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Learn how to get free online traffic with Rachel S Lee and her Ecosystem Course

in real life tonight my guest is Rachel Leslie she’s a two-time two comma Club winner and she’s known for her Facebook and her YouTube and her emails and her chat BOTS and there now she’s created a new course it is called you’re in it online traffic ecosystem there we go and I’m part of it I should know the neighborhood um so welcome to the group Rachel and can you just give me a little bit about about your backstory yeah thanks for having me in here they just sell a hey Joel hey Mike so my backstory just I tried everything with making money online everything everything maybe not everything but like agency info products affiliate marketing e-commerce coaching network marketing just like all the ways and it’s okay to try all the ways if you want to try all the ways or you try something it doesn’t work that’s okay I’ll get you closer to that but I shift I’m not gonna like right now the way I’m making money online I have affiliate commissions coming in I sell info products like courses and coaching and then sometimes I’ll take on a climate I’m always gonna do that maybe not I wasn’t always doing up you know what actually maybe I will maybe maybe maybe yes because because I actually really like those three things maybe not the client stuff so much but yeah hey Peyton hey my name’s Feliz Preston this desktop livestream is good one good idea I can actually see the comments me well he’s not comics but I can see people like hopping on maybe because I’m admin of the live it’s showing me the notifications sure okay alright my one of my questions is what do you how did you I think you won are you you do know how did you win the suit compo or your first one I put in here ask me anything so we can get some questions – well no I I have one – comic level word this one but this one hit a million dollars in sales two years in a row but I didn’t get two trophies from it but this is a ecommerce product winter product seasonal products pieces of plastic plastic snow items um I worked really hard as a team on it we worked so hard 22 hours a day just like non-stop Wars not making money not making money not making money losing so much money and time and then it just like excuse me never gave up it it broke through one day and it hit a million dollars in six weeks and then it actually hit 2.5 million dollars within three months and then it was seasonals within the next year we did it again am I gonna do it again this is here with the team I am open to being a part of the team and helping in ways that I can but like is my passion ecommerce not really like that’s cool it’s fun it’s fun to make money online I get your funnel tips – to work and build something for me I’m a little more into the personal branding selling info products affiliate products software’s personally what was the product that you were selling we’ll just do our winter product stuff for the snow okay nothing I’m passionate very passionate about I live in California what snows in California but now I live in LA you guys probably any you guys and people – Rhonda we told a Canada they bought a ton of this yeah yeah I’m sure we don’t live in igloo so people down there I think we live in equals $4 so I got a couple questions from the group today um do you ever fear of going another camera yeah huh Morgaine the biggest thickness in the livestream interview with the two of us this is cool we’re talking working out people are watching us talk it’s like we’re out for a drink or coffee or whatever hanging out people are watching you that’s kind of cool and then for YouTube I get a little I think a little awkward whatever I’m filming my youtube videos and then I like pause and then I say what I’m gonna say and then I pause or then I mess up but I just edit all of that out anyway and then a solo livestream if I’m gonna livestream in my group or on my Facebook page yeah you get some nerves if you’re gonna do that especially if you don’t have like notes of what you’re gonna say but I’m honestly not live-streaming solo and that much at the moment it’s not part of my strategy not saying it doesn’t work it is good actually in the beginning people live actually the livestream solo on over the weekend maybe on Sunday or tomorrow he’s inspired me I’ll be Bruce how many groups do you have well let me know if you guys in their comments have more than one Facebook group work made a Facebook group and it died or something and you made another winner you let one die I have to I have this like billion marketing group that was my main free group and it was until a couple weeks ago I decided to revive an old group that’s a trap online traffic group and then I might have some other groups that are inactive I need to like go through and delete stuff and then my paid programs when people join my courses or programs for the most part there’s paid student groups yeah another question was what was the one thing that contributed to your success I mean gosh there’s so many things I wish I could say it was eating healthy and going to the gym but isn’t I don’t do that so it would happen to just be showing up every day like continuing to do the work continuing to publish content in not just continuing to get real stuff done and you should write down the things you’re doing in the day so you feel accomplished that you actually did it I did a lot today but I don’t I didn’t write it down i need to write everything I did today so I feel better about myself and I feel feel good about myself so I go hard again tomorrow yeah that’s a good idea I know there’s been days right I do some a lot of stuff I feel like my real spun but then when I lie in bed at night I’m thinking you know what I did accomplish this and I think the compass that’s then it was a few steps to have and I thought I did good so you know you do you write if you write down then you realize you’re more ahead today than you were yesterday yeah and ideally you would write it down ahead of time before you knew it and then cross it out after you do it yeah sure make them make the plan the night before what you want to do that’s that’s huge there’s another question when you started with no list how did you get the first person to join your Facebook group I mean I actually had to email us I think before I had Facebook groups but besides the point if you don’t have an email list and we start with a Facebook group which I think it’s a great idea to get the first few people in your Facebook group step 1 make a Facebook group and to even make a Facebook group you have to add someone else into it it doesn’t they don’t let fishing as a let you make a group it’s just one person you’re going to need to add somebody into it some people suggest adding a bunch of friends on Facebook and then inviting them just like putting them in your group think there’s the way it used to work when you invite people into your group it just puts them in there they don’t even have a choice to say if they wanna be in there or not I think it might have changed it now but they still it’s still kind of spammy I think I don’t do it like so if you’re gonna start a group you got one person pick a friend pick up a business buddy pick someone and say hey I’m starting a group you know I need one person to be nice even start it can I invite you into it and then if you have a few more business buddies you can message them hey I started a new group I’m gonna do trainings and stuff would love for you to be in a would love your support maybe we can even collab maybe yeah we can do a training and you can do a training in there maybe I can do a training in yours we can help each other keep doing that before you know it you have ten people in your group yeah you guys help each other and you can coach people in the group do help people in the group then after that you know post on your Facebook wall also on your timeline hey I have a new group you just put the link or you can do hey everyone I start a new Facebook group I’m dropping a ton of trainings in there and free funnels and free trainings or interviews templates all this I’m putting stuff in there but it’s only happening in the group if you want access leave me an emoji in the comments or tongue let me know I’m in in the comments I’ll let you into my group all the cool stuff is only happening in the group yeah that’s a good idea and you get more notice suggest I find that when people leave emojis more people see it gets more notice more attraction it’s on Facebook longer yeah that’s a comment ladder yeah comment ladder for sure and then when you’re doing interviews you get more people noticing like each each fanbase I guess you could say well notice each other there’s the interviewer or the interview right person being interviewed so that’s another way to get people into your groups to rate and another way to get people noticing you is okay you interview other experts so you reached out to me and asked to interview me that I was like a smart move it is you get more people joining your group and you get this videos gonna show up higher and it’s gonna trigger to the algorithm just show you group and the suggested feed more and I have a piece of content and now this is gonna go on YouTube and then the YouTube video can go get back shared to your Facebook regular friend page and it’s just gonna feed into each other but then me on the other hand like yeah I interview people maybe I’m taking a small break from it or I haven’t interviewed anyone till recently I don’t know I interview people but I don’t remember which one was I don’t remember in the last couple weeks I interviewed because I was focused on getting interviews I was actually putting it out there hey I’m available to be interviewed so same thing with you you now could be interviewed in someone else’s group yeah yeah you know I’m willing to the interview and be interviewed so yeah it’s and it’s huge for both both parties right and you know you’re busy because you’re now putting out of course and a couple weeks ago you want to put it out and get people to know about us you want to be interviewed and talked about so it’s so simple and you know what there’s some gurus that make a lot of money and they say don’t waste your time with dis interviews or the JB’s because it’s not gonna get you as big a bang for your buck is buckling down paid traffic well it’s really easy to run out of money trying to pay traffic number one number two this is great for branding SEO whatever visibility number three I’m Lu one bit I have one more friend now I am this less lonely here working from home by myself here in this room I mean I I need to have friends and did talk to people just mentally she’s got to have good to be social yeah and I hear like a lot of people like I’ve been a big follower or dog bones and I met him in the one for weight challenge back in February and he talks about how the foam Hawking live event changed his life and I’m just curious on like the different takeaways you’ve had and how many times you’ve been to the Hawking live event yeah oh my gosh I went two years ago and it was that Disney a disney hotel in Orlando it was always like this is utopia like this is just my dream come true like not because I love Disney or anything but just like every all my friends are here everyone I want to be friends with this here just so much like is these gurus I’m meeting them and hanging out with them and learning and like this is it was a time of my life and then again last year another utopia in Nashville like every time every time so far it’s been the best time of my life this check net post someone made on the we add our D oh yeah I’m in Nevada eight hours from you Rachel nice I go to Vegas five hours well we missed all the sorry Eli and I met me Neal I’m a funnel hacking live I know those people Jodi Steven Scott Whitley or Melissa wait oh my gosh you know what I realized yeah isn’t this funny oh my gosh dude I am interviewing you and you’re interviewing me in my group you know what this is fun we’re gonna share it to Facebook that’s why me not know why I’m sure there’s 5,000 5,000 that’s even better well yeah this is good it’s fine you know what I’ll share it into your group right now we we had we James and I tried we’ve been trying for a while to go live today we must have tried four times from the desktop in your group then we tried from the phone and then I was like no we are not giving up like this interview is gonna happen because we all let tech issues get in our way and then I went live in my own room you asked me they were asking where is the interview this is funny I’m sorry you earlier we asked you out you asked me someone’s ass do you ever get nervous going on camera no you know I don’t even know how I can share it into your group so we’ll who’s getting in your group somehow someway we will download this file and upload into your group then we’ll upload it to YouTube then upload we’ll share that on your business page and on your friend page yeah yeah I’m just gonna text their posts in the group that we’re putting it in your group okay yeah let’s Neal I said they say 90% of success is just from showing up exactly like this is kind of funny in this jodean what one fear that still follows you today oh you know it’s a big one this is this is this everybody’s fear you don’t want to run out of money you don’t want to make money and do a launch do a promo have some cool commissions coming in have some money coming in it’s your year it’s your season it’s your time and then oh the algorithm change your technology change or something and you know I have the ability to make money anymore I’m what why am i laughing at my fear you know if you only focus on tech tech things those changes rapidly so like yeah it’s important to know this tech but if you are studying things that are more time proven time proving that will last for years to come you should be okay you have to be adaptable right like they’re saying face focus they’re supposed to be making changes to it someone made that comment the other day that Russell Russell and Gary B were saying that Facebook’s supposed to be making some changes in the next couple of years I mean no that’s why they make changes every day this changes every day yeah so how was your weekend away with Russell and Steve Larson and all the other OFA members oh so fun so we get to Idaho clickfunnels headquarters and Russell met us there and did a one-hour just group just answer all our questions for an hour and then he had to just he’s a busy CEO so then after that a lot of clickfunnels corporate and affiliate managers went drove us to this mansion multiple mansions at a lake and we just like mastermind the whole weekend in jet skied and went on the boats and had fun and learned and like for me okay I had fun connect with my friends learn but then also had a epiphany a breakthrough that I needed which was to expand my niche from affiliate marketing to traffic then I can serve even more people and when it came to the other people like or the people you see online all the time and were they like you thought they would be a Galax and Doug and Melissa yeah well Doug I just was hanging out with him at Timothy’s mastermind like two weeks before and we’re gonna we’re gonna be both beyond this faster my crews in we met at fhl so and you do interviews sometimes you know we don’t want time to talk on the phone and chat on the phone forever so we’ll do a live stream or whatever so I feel like we were already friends and then Alex we’ve already connected by interview so we’re already friends but you build your friendships and then some of the people though I didn’t really know and got to become friends there so as I mentioned a few facebook lives like I got into the online world in January or February and I went to the OFA and meaning Doug and a few others as people I got likes and that and it just changed my mind I’ll never I mean I basically don’t watch TV anymore oh yeah and there’s people I meet online that I consider my friends that I’ve never even met them besides some interviews and you know the only one I agree I’ve met a lot in person is Galen and as because he’s from he’s from the Bay of Quinte which is like a two-hour drive north of Toronto we had a hackathon our travel back in April and he’s actually a teacher by trade so he put it together he said who wants to get together in trauma one day and there’s about ten of us in an office space so it was really cool he grows Facebook group it’s about 2,000 people in like two months so yeah he did pretty good with your fame as well well yeah it’s really cool mean through people through you know the Internet and that this whole click follow community and I mentioned it I wrote a post in the click funnel community and on my personal page that I was dealing with depression for years I product migraines and I had three friends passed away in four weeks and back in March and I was going through the wolf pay and I didn’t I was in bed awhile and if it wasn’t for the old fate it pulled me out of the bed like I didn’t want to get a bit but I figured you know what this is what I want this is what I mean and it was one reason why I got that I didn’t have the OFA like I would have just probably stayed in bed and now I’m I’m so pumped for this online business stuff man now that I’m helping others it’s this discrete and now I’m seeing traction and people like a girl message mood today about helping over their facebook profile and so I was helping her and I said I’ll get back to her later tonight as well and it’s just been it’s just been a great experience but you can give more like so people has just been a it’s amazing I’m not making all kinds of money yet but just hope it’s such a great feeling that’s such a great testament that’s the story that you’re gonna share and it times gonna go the monster go by and it’s just gonna keep growing as long as you keep showing up same it’s you know my stuff while I really started working with my personal brand in affiliate marketing about a year and a half ago and then Doug just like six months ago Alex just like three months ago and then your time right now is now but it’s like always our time it’s just yeah we if we don’t set like these goals are like taking really good look at our numbers too then we could always feel like oh there yet I’m not there or like not really know what the next goal is so like there’s a lot of lot when it comes to running our business showing up being visible getting the traffic doing the marketing setting up the funnels and then like backend systems of our our business and a bookkeeping and accounting and deciding what expenses we’re gonna choose to incur or invest in it Stephen when you guys are there did Stephen a rustle drop any value bombs when it came to value ladders well Russell was saying he had a good point like focus on one funnel but many angles to drive traffic like if you’re running ads you need tons of different types of ads if you’re creating content you just gotta keep sending traffic Stephen said a funnel isn’t how you make money is where you collect money a campaign is how you make money is how you market something sell something the funnel is technically just where you collect the money you can have your campaign text and video on the funnel um but it’s not always just about like final design and you’re from looking nice like what you were telling you to be good which is why I click funnels affiliate program is good because you can literally send traffic straight to your affiliate link you don’t need bridge pages or bonus pages it can help but it’s a lot of this stuff just sells on its own so I think it’s great that you focus on ofa this is a highly converting product usually to send traffic yeah and Stephen actually mentioned that he says when he was working for good falls he said that they were going over the top funnels that patate making income making funnels to say they’re a horrible walking jubileus you know they don’t have to be gorgeous like it helps when they’re gorgeous but not always some of these funnels are horrible so it’s you know they don’t always have to be sorry for Julie very funnel gorgeous but you know it don’t have to be great to convert but you know usually ask about value ladders and what they have to say to it and you know Steven actually has quite a big value ladder like you can having your low ticket your mid ticket and then your high I ticket and then even higher ticket and Russell runs an asset to and I think it makes us all excited like I’m gonna do that to my low ticket and I meant ticket I’m gonna hard ticket and my continuity and like yeah you’ll get there but like I don’t even have my high ticket like I and my continuity is affiliate offers and Kent one readers implement a hard ticket like okay like it sounds nice and everything but it’s I don’t think it’s a necessary thing that you need to have your value lateral mapped out and decided to make money online but you see you have your daily Commission spoke right that’s a monthly fee it did changes I get a new payment plans and mix it up and sometimes its monthly some people are on monthly then I take away the money so I’m some kind of deciding on that are just inflexible with it flexible with it okay alright um yeah cuz that’s a good way to like that’s a that’s a great way to make income want to get it you know I always think like that’s a once you get a crowd following you then you know just do some trainings and videos and mm-hmm get people to pay thirty seven dollars or something like that a month or whatever yeah it sounds exciting but then it’s like actually coming up with it and putting it all together when you also could just decide ok I’m gonna commit to selling like funnel subscriptions and making $38 a month Commission for each person and I have to worry about coding a software yeah just giving them trainings to and sending more traffic so when you what made you come up with this new course that you made Oh and attract an ecosystem well when I was at the clip fungus affiliate mastermind we each gave a little training and I was gonna we were all we’re all teaching like how we got the OFA leaderboard what did we do to sell the most so a face I was thinking about it I just like wrote it on drew on a piece of paper what did I do like I didn’t even remember I think I made a few videos I shared its Facebook I shared it to my email I shared it to my boss that’s about it I was like oh that’s about it so I drew it up nice and YouTube videos shared them to Facebook multiples multiple Facebook posts send out the videos to email and maybe some extra extra emails send the video to video out to my chat BOTS maybe a couple extra box straight to my affiliate link well you know I just promote it on those four platforms I didn’t even use any other platform but well I already have people following me on Facebook I have people in my facebook group I have people on my email aside people on my chat but I have people on my YouTube what if I can have that what if I was starting and I had no one you can still start you still start that’s why that’s why I just wanted you to start the better because start your YouTube and you start making videos that get you subscribers you start sharing a Facebook you start your Facebook group you just make a lead magnet you start your email list and you just get in the habit just because you’re okay you have 50 people an audience of 50 people send out your promo make your stuff it just builds up it just compound grows from there yeah and then you also like I noticed women eat some of your offers like you already had products to put in as bonuses and that’s huge right I already have you products here to take my bonus that’s right yeah you know as you go along on your journey you might make a $37 course or forty seven dollar course or a $97 course or just different trainings do you have this training load like on Vimeo you have a training uploaded to Vimeo then you have another one and then maybe you have a funnel and then you start collecting these trainings and this work that you’ve already done that then you can give give out as a bonus as I noticed that with Melissa I’ve been in our Facebook group now a couple weeks and I noticed that’s what she she’s done and she made a couple funnels and yeah she’s done a great job too and I mentioned that on other live like there’s Ali and the OFA think in it oh I wish I can do as good as Melissa it’s taken me more than 30 days has been an entrepreneur for years takes long does she has it she hasn’t she hasn’t she’s actually pretty new at this but she’s really consistent yeah yeah no she is I’m not saying she’s not but I mean she’s tried it like she was in there yeah you started true yeah she said she said she found like 17 businesses yeah so tonight that just helps this like like Doug was doing click final stuff for two years before the office started firm it helps like it’s kind of get your mind around things hm some people just starting in January or October when you offer you first started right sometimes it’s a yeah well a while to get going and for all failed you can sell in many ways for everyone at the affiliate mastermind I can use Facebook groups and YouTube and email Alex use Facebook groups and email Doug use Facebook groups in email they’re not doing YouTube Melissa use Facebook groups and I’m sure she has her email list I don’t think YouTube though someone used to whatsapp this guy he’s over 50 years old he’s a what step expert and he’s like listen what’s happening what’s up so another guy think he might have a Facebook group but I don’t know well besides an email thing is didn’t like just Facebook audience and then another guy I think social media audience too it’s your audience not everyone one guy paid at now I caught a bit of your interview yesterday with Kevin and I think he said there was a guy that made all kinds of views with one video but it wasn’t monetized did he say that and he was on the video he was on your he’s team he was in his group and he’s seen party or video or something at the time I remember Kevin saying that he does interviews all the time with people and games like these big names for people with big audiences but then isn’t doesn’t have an affiliate link to their free training or their lead magnet or their course and it was like well you should do that yeah I know I cut that part but he came he dropped some guy’s name and he said this one guy on YouTube has like all these views on one video on YouTube and he doesn’t have any links oh yeah a lot of people work their videos will go viral but they are not meaning they’re not selling anything or has it I’ve said that many times like I got three young kids and they watch all these these families and stuff doing all these different things and they got millions of viewers subscribers and they got no links to anything well they might they might have a brand deal they might be sponsoring something well they do they get toys for free and all that stuff but everybody I mean just think of people to link with like they make crafts and stuff on this thing and if they put a link for it was ten dollars how to make this craft and they got two million dollars two million subscribers how much more money that would be like yeah you know add some value to that like I know my daughter’s like daddy can we make this and I was like the slime or this play-doh or whatever and like I have to go back watch the video and you know I think girls aren’t clear with what they’re using in their recipes it’s like I wish I could just download it but yeah I mean it’s it’s a great lead magnet and Dan Locke says that he has a youtube video and his description as he jokes about it he says he makes 1,800 bucks Canadian his dad Lak grew up in Canada and because his subscribers I think he’s at two million or something and any any talks about is his lead magnets and his poor person all that in description and as this whole thing you got to add something near subscript like you got to have an offer on your YouTube channel like you can’t just like so many people don’t like don’t rely on the ads and that stuff because it’s not gonna be only makes eighteen hundred bucks like yeah tonight as much as I mean also some of those depends on the niche but I was watching Graham Stevens channel saying how much he makes he is though like almost millions subscribers but he’s getting like a hundred thousand a month from YouTube ads and then selling his course too but that’s just because of the niche of his videos finance finance videos get paid more and ads I get ad money from my YouTube videos three hundred bucks a month and I can turn them off I can turn them on I just have them on right now as an experiment but really I’m using YouTube to talk about software’s and courses that I’m gonna affiliate for and teach something and promote my lead magnets in courses see Rachel do you want to talk more about your course sure so I recently created the online traffic ecosystem and it’s just how I simply do this but without just a simple stuff it’s like the detail the detail parts of it he’s a sound simple make a YouTube videos share the Facebook share its email and the YouTube will grow the Facebook the Facebook or the email the email will grow the YouTube and they are growing each other sound simple but I get into the actual nitty-gritty of how do we make the YouTube channel in the Facebook group in the Facebook page and the email list in the lead magnet and optimize it how do we really show who you are what your knit what you stand for what you what you do online your personal branding how can we fully optimize your video so they get the most amount of use from SEO and social media and just the whole system it holds you accountable there’s live coaching so I start a round of live coaching for this group because I’m coaching groups at a time so it starts on Monday the this coaching round um but people get instant access to trainings that are already in there and it’s not just trainings it’s done for you step to post 365 posts you can use for your Facebook group to grow your Facebook group funnels you can use emails you can use chat BOTS downloads that you can use if you want also use chat wats up checklist YouTube SEO checklists Facebook group SEO checklist so blueprints and checklist also so video content written content downloadables pretty much everything that you need to do this all night he goes to soon the only thing that you need to do well is the work and show up and create your videos the rest also I outsource a lot of my stuff and that’s also what’s taught in the program it’s important for you to understand how to do it especially in the beginning if you’re just getting started but as it grows a lot of these tasks you can outsource from very cheap to a virtual assistant yeah that’s that’s one of my questions is how would you ideally go about finding good Vass yes from that in one of his his his 30-day book or the interview that OSA um how we went about it and one of the he went into a Facebook group and that’s how he interviews people with just I don’t know I’ve never done before so I don’t I’m gonna researched it before so I’m just curious on how that works well I just go on it up work and make it job posts for what I’m looking for post it if I want like a Filipino via and all select only people in Philippines can apply and I just wait overnight and then I have all these advocate applications I ask them to give me a cover letter like explain why they would be good for the job can ask them questions with just within the within the job posts ask questions and help them fill it out fill out like kind of an application it just kind of message them back and forth and then you’ll find a few that you think okay they seem cool then you want to get on a Skype call with them just like audio call just talk just to make sure that they’re just to hear their voice just to make sure they’re actually like talking in real English yeah um some things though to look out for for me is there’s no one I knows how to do everything there’s not there’s not so the people that are gonna be good video editing and graphic design might not be the ones that are good at writing in English or SEO optimizing videos in the beginning you know you might just want one virtual assistant have them prove members into your group then watch check your email of your email help you deliver bonuses to people answer people’s questions they can help you manage spam and comments that kind of stuff they can help you repurpose content hey go post this stuff over to my Twitter into my LinkedIn it’s not something I can straight because it takes up a lot of time like you know when you try to get on Facebook and you’re trying to interact in different groups and then you’re trying to do your own content stuff and like it can take up a lot of day when you’re trying to build a fun yeah okay I was having a video editor edit my videos now it’s very hard to find actually I tried so many video editors that was hard but I found this one good good enough good job a good price like about twenty bucks a video I was I remember and I was having him do videos in I they want to wait like for the video for four days so I just started editing my own lately but I just decided today I’m going back to paying the 20 bucks and having him edit it that’s good I’m just gonna check my group and see if there’s any more questions yeah you have to definitely share this into your group oh you know oh my god I called this the wrong thing to do row says understory the tech wasn’t being nice to me on my big interview happen here we should share the link to your group here in the comments so people enjoying the correct group that this was supposed to be like yeah okay put the wrong cap tied on for the video too this is a post I was gonna do how there’s almost 5,000 people in the group again and I just see there’s a lot of people hey hey let’s talk about that that’s a good point I hit 5,000 people in this group a couple weeks ago and then I was like oh I need to remove the inactive people so I have my BA is removed there’s a way to remove like inactive profiles and it brought down the numbers again but that’s fine because then the engagement ratio is higher and then my group shows up even more in the suggested groups yeah and there’s so much to learn like for new people running groups and I think that’s what alex is Alex’s new course is going to be good at to I mean I I’ve learned so much um like Facebook priming like she tell me that like way back in March and I’m just like wow noticing like posts are up all the time the balance it’s not that I pry them all the time when it’s a sigma okay I’m gonna try that more often if I want to get something more to stuff I’ll just stick on Facebook for 15-20 minutes and then I’ll make a good post so yeah that lady knows a lot but then again you take these courses you know these certain group courses or whatever and it teaches you you know you always need a mentor and that’s what I’ve always said you need a mentor someone that’s ahead of you and I teach you and then you have some big action you know everybody like everyone says like the shiny object syndrome I like everyone’s had it and then you know it takes a while to figure out what you want all right but you gotta just figure out what you want and you stick to that long thing and finish that course yeah like how I’ve been tagged in this clickfunnels contest so I’m like have fun everybody like I already planned out my problems doesn’t mean I’m not going to promote it all doesn’t mean I won’t make a review video shared Facebook sent out the YouTube sent off the ball post it to like do my whole process sure I can fit that video in but am I gonna wipe out all the rest of the shit I’m already doing all week my promo and my plan to get shiny object syndrome for something else no I’m not that’s me personally yeah he got he gotta be able to focus and you know everyone has a you gotta get a goal and just focus on it and I know for months I was all over the spent thousands of dollars on different courses I haven’t I mean besides studying on thug stuff and now you’re stuff that started and the next week Amy stuff that’s also focus on those three things I’m Way off a group yeah and yours is citizens since it’s an ofa group you know that new affiliate offers that clip funnels houses $7 think that will actually I think be good for you to promote in the group because it’s same audience if they’re gonna buy off a four hundred I’ll buy this one for seven and thirty seven dollar bump and I don’t know what’s on the back end you can put that in there too that would be great but there’s always contest there’s always something to promote you can actually get the OFA nails for I think it’s fifty seven dollars digital if you buy the affiliate marketing book and then a down cell is ofa for $0.50 instead of buying its are hungry mmm-hmm and get the digital version for $57 C and you know this I don’t even know this because you’re really committing to that product and no one and knowing what’s going on and that’s the kind of information and videos you can be putting out and informing people of them people are gonna buy from you because you’re the one that broke the news yeah so I found out from my other guy like there’s another guy oh there’s a couple guys out there that are good at all phase as well and you know but like I said you just learn from other people and they 18 – and you teach other people below you Alexis you know you just keep lying that’s one thing about this whole click on community like everyone just it’s amazing how much value you learn and then you just go on and pass on so the value to other people that’s just been amazing like I always thought entrepreneurs everyone thinks so like not entrepreneurs but salesmen like you got a car salesman but it’s not like that like everyone here is just giving value and ever since I took the USA it’s like give away your good stuff for free and now that I’ve seen what Doug did and I’ve seen other people what they’re doing like thing I told Doug the other day I said a couple months ago do you make a perfect course everyone needs to learn click songs you made it like and now he’s making all those other stuff it’s like so many people here take a free training one click long so yeah it’s great for just start being as this is like one of the takeaways main takeaways I got from the click phones ability mastermind was you can start being an affiliate for clickfunnels look at your real true goal after making a bunch of commissions and stuff should be have your own programs yeah you can’t just rely on with on the affiliates yeah you gotta make you gotta make your own program that’s for sure you can be you can be like I’m just an affiliate marketer but you don’t want it to just be for one company in the beginning yes but all the big investors out there there’s seven types of Inc one great like Warren Buffett and Bill Gates and everybody they all have 20 Robinson Robert Kiyosaki they all have seven streams of income so it’s and that’s one thing I would like to teach later on like I’ve been a real estate investor for 10 years and I don’t have seven streams of income right now but that’s one thing I like I know people in different fields and I’d like to get them all in and interview that and get into a course of that that’s so cool oh there’s a lot of people like when I talk to Alex years ago or months ago she said the same thing she’s guilty and I love to buy a rental property and a few people survive I said okay sounds good I’ll teach you yeah financial advisors and is how many people how many people in the community don’t invest properly like you know everybody talks about they can their money and spending it more on their business which is good but you gotta put some away for a rainy day right that’s for your next YouTube video yeah Rachel I want to thank you for taking me inside tonight it’s been amazing experience and I love your course it’s been an amazing and I know we’re only like a week and a half in so I gotta get my intro video is done for Labor Day or the day before and I’m gonna try not to last too much more well thanks again for coming on in your group and we’ll share how the link to my group okay yeah sure link to your group and we can still share the affiliate link to my webinar your affiliate link to my webinar in order page because that was the plan so we’ll get that all in the comments okay thank you very much have a good night but

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  1. Thanks, Rachel S Lee for doing this interview with me and telling me about your new Free Traffic Ecosystem Course

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