Importance of Natural Resources

Locus AG UN COP25 Climate Change Conference Roundtable

I just wanted to say that we’re actually a B Corp and we’re very proud to be here. Just focused on what we’re talking about today, we are a company, we’re only three years old, but we’re building nature-based solutions, non-GMO, organic, but built in a way that’s very cheap for farmers to use, but focused on environmental justice, removing chemicals from the ecosystem. Two specific things: one is we increase yield. Farmers will not talk to us if we’re not going to increase yields. We don’t want to impact farmers negatively. In the last three years, we’ve been able to increase yields by about 50%. On the climate change side, which is where we’re getting really good results, and this is something in the U.S. where there are no incentives, so we’re doing this because we owe it to the planet. Our same solution that increases yield sequesters up to 9 tons of carbon into the soil per year, and you see that impact within a year. We reduce soil nitrous oxide emissions; The IPCC just came out with a report of how everyone has neglected nitrous oxide emissions due to fertilizer use. Without doing anything, we’re using natural solutions, Natural microbial solutions, non-GMO, reducing soil nitrous oxide emissions by between 60 and 90% and then reducing fertilizer use. Farmers on their own, when they see that the yield is going up, they can reduce their fertilizer use between 20-50% without any impact on yield. Our system is based on something that is scalable, very cheap, we call it frugal technology, so it can be set up anywhere in the world with the right partners, and we can make an impact anywhere.

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