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Landfill facts and statistics – A global problem

All this junk litters our planet and lots
of it ends up in the sea. In the middle of the Pacific Ocean there are two islands of
rubbish that together are over five times the size of the whole of England. No-one has
worked out how to clean them up so they’re just getting bigger.
On land, rubbish that isn’t recycled goes into enormous pits called ‘landfill’. These
pits are filled to the top with rubbish and then covered over. But as the rubbish rots
it produces lots of a gas called methane. Methane is what is known as a ‘greenhouse’
gas. Too much greenhouse gas changes the world’s climate and makes it hotter. Also, nasty poisonous
liquid leaks out and this has to be treated like sewage to make it safe. Yuk!!
In Devon alone, the amount of rubbish going to landfill weighs around the same as seven
thousand, six hundred and eighty two Jumbo jets!

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  1. So this is the third comment and the other two are an idea and a wierd old guy who likes to make fart facts… great…

  2. Less landfills, more recycle, less polution.75% of residential garbage can be recycled.For residential recycle, you can check out at allcanfresh, No smells, no fliers, no maggots, no worries

  3. I don't see why we can't just burn most of the trash and use it as energy and just put air scrubbers to filter the smoke, and do more recycling. Creates more jobs and win

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