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Kids Meet a Teen Climate Change Activist (Jamie Margolin) | Kids Meet | HiHo Kids

– Where do you like have
your organization based? – So, we don’t have any
offices or headquarters cause we don’t have enough money. (laughter) – Understandable. – A plug to please donate to Zero Hour at (bouncy music) – Hello – Hi, nice to meet you. – Nice to meet you too, I’m Jules. – I’m Jamie, hi. – Hi Jamie. – I’m Vanessa, it’s nice to meet you. – I’m Jamie, nice to meet you. – What do you do? – Well, I’m a climate activist. But I’m also in high school, so. – What grade? – Twelfth, you? – Ninth. – Ninth, oof. You’re just getting started. – Do you have any advice for me? Cause you’re about to graduate and I’m about to start high school, so. – Ah, yes. My advice to you is to
find like communities that really matter to you,
and like find your people. I came out of the closet
as gay in high school and so, I found my LGBT
community really helped me when I was coming out to
my parents and all that. And so finding your niche,
finding your community it’s more important than, you know, trying to please everyone. – Yeah. – Um. – How did it go for
you, your freshman year? – Well my freshman year
was interesting, because my freshman year was the first year when I really got catapulted into my climate justice activism. It’s about a month after the
2016 election, I was like, how many more times can
I like wallow in my room and write angsty things
in my journal and be like, “Woe is me.” Because if I have the privilege to wallow, then that means I have
the privilege to act. – Yeah. – What do you do when not
being a climate activist? – I run an organization called Zero Hour. Um, and we organize marches,
and protests, and rallies to raise awareness and get politicians and business leaders to
act on the climate crisis. And get kids to know
about it and get involved. – That’s a lot of stuff. – It is a lot of stuff. – You’re so young to be
like doing all this stuff on your own. – There are a lot of
kids your age and my age who are really taking action on this. Because it’s our future,
and, by the time you and I are old enough to be in power, you know, scientifically,
there’s a certain point where where it’s gonna be to late
to reverse the bad effects. – But what things would kind
of stop us from continuing our path of destruction, and
kind of taking a step back? – So there’s a scientific
change that need to happen, but then there’s also
the political change. So the political change
that needs to happen is we need more people in office who will really stop taking,
stop fun- stop taking money from the fossil fuel industry. Stop associating with those
corrupting industries. – Is there like any,
um, country or any place that it’s illegal to
have uh, the fossil fuel? – Sadly, no. There is no country in the world where um, it is illegal to pollute. That is legal in every
single country in the world. I think that you as a sixth
grader have more intelligence than most politicians currently in office. I think you would do a better job. – What could I do to help climate change? – So you as a fifth grader
can actually do a lot. Um, join like a community
of other people who believe in what you believe in. And and lend your skills and talents. Whatever it is that you like to do. What do you like to do? – Build.
– Do you like to build? Like physically built? – Yeah. – Well we need a lot of
people who build things in order to solve the climate crisis. So, you as a builder show up
to a organization or whatever, and say, “Look, this is what
I’m good at. How can I help?” – I’ve actually volunteer
at my zoo, and they’re like a big thing on climate change too, so… – Oh, awesome. – I try to get involved, and just last summer we’ve been
like handing out these cards about like trying to stop
your carbon footprint. – How how do you like,
change your carbon footprint and make it smaller? – Well for me, you know, I’m
I’m not a person who really advocates that much for personal change. Yes recycle, yes avoid
plastic stuff, yes you know we don’t have to fly for something. It’s better that you don’t. But, that’s not what’s gonna save us. We need a system change. And so, individual actions
are – they’re not bad, it doesn’t hurt, but it
it’s not what we need. And so I don’t, I’m not
into guilting people about you’re not eco friendly
enough, you’re not good enough. And I’m all about system
change and activism. – How would you like, get
into doing like, what you do? – Are you on social media? – Uh, yeah. – Yeah. I wasn’t allowed to be on
social media until I was like in ninth grade. But, I sound like an old
lady when I say that. (laughter) Okay, well then then, no that’s good. K, whatever social media platform, you can always find like
follow different organizations and they will tell you
when there are are events. And you can just show up to an event. It’s kind of like how you start a sport, or how you start an activity. But it’s an activity or a sport
that that changes the world. – Where do you like have
your organization based, or? – So, we don’t have any
offices or headquarters cause we don’t have enough money. (laughter) – Understandable. – No, but seriously. We are based online, so we do like we’re all over the country
and all over the world. So we do conference calls,
um, we do events together but we’ll do events in different places. So we’re working on organizing voter turnout events right
now for the 2020 election, and then we organized a
Youth Climate Summit in Miami this past summer. Really the power of the Internet …is where we’re based. – Yeah. – Do you have any advice
about to a young person to grow political consciousness
and like their own opinion? – Um, listen to things at the source. So instead of someone’s commentary on a candidate’s speech… – Listen to the candidate, yeah. – And then look up what they did. Does what they did match
with what they say? If not, hm nah. – If climate change
continues at this rate, how long will we have to stop it? – Well scientists say that we have roughly a little over nine years to stop it. Um, but that is not nine
years to sit and wait. That’s nine years to be acting. And so we’re under a really,
really tight time frame. And that’s really scary, but
we don’t have until we’re old. We have to change now. – I saw the video of like,
Antarctica like, melting. And that just scared the life
out of me, cause I was like, why is this happening? – Like… – Yeah… – …something should be done. – It is scary, and that’s
why it’s really important to have like a community of
people that you can go to. Eventually if enough of
you are scared together, that fear turns into determination. Say, “I shouldn’t have to feel like this.” And so that’s what community organizing and activism is all about. – Thank you for letting me talk to you, and thank you for making such an impact. – Thank you so much. – Thank you. – Thank, you. – Thank, you. Do you hug? I hug, do you hug? (awww) – Bye bye. – Bye. – Hi, it’s Jamie, co-founder
of the organization Zero Hour. Check out my upcoming book, Youth to Power: Your
Voice and How to Use It. Which will serve as the ultimate guide to being a young activist. If you wanna find out more, check the link in the description. I’d love to have you all get
involved with the movement. Follow Zero Hour and
myself on social media and, let’s make some change.

Reader Comments

  1. You can't just stop climate change, you cant just stop everyone from using cars, riding on planes, ect. You simply cannot stop people from throwing away trash or dumping it in the sea. There is no way to stop climate change as it isn't just us humans that are apart of it.

  2. So my comment was removed for no reason what's so ever…. I said please make kids meet a former White Supremacist. I asked tb Is because they already made kids meet a former member of the Westboro Baptist Church.

  3. Theres no way of changing climate change we all can't agree on anything everyone has there own opinion on trains cars and planes etc. it's just a fact

  4. Animal agriculture is the leading cause of species extinction, ocean dead zones, water pollution and habitat destruction ?

  5. There is no "climate crisis" today, only climate normalcy. You cannot step in the same river twice because rivers, planets, stars, and galaxies are always changing, always moving, always in a state of flux. There has never been a time in history when Earth had a more pleasant climate than we have today. There have always been storms, floods, and droughts, and there have always been naive people eager to buy the Brooklyn Bridge (or equivalent). Climate science has been polluted and perverted by small minded politicians and new age marijuana fueled religion. States with the highest marijuana consumption have the highest level of climate hysteria. That fact is not a coincidence. See New Climate Discovery

    and Climate Hysteria in Pictures at

  6. Shoutout to every person especially kids that are fighting for a better world. If that is in helping people, protesting, not eating animal products, zero waste. Everyone that doing their best: thank you! ?

  7. Can you make a Video about Kids try bulgarian food? Please❤️ I am from Bulgaria and I want to see of they like bulgarian tradition food.

  8. I love, love, LOVE that she explained how she doesn't want to guilt people, and that while personal change is great, it's a system change we need. I 110% agree! She is very smart ❤️

  9. Go kids! I'm 62 and I'm so sorry and so sad about what we have done to the world you will inherit. Now Greta Thunberg is my hero and it is people like her… and YOU who have the very last chance to force my generation who are in power to DO something.

  10. Ways you can help minimize your impact:

    -Buy local: Get produce that's in season and shop at your local farmer's market

    -Reusable alternatives: Bring reusable bags shopping or use paper instead, replace plastic wrap/sandwich bags with tupperware, beeswax paper, silicon bags, etc.

    -Buy secondhand: Buy clothes, furniture, etc. at consignment stores, Goodwill, and more.

    -Diet: You dont have to be vegan/vegetarian (I'm not, yet), but eating LESS meat has a huge impact, especially beef. (I only eat meat on weekends now)

    -Shipping: If not in a rush, opt for the slower shipping rather than 2-day shipping when online shopping (like carpooling for packages!)

    -Commuting: Bike, walk, carpool, or take the bus if/when you can

    -Recycle: RECYCLE! And if you cross paths with litter, pick it up and dispose of it properly

    -Vote!!: Make your voice count and vote for those who can fight for what you believe!

    -Try: Doing one little thing is better than nothing!

    Love, your friendly neighborhood biologist???

  11. It actually is all about personal change and the government/businesses should have a guiding roles. For instance 'veganism' is something we can do to mitigate climate change. It's the right thing to do because it's better for the environment, for animals and for your own health.

  12. So much respect for young people like her taking action! You go, girl!!! However, I disagree that individual acts aren't what we need. I see where she is getting at, but I absolutley believe we need a combination of systemic and individualized change to reverse the SEVERE damage we have done on a global scale within a 9 year time frame.
    Considering a good portion of people/countries aren't on the same page for climate awareness/activism, it's up to us who are to take responsibility and go the extra mile to be conscious of how our choices impact the world e.g. having X number of kids, meat vs. vegetarian/vegan diets, buying gas-guzzlers vs. efficient/hybrid vehicles, etc. (I personally have chosen not to have biological children, and that I am adopting if I want to be a parent).

    It's easy to talk‐the‐talk, but now we live in times where the world needs us to walk-the-walk too.

  13. I would love that we took notice of how actually personal little changes affect a lot more at a long term, because if you get involved from a more compassionate side you later would have more passion for the cause, going vegan actually reduces a looot our carbon footprint, and we live in capitalism, the demand controls the offer, so, less demand of meat, less offer, less climate change, and also, animals all feel the same! We're all animals at the end of the day, and if our species is capable of living trying to do the less harm that they can, then we should aspire to it. Imo

  14. Great video! Jamie and Greta are both inspirational climate change activists. We need more people like them who are super passionate about protecting the environment and will do everything they can to stop change and be an activist. You are both an inspiration to me because I’m a college freshman majoring in environmental engineering. Let’s save our planet! ????

  15. Everyday ways to better the climate are to stop using plastic containers and bags as much as possible. Walk, ride public transportation and ride a bicycle whenever possible. Buy only things you need.

  16. If you are a climate activist and believe that co2 is the cause then convince your followers to stop drinking fizzy drinks that are pressurized with co2.

  17. making it illegal to burn fossil fuels sounds ridiculous because think of how much we burn everyday. For heaven sakes, cows give of methane into the atmosphere which is more worst

  18. I hate how the government says that climate change awareness can’t have a headquarters or voice because they say there either “ overreacting “ or “ it’s too expensive “ but the government is buying all this super expensive stuff and causing world wide problems instead of fixing real problems

  19. ooooooo I’ve want to be like a “environmentalist” or “climate activist” or “environmentalist engineer”, this is cool.

  20. I'm not sure yall read comments but can you meet with Cesar Millan!!! I personally love to hear him how he teach children about dogs and humans xDDD!!!

  21. Jamie is one badass leader of any age! To see Jamie speaking truth to power see her testimony before Congress last summer with Greta: And also see her TEDx talk: Thank you to the Cut/Hiho peeps for this great piece!

  22. There is no climate change crisis. It just another hoax to get more tax money from us. People are so arrogant thinking that mankind can change something that the planet has been doing for millions of years.

  23. All well intentioned but these teenage activists are idealists and have no idea how the world works. Yes we need to change a lot of what we’re doing and look after the planet better but it needs to be measured and balanced along with other considerations.

  24. climate change is impossible to come back we've let so many bad toxins into the atmosphere that greenhouse gases have been here and it's impossible to come back to a world that is free from anything

  25. All animal products impact climate change but cows (dairy and meat) and chicken do it the most. Even more than all of the transportation in the world (planes, cars, and boats

  26. It is really good that she is coming to talk about climate change to the kids. So that they can see really how bad climate change is becoming

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