apply those methods. It really makes me realize how fortunate I am to be in a program that cares so much about
the practical application of what I’m learning in a classroom. ♪♪

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