Importance of Natural Resources

Lecture 1- How To Prepare Environment & Biodiversity For Civil Services Prelims & Mains

Hello friends! Welcome to PrepMate classes. The objective of this lecture is to understand:  Significance of Environment & Biodiversity
for UPSC Prelims.  Topics to be covered under Environment
& Biodiversity.  Scientific Schedule to Prepare Environment
& Biodiversity.  Strategy to Prepare Environment & Biodiversity. On your screen, you can see the contribution
in terms of number of questions from Environment & Biodiversity under GS Paper I in various
past year prelims. The table lists the topics to be prepared
under Environment & Biodiversity and the contribution of these topics in prelims. Environment & Biodiversity is the most important
subject because in recent prelims it has contributed the highest number of questions. In all, 21 topics are listed in the table
along with their relative importance in Prelims. Once we know the trends and relative importance
of topics, we now come to the specific roadmap for learning Environment & Biodiversity. This is the 20- day roadmap for preparing
Environment & Biodiversity which can be adhered and should be adhered. The targets are listed both chapter-wise and
page wise. The page count is given according to Prepmate-Cengage
book on Environment & Biodiversity. The target for the first day of preparation
is Chapter 1 Ecology and Chapter 2 Functions of Ecosystem, constituting first 30 pages
of the book. For assessment of Preparation, Chapter wise
past year and practice questions have been provided. The target for the second day of preparation
is Chapter 3 Forest Ecosystem and Chapter 4 Aquatic Ecosystem. The third day target is Chapter 5 Environmental
Degradation. The fourth day should be devoted to Chapter
6 Environment restoration techniques and Chapter 7 Sustainable Development. The fifth day should be devoted entirely to
revision of what we have learned in the first four days. In all, you can prepare complete Environment
& Biodiversity in 20 days. For difficult topics, you can watch our explanatory
videos and for regular updates you can log in to our web portal or download
the prepmate app. To know about the specific strategy to prepare
for Civil Services, you can watch another video on our Youtube channel – PrepMate Edutech
or home page of Thank You. Best of Luck! For best learning, you can watch this video
along with PrepMate-Cengage UPSC series which is available online as well as offline. Book Features: Complete subject in a single
book with practice and past year questions at the end of chapters. Model answers for UPSC Mains from authors. Using the application Prepmate and web portal you can access comprehensive digital support in form of videos, mock-prelims, answer
writing practice and regular updates.

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