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Landsat Science Products

♪ The USGS has developed
Landsat-derived Level 2 and Level 3
science products that reduce the amount of time
users spend on data processing and provide research quality,
applications-ready information to monitor, assess and project
how changes in the Earth’s surface may affect communities
and ecosystems. Landsat science products are
available for the conterminous U.S., Alaska,
and Hawaii, from 1982 to present and are processed into Analysis
Ready Data (ARD) tiles to allow for large scale analysis
with minimum additional user effort. Landsat Level 2 science products
consist of Surface Reflectance, and Surface Temperature. Landsat Level 3 science products
consist of Dynamic Surface Water Extent, Fractional Snow Covered Area,
and Burned Area. All five products are shown below
for ARD tile h004 v002 acquired on July 23rd, 2017. Let’s take a closer look at
these Landsat products. The Landsat Surface Reflectance
product measures the fraction of incoming solar radiation
reflected from the Earth’s surface to the Landsat sensor. The Surface Reflectance product
helps improve the comparison between multiple Landsat
observations over the same region by accounting for atmospheric
effects such as aerosols and thin clouds. The Landsat Surface Temperature
product measures the temperature of the Earth’s surface in Kelvin,
and is an important parameter in energy balance and
hydrologic modeling. These data are also useful
for monitoring crop and vegetation health,
urban heat island effects, and extreme heat events. The Landsat Dynamic Surface
Water Extent product provides information on the existence
and condition of surface water that is useful in determining
impacts by large scale land cover and land use
changes, and increasing water demands. The Landsat Fractional Snow
Covered Area product provides per-pixel fractional
snow cover maps that support the measurement and
monitoring of snow cover patterns across topographically complex
mountainous regions. The Landsat Burned Area product
identifies fire locations and burned areas. It’s used to quantify
trends and patterns, characterize drivers of
fire recurrence, and inform projections of
future fire pattern behavior. All Landsat products are available
for download at no charge from the USGS. For more information, visit ♪♪♪ ♪♪ ♪

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