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Living and Nonliving Things | #aumsum

Living and Nonliving Things. Lap No 1 Complete. Game Over. Things which can grow. Things which can move. Things which can breathe. Milk. Things which can reproduce. Things which can grow, move, breathe and reproduce are called living things. Milk. Living things can also feel emotions like anger, fear and happiness. Cough. Mr. Tree, 1889 to 2015. After growing and living for a long time living things ultimately die. Examples of living things are human beings, animals and plants. Plants cannot move from one place to another. However, plants move their stem to face the sun. Hence, they are also living things. Things which cannot move. Things which cannot grow. I need your help, Dr. Bird. Ok. I am on my way. Things which cannot breathe. Where are his parents? Things which cannot reproduce. Things which cannot grow, move, breathe and reproduce are called nonliving things. They do not have any kind of life in them. Examples of nonliving things are rocks, bucket and water. The End.

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  2. the tree just died no??????????????????????????????????????????????????????? this has to stop???????????????????????????????????????????

  3. I like the video but I wish you would point out the difference in audio for a younger audience that can't read yet

  4. The living things can grow, move, breathe and reproduce. The non living things cannot grow, move, breathe or reproduce.

  5. aren't plants considered living?? i'm pretty sure my teacher would count 'feeling emotions' when we are talking about ALL living things, wrong.

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