Importance of Natural Resources

Lake Gatun Panama/ Gamboa Rainforest Boat Tour

Gamboa Rainforest Resort Driving down to the docks Most of these houses are empty The dock And we are off The lake is part of the Panama Canal and was once the largest manmade lake in the world. While touring Lake Gatun we saw many large and small vessels. The surrounding rainforest is theming with wild life such as , crocodiles, aprox . 5 species of monkeys, sloths, birds, insects, reptiles etc. The highlight of the trip down Lake Gatun was our encounter with the Geoffroy’s Tamarin Monkeys aka the Panamanian Red Crested Monkeys, very friendly and curious they boarded our boat hang around a bit then went back to the bushes by the waters edge. Looking for Sloths and monkeys Capuchin Monkey Geoffroy’s Tamarin Monkey They boarded our boat!!!

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