Importance of Natural Resources


this is an experiment we are going to give our lizards Oh laughter I swear these Wizards eat better than we do neither of these big block has have eaten lobster before let's see who gets the lobster first Deno is bigger than Charlie tries to intimidate him their powerful jaws can break bone you don't want to get bit by these giant blockhead lizards the lizard cracks the lobster tail like it's made of paper mache they often use their jaws to crack the skulls of their unfortunate prey comes quick [Applause] impressive white throated monitors are from Africa their diurnal which means they hunt during the day these guys consume up to 10 percent of their body mass in one sitting charli's struts like the stud he is cutie thanks for watching this season of reptile channel and if you like large reptiles don't forget to subscribe so you can watch and learn about these amazing reptiles and don't forget to subscribe so you can keep up with each new episode of reptile Channel please subscribe

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  1. People these reptiles could kill you your young child he probably is outside the gate and how if they are locked up in a cage? What about zoo animals sorry you have so much hate comments ? you are just trying to teach people about reptiles

  2. Aw, seeing them eat LIVE animals was way better and more entertaining/interesting…stupid vegans and animal lovers ruining everything…

  3. Charlie walks like a Komodo.
    I know they're related but you'd almost think he was a young Komodo. Amazing animal.

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