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Kanye West | NSW Abortion | Climate Change – S4E1 The Truth of It

– Hello, I’m Martyn Iles
and this is The Truth of It, ACL’s weekly newscast on
politics and current events where we cut through the fake news and we bring you the Truth of It. This is Season Four, welcome back. We’re gonna go from
now all the way through almost until Christmas. And I’m gonna start the very first episode with the news of the
moment which is Kanye West. If you have been checking
to any of the Top 10 charts around the world, around
the world in recent days, you would have seen the
album title “Jesus is King” emblazened on those charts time and again with songs titles like
“Follow God,” “God Is,” “Jesus is Lord”, “Use This
Gospel,” “Closed on Sunday” “Selah”, “On God” and various others. What happened? Well in two words, Kanye West. He says something that seems
to many almost implausible. He says he has been converted to Christ. Is that true? Well, all of us have to
say, well, I don’t know. But is it something that seems to be good? Is there something going on with Kanye which appears to be of God? And is it being used? And I must say it sure looks like it. Let me explain. Here is a man. He’s married to Kim Kardashian. Bruce Jenner is his father-in-law. He’s co-star of “Keeping
Up with the Kardashians.” He’s massively immoral
on his own admission in his own statements and by any measure. He’s ludicrously wealthy. He’s symbolic of everything that’s wrong with the decadence and the
excess and the carelessness of Western society in the modern moment. He’s a man whose songs few mothers would want their kids listening to. His life has been sordid. It’s been godless. It’s been who knows how
many other descriptive words I could add up. But I’m sure that Kanye
would be nodding his head based on the stuff I’ve
heard him say recently. And then he releases an
album called “Jesus is King.” The songs are Christian. They contain Scripture. And they’re not heretical. They praise God. They declare Christ’s Lordship. They’re not only not heretical. They’re actually pretty
on-point theologically. They confess personal sin. They speak of walking a life of faith. They ask for prayer. Kanye says he’s been
converted by the power of God. What do we say? What do we do? Well listen to this. Hosts of “The Late Show”
on CBS James Corden asks Kanye exactly what
we’re all thinking. He says, “What do you say
to people who would say,” and there will be people who will say, “‘I don’t believe it. “‘I don’t believe the
re-awakening that Kanye “‘is saying that he’s having. “‘I don’t believe if I look “‘at the last three, four,
five years of his life, “‘I don’t believe that this can be “‘as night and day as it is, “‘that you would be one day
living your life in one way “‘and today you’re saying I’m
giving my life up for this.’ “What do you say to those people?” Kanye, “Well I say when you go to sleep, “would you agree that you are
asleep when you are asleep? “And when you wake up would you agree “that you are awake when you are awake? “Would you agree that those
are two different states? “People who don’t
believe are walking dead. “They are asleep. “And this is the awakening.” Now, powerful words,
Biblical words actually, those who are dead in sins made
alive together with Christ. You know, “awake, oh sleeper, “the light of the Lord
will shine”, et cetera. That’s all very good things to say. He actually says later in
the conversation with James, James says, I’ve got it here. James says, “What’s a
regular night in look like “for Kanye and Kim?” And Kanye says, “I don’t
like going out at night. “I like to be home with my
family if at all possible.” “What do you do?” “We eat dinner and I go play with kids “and we put kids to bed
and then we go to bed “and my wife watches ‘Dateline’.” James, “So she watches ‘Dateline’ “and you’re not really watching anything. “You’re just straight to sleep.” Kanye, “I read the Bible.” “For real?” Kanye, “Yeah.” James, “Seriously you
sit and read the Bible?” Kanye, “Yes.” Pretty great stuff. You can watch that clip on
YouTube and on Facebook, on my Facebook in fact. I’ve only deliberately
listened to rap music, going back to this, this
is the awakening moment. I’ve deliberately listened to
rap music twice in my life. I didn’t think there’d be a second time. It doesn’t do anything
for me, that’s for sure. But Kanye’s got me over the line. And I confess that I’ve
been very, very surprised, very surprised at what I have found when I listened to his
new album “Jesus is King.” Let me read some lyrics. “God Is”, one of the ones
that’s really rating highly in the charts actually. Listen to this. “Everything that I felt, praise the Lord, “Worship Christ with the
best of your portions. “I know I won’t forget all He’s done. “He’s the strength in
this race that I run. “Every time I look up, I
see God’s faithfulness. “And it shows just how
much He is miraculous. “I can’t keep it to myself. “I can’t sit here and be still. “Everybody I will tell ’til
the whole world is healed, “King of kings, Lord of lords, “all the things He has done,
from the rich to the poor. “All are welcome through the door. “You will never be the same “when you call on Jesus’ name. “Listen to the words I’m sayin’. “Jesus saved me, now I’m sane. “And I know, I know God is
the force that picked me up “I know Christ is the
fountain that filled my cup “I know God is alive, yeah.” Straightforward statement
of worship to God, of the declaration of the fact that Christ is to be worshiped and in fact, He is the
one who has changed him and he’s gonna go and he’s
gonna declare the fact that He’s King of kings and Lord of lords. That’s his whole purpose now. It’s quite astonishing. Listen to the next one. “Selah” is the name of the song. Listen to the Scripture in this. “Won’t be in bondage to any man, John 8:33 “We the descendants of Abraham “Ye should be made free, John 8:36 “To whom the Son set free is free indeed “He saved a wretch like me “Everything old shall now become new. “The leaves’ll be green,
bearing the fruit. “Love God and our neighbor
as written in Luke. “The army of God and we are the truth.” I, just pick that out for a second. He’s saying, you know, a
wretch like me has been saved. The Son has set me free as
a descendant of Abraham, no longer in bondage. And then he’s saying that
everything that is old is gonna become new. He’s saying I’m gonna
be bearing the fruit. By the way, the only Scriptural measure of conversion besides confession
is the bearing of fruit. He says this. The leaves’ll be green, bearing the fruit. And what does that,
what’s that in essence? Love God and our neighbor
as written in Luke. That’s pretty incredible,
totally Biblical explanation of what’s going on for Kanye West. What about this one? This is just interesting because it actually invokes Chick-fil-A. And it’s much more practical. It’s about daily life. Chick-fil-A is that
American fast food outlet that’s quite, oh they’re always
the center of controversy because they’re avowedly Christian in their management and leadership. They’re closed on Sunday, as a matter of protocol and policy. And also they are supporters
of traditional marriage and various other Christian
conservative causes and all the rest of it. You know, they get their leases canceled. They get kicked out of
airports and shopping centers. You know, people protest
them all the time, et cetera. But nonetheless, they’re hugely successful and they’re growing at
an unbelievable rate as the top fast food chain in the U.S. Kanye refers to them. He says, “Closed on Sunday,
you’re my Chick-fil-A “Closed on Sunday, you my Chick-fil-A “Hold the selfies, put the ‘Gram away. “Get your family, y’all
hold hands and pray. “When you got daughters,
always keep ’em safe. “Watch out for vipers,
don’t let them indoctrinate. “Closed on Sunday, you my Chick-fil-A. “You’re my number one, with the lemonade. “Raise our sons, train them in the faith. “Through temptations, make
sure they’re wide awake. “Follow Jesus, listen and obey. “No more livin’ for the
culture, we nobody’s slave.” It’s incredible. You know, he’s saying this is a counterculture in Chick-fil-A. And he says, you know what? Raise your kids to follow Christ. Follow Jesus, to listen
to Him and to obey Him. And don’t live for the culture. And you know what? Part of that is the Sabbath. Part of that is my Sunday when I’m gonna train
my family in the faith. Just, again, astonishing. And I love this last one I’ll do. “Jesus is Lord.” He closes his album with this. And you’ll know immediately
where this from. It’s very simple. He just says, “Every knee
shall bow, every tongue confess “Jesus is Lord, Jesus is Lord. “Every knee shall bow,
every tongue confess “Jesus is Lord, Jesus is Lord.” Pure Scripture from Philippians Two. That has been listened to by millions and teeming millions
of people in the world over the last few days. This stuff is topping the
charts right across the world. It is extraordinary. I stand by what I said. Something remarkable is happening. But what are we to make all of this at a level of principles? I actually just have a few
thoughts that I want to mention. There actually, each one is a Scripture. I think it helps us to think clearly about what’s going on with Kanye because everybody’s talking about it. And I don’t particularly like analyzing another person’s
salvation and all that. More on that later. But there are principles
which we can apply. The first one is this. “Christ Jesus came into
the world to save sinners, “of whom I am chief, or
of whom I am the worst.” First Timothy One 15. That’s the Apostle Paul. The Apostle Paul’s conversion
is a permanent testimony to the church and to Christians
throughout all history of the saving power of God. The fact that He can turn
the most wicked person from darkness to light,
from death to life. This is the testimony of testimonies. And if Paul can be saved
by God, so too can Kanye. Firstly, yes the worst of people, yes, the greatest of conversions. Paul, nothing is too hard for God. Here’s the other thing. This is why Jesus came. This is why Jesus came. He came to save sinners. He didn’t come to judge the world. He came to save. He’s coming back to judge,
but He came to save. And you know He came for Kanye. He came for Kanye. He died because of, for Kanye. He came for Kim. He came for you and He came for me. He came for prostitutes and
tax gatherers and sinners. That is His heart. That is why He was here. That is why He did what He did. If Kanye is good enough
for the risen Christ, if Kanye is good enough for God’s Heaven, then you bet your bottom dollar he is more than good enough for me and he’s good enough for you and we are all in the same category. We’re good enough for Jesus Christ. Secondly, “Do not lay hands
upon anyone too hastily “and thereby share responsibility
for the sins of others.” Why do I mention that, First Timothy 5:22? There’s an elder in
the church I grew up in and whenever somebody
got really enthusiastic about a particular new convert or a particular person
who joined the church, he actually used to just say this phrase. He used to say, “Lay
hands quickly on no man.” And that was actually a real, little word of wisdom, actually. Because Christians go through
all sorts of ups and downs. “Not everyone who says, ‘Lord, Lord’ “is truly converted”, Jesus
says in Matthew Seven, as well as the ups and
downs of true Christians. And there’s a sense
here in which, you know, if you go in with both feet too hard, you can actually share
and be partly responsible for the disrepute to
Christ that could come if this person falls away or falls apart. So just be a bit careful. And the early Church was very careful, speaking of the Apostle Paul. They were very careful of Paul. And they were not wrong
to be careful of Paul. Yes, they welcomed him. Yes, they helped him. Yes, they did what they were called to do in relation to him. But until they had that
direct word from God, they were cautious of him. That wasn’t wrong. That wasn’t wrong. And so, we say the same thing. Look, watch and wait. Welcome, affirm, praise
God, but watch and wait. Side note, by the way,
with the Apostle Paul, something a lot of people don’t realize is that after he was converted, between that point and
the start of his ministry was roughly a decade of what they call silent
years in Paul’s life. It may well be, you see, that Kanye’s actually gonna
come into his own in the future. There might be another chapter for him. Perhaps it is a bit much to expect everything to be right now. It wasn’t even right for Paul. He wasn’t ready for his ministry. It took him 10 years. So we need to bear that in mind as well. Three, here’s another
verse, Philippians 1:18. “What then? “Only that in every way,
whether in pretense or in truth, “Christ is proclaimed
and in this I rejoice. “Yes, I will rejoice.” Why did Paul say that? Well, he said, because
there’s people out there who are proclaiming the
Gospel of Jesus Christ, who are teaching the Scriptures, and well, they’re doing
it for wrong motives. Well, you know, they’re dubious people. I’m not saying that’s
necessarily true about Kanye, but the thing is, is Paul
was actually rejoicing, twice he says it. He emphasizes it. In the fact that Christ
was being preached. And you know what? If God is preaching Christ
through the lyrics of Kanye, that is a good thing. And we can rejoice in that. Top 10 charts around
the world have dominated by tracks that have been filled
with Scripture declarations, the Lordship of Jesus
Christ, worship of God, appeals to grow in faith,
confession of personal sin, denouncement of culture. Every one of them carries
the stamp “Jesus is King.” We can rejoice in that. Have more individuals been
evangelized in a single week by a single person in all of history? I reckon that’s a pretty
good question to ask ’cause I think Kanye would
have to be in the top five when it comes to answering that question. I mean it would be immense. Maybe someone can do the calculations. Hip Hop leads culture. Particularly in American it does. And there’s not many people
bigger than Kanye West in Hip Hop. This is a huge deal. Critics can’t even
criticize him without saying “Jesus is King.” Another Scripture, number four, “By their fruits you shall know them.” Just to mention quickly,
other than confession, it’s the only Biblical measure. And Kanye said that. He said the tree’s gonna be green. The fruit’s gonna be borne. You know, that’s where we’re headed. This is where this is all going. Great, excellent. We need to remember that. By their fruit, you shall know them. But let me finish with this. I said before, I don’t really like doin’ this analysis of somebody else and their salvation
and all the rest of it. I’m trying to just lay
out timeless principles of wisdom and do it that way. But if Kanye was sitting here, I’d kinda want to go
and have lunch with him. I wanna know what I can learn from him. I wanna know what he can learn from me. I wanna build each other up in our faith and all that kind of thing. I wouldn’t wanna sit here and objectively lord it over as if I know. I don’t know. So let me close with a great leveler. Let me close with Kanye’s own words. And this is really good. I didn’t read this. It’s from a song called, “Hands On.” Listen to what he says. He’s talkin’ about the fact
that Christians criticize me. That’s what he says. But he says, “But I deserve
all the criticism you got. “If that’s all the love you have “that’s all you got. “To sing of change, you think I’m joking. “To praise His name, you
ask what I’m smoking. “Yes, I understand your reluctancy here. “But I have a request, you see. “Don’t throw me out, lay your hands on me. “Please pray for me. “Somebody pray for me.” I think that’s great. I mean, I deserve all the
criticism people have. So do you. We’re all sinners. Christ showed us unspeakable grace. And He continues to do
so every single day. And also Jesus prays for us. He prayed for us in John 17
when He was here on earth. And He continues to do
so, Scripture tells us, as our advocate with the Father. So let us walk in His example. Let us listen to Kanye’s request. Let us rejoice in the grace
of God on Kanye’s life and through the things that are going on which are clearly powerful and remarkable. Let’s pray for him,
pray for his wife, Kim. I don’t know that she’s completely on, no, she’s not on the same track. His four kids, his colleagues
in the rap industry, and the millions of people that are listening to his songs right now. Let’s pray, pray for
some awakening from this. Pray for souls to be saved. Something truly remarkable is happening. It’s God who made it happen and He should get all the glory and in the meantime, if we’re really worried and stressing about whether this guy’s
real or what’s going on or bla, bla, get on your knees, pray. Because God can do great things. We’ve seen it already. (paper crinkling) New South Wales abortion now. It’s been a long time since
I’ve talked about this. And I spent actually a lot of energy in the last season, Season Three, going through the New South
Wales abortion debate. And we talked about it most episodes but I actually never got to wrap up. And it’s been nearly a month
since that bill became law, the New South Wales Abortion
Bill actually passed. And many of you participated
in that campaign, many of you, there were
two rallies, huge rallies. Most of you would have
been in Hyde Park at least. There were masses of submissions, you know more than 10 thousand, I think 13 thousand something submissions to the Parliamentary Inquiry, huge number of MP
contacts, a whole lot more. There was a vigil
outside Parliament House, which a number of young
people were involved in. Many of you were
demoralized and disheartened when that bill ended up passing. And I wanna encourage you, not in a way that is vacuous and fake, but in a way that’s substantive. I really mean this. Because never has the spotlight been more publicly shone
on the abortion issue in our nation. And I mean that. Channel Seven, Channel
Nine, the major TV networks. You watch the news coverage of the rally. It was unbelievable. They covered people saying genuine things, people with disabled children, people who, kids talkin’ about life . People who had said look
my mom was told to abort me and so on. It was absolutely incredible. I remember doing an interview
on Prime Time Sydney Radio in the afternoon and advertised
the rally on the radio, gave an interview about abortion, and it was open. I was able to speak. I was able to say what I wanted to say. And the listening audience
of that program is huge. This has never happened in Australia. It’s never happened. And we also had the largest
pro-life demonstration in Australia’s history. I believe that’s probably
true, in Hyde Park, or at least close to it. If it’s not true, if
someone remembers something from years gone by, a genuine movement is actually growing. And look at all the people
that saw those signs. Look at all the people
that saw that testimony, who heard those words. The Berejiklian government
is ruptured on the inside. There’s political ripples from this. Now, they’re not gonna move again on something like this, likely, because they know the horrible
blow back that they got. They know the struggles that they faced. They know that people don’t like it. That’s a good thing, a very good thing. In fact, I think euthanasia discussions are all knocked off
well into the long grass into the future because of concerns that stem out of this. Key amendments were passed and many of these the first
of their kind in Australia. They lay a platform for
us to be able to push back in other states. Abortions after 22 weeks are subject to tighter restrictions and people, women seeking those abortions must be offered counseling information. That’s new to have that line in the sand. A doctor is not prevented from providing life-saving medical care to a child born alive
during a termination. That’s new, that’s good. Doctors can now refer women
to New South Wales Health rather than to an abortionist
who will do the abortion. They can just say, look. You need to talk to New South Wales Health about your concerns as a softening of the
doctor’s conscience stuff. There’ll be a review in 12 months into sex selection abortions, their prevalence and how to prevent them. That’s good. It keeps the issue alive. We can talk about it again. There is sex selection abortion going on in our community. We know there is. And we will find that out. Data is to be collected on abortions. We don’t have data is some states so we don’t know what’s going on. That’s not a bad, that’s a good thing. And attempts to coerce
abortion are criminal offenses. That is also a very good thing ’cause that is happening. Now, yes, these are small
in the scheme of things, but these are a number of actual changes. Those changes and the political
impact which is ongoing were had in a short time window of serious mass action. And that is quite remarkable. There are pro-lifers in other countries and around the world, who have been active on
this stuff for far longer and they’ve seen far less. I’m gonna look to the U.S. It took a long time for the
massive action in America to start yielding fruit. They have the biggest
human rights demonstration in the world over there in Washington D.C. And it’s only in recent times that it’s starting to get some progress, little bit by little bit. I’ve come out of this encouraged. I’m used to the kind of legislation that’s passing through
Parliaments at the moment. I’m used to all of the issue politically. I’m not used to seeing that degree of zealous grass roots action and the impact that it had. A big push yielded some fruit. The answer is keep pushing. But the fruit is bigger
than a single issue. And I wanna make this very clear, too. I said this at an event
in Sydney recently. Look, I was at the
Parliamentary Prayer Breakfast at the Federal Parliament
a couple of weeks ago. At that event, we had the Prime Minister. We had the Opposition Leader. We had the Governor General. He spoke. We had heaps of politicians from both sides of politics,
Christian and not Christian. And we had the room mostly full. That is quite astonishing ’cause 12 months ago, October, 2018, it couldn’t have been more different. There was no Prime Minister. There was no Opposition Leader. There was no Governor General. There was a really thing
number of Parliamentarians, rusted on Christian types and there was half the
size of people in the room. What changed? What changed? You know, quiet Australians, Christians in this country,
raised their voices, raised their voices at
the miracle election. Well, you know it was a miracle election and I would never take away from the good work of the
Prime Minister in all of that and other groups as well, but we had role too. You know, for example, the
three of the four seats that decided the outcomes, we were there. Chisholm, Bathan, Bass, and Boothby. In Chisholm, we targeted 60
thousand undecided voters. Chisholm was won by, what
is it, 150 votes, I think. A very small number. Bass, again, we had 10 thousand
undecided homes targeted. Bass was won by 500 odd votes. Boothby, again, 60 thousand
undecided homes targeted, was one by about 1500 votes. That’s got to have made a difference. It’s got to have. Quiet Australia has raised their voice. In the demographic analysis
after the election, the common theme over and over again was religious communities in these seats. Not only that, but of course, you had the Israel Folau moment. That was huge. 2.2 million dollars in two days, from 22 thousand donors
and just only increasing. If we hadn’t pulled the plug on that I don’t know how much
we would have raised. It was just going off like gangbusters. That was a huge moment, a decisive moment that changed the political
conversation in Canberra on religious freedom, let
me tell you, big time. Huge impact, night and day. Then of course you had
the abortion rallies in New South Wales. There’ve been other moments. Quiet Australians, Christian people, have been being salt and
light in the community, have been raising their voices
and finding their voices in a way like we haven’t seen really in ever so long. And let me tell you it has
made the biggest difference. It has made the biggest difference. People like me see this everywhere we go. That’s why I wanna encourage you that this is due to finding your voice and this means that we must continue. What does it say in Galatians 6:9? I have a verse here. It says, “Let us not
grow weary of doing good, “for in due season we will
reap if we do not give up.” Don’t grow weary. And. Hey, if all the reaping
was in the life to come, well we’d still do it, right? Because that’s why we do it. But some, tell you what,
there’s some reaping in the present time, in
God’s grace, as well. And it’s happening now. So I wanna encourage you and I wanna say it’s a good thing and let us continue to do
this good in our community. (paper crinkling) Okay, I wanna turn now to
the issue of climate change. (laughs) Where we fear to tread, of course. I’m gonna do a two-parter
on climate change. I’m gonna deal first with the problem with the climate change
ideology that’s out there and I’m gonna actually
do what is the true view of this issue in the next section. First of all, I wanna raise this because for months now it has been dominating the news cycle from the Paris Agreement, through the power prices and drought that have caused school
strike for climate change, extinction rebellion, Greta Thunberg. It’s been out there and
continues to be out there. And I wanna ask the question, what are Christians to
make of all of this? Good question. It’s important to answer it. Some will say, well, you know, we’re supposed to be stewards of creation. Therefore, we can partner
with this movement because there’s some good in it. Well, let’s say the first
part of that is true. We’re supposed to be stewards of creation. Is that the same as going along with the
climate change debates of recent times? The answer is, and this
is really important, before I even go into the detail. The answer is no, it is not. You can have a real concern about one and it’s still foolish to
get involved in the other. And I’ll tell you why. The climate change debate
as we know it at large in the community, and particularly
in the political world, is not, and I repeat, is not motivated by Christian concern for stewardship. It is motivated by
something very different. It’s motivated by something
that is strongly anti-Christian. And it is certainly strongly
ideologically motivated and it is not grounded in Truth. Consider its fruits. And it’s actually a very good litmus test. You know, to really understand something and to get to the guts of it, it can take you quite a
bit of time and analysis and I spend a lot of time
thinking about these things and trying to figure out what, where are they coming from? What’s behind them? That takes time. But there’s something easy that you can do and that is to look at
the fruits of a thing. Just look at what it’s
producing on the surface and just litmus test it. Use your gut. Use your Holy Spirit inspired thinking just to go, “Yep that doesn’t
really accord with Truth.” There’s some problems here. And you know straight
away to keep digging. And that’s really where I’ve come from. Consider some of the fruits. Here’s one. Recent predictions or
not recent predictions, predictions over decades, now, all of which are usually
welcomed with much fanfare by leaders and media personalities, all of which have been wildly incorrect. And that’s important because it means that they weren’t true. 1970, Paul Ehrlich, between
1980 and 1989 he says some four billion people
including 65 million Americans will perish in the great die-off. Actually, it goes back further than that. I think it’s Malthus wrote in
the, was it the 18th Century? Effectively, the earth
is gonna run out of food and we’re all gonna die. And he didn’t expect it to
go quite as long as it has. 1989, United Nations, “Entire
nations will be wiped out by the year 2000 if sea
level rises are not stopped.” Well, that never happened. 2004, the Pentagon, “Britain will be Siberian
in less than 20 years.” Well, pretty much 20-year mark, now. 2006, Al Gore, remember Al Gore? “Humans may have only 10 years left “to save the planet from turning
into a total frying pan.” 2007, Tim Flannery, he was making a short medium term prediction. He said, “Even the rain that falls “isn’t actually gonna fill
our dams and river systems.” 2008, Al Gore again. “The North Polar ice cap will be ice-free “by the summer of 2014.” 2019 Senator Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, “The world is gonna end in 12 years “if we don’t address climate change.” Okay, see 12 years, it doesn’t seem right. 2019, Greta Thunberg,
“For more than 30 years, “the science has been crystal clear.” Right, well, it hasn’t, clearly. These were taken seriously, a lot of them. Now in 2006, I studied science and really, the stuff Al Gore was saying, all that, was taken pretty seriously. And if you were not on that train, you were a bit of a pariah. I remember actually writing
an essay at the time, effectively taking the
International Intergovermental Panel on Climate Changes
from the U.N.’s predictions about 2000 to 2100 and doing sort of a 15-year audit and saying, well how many
of their predictions, are we on track to meet when
they say it’s gonna happen? It was so wildly off it wasn’t funny. It’s all levels of prediction have been wrong and wrong and wrong. Meanwhile, I say something very simple. And this is very important for Christians. What’s God’s prediction about the climate? Genesis 8:22 “While the earth remains, “seedtime and harvest, cold
and heat, summer and winter, “day and night, shall not cease.” There is an alarmism, well
there’s a lot in that verse. We’ll break it down later. There is an alarmism which
needs to be called out for what it is. I think alarmism is too generous. It’s lies. It’s a great big lie. Alarmism is too kind. I find it hard to accept that many of these people do not know that they are exaggerating. And the thing that struck me most about Greta Thunberg’s speech, and I know I’m not supposed
to criticize a girl, a young girl, but, you know, I’ll be ask kind as I can. There is something in
Greta Thunberg’s speech that is abhorrent and it is
the post-Christian theme. Notice this. “The eyes of all future
generations are upon you. “And if you choose to fail us, “I say we will never forgive you. “We will not let you get away with this.” She also says, “If you really
understood the situation “and kept failing to act,
then you would be evil. “And I refuse to believe that.” That is, both post-Christian statements. Firstly, no forgiveness,
post-Christian world. Secondly, a world in which people are not actually enslaved to evil, in which people look good. That is also a post-Christian world. Jesus Himself says, “You who are evil “know how to give good
gifts to your children.” I mean, that language
is throughout the Bible. That’s another topic we’ll do another day. But, also a world in which
God’s sustaining providence over the world is gone? That is a post-Christian world. Where is the ideology coming from then? What’s driving it? Because it is an ideology. Because when you scratch
below the surface, this is not merely about climate change. This is an entire worldview. It has its own theory about
human rights, of justice, for the nation-state, of
immigration, of humanity, of democracy, of good and evil. And the best sources I think for what exactly this
worldview, this ideology is, are some of the leaders of
the movements themselves. Stuart Basden, for
example, is a co-founder of Extinction Rebellion. And I’ve heard of Christians marching in Extinction Rebellion. Listen to this. This is his words. He says, “I’m here to say
that Extinction Rebellion “isn’t about the climate. “You see the climate’s
breakdown is a symptom “of a toxic system “that has affected the way
we relate to each other “as humans and to all of life.” All of life, worldview,
fully integrated ideology. It’s not about the climate. It’s a little bit like
Safe Schools, remember? The label on the tin is not what it is. Roz Ward, you know, blew that wide open when she said it’s not
about safe schools at all. It’s not about bullying. It’s about something else. Same thing here exactly. And you’ll notice the four
aims of Extinction Rebellion. It’s not just the co-founder’s words. It’s the aims of the whole thing. Firstly, “government
must declare a climate “and ecological emergency.” Secondly, “A zero net greenhouse
gas emissions by 2025.” Impossible, unless you
bomb the entire world out of existence. Three, “create a citizens
assembly on climate “and ecological justice.” Four, “dismantle colonial
systems of oppression, “decolonize, and replace
oppressive government structures.” Notice number four. decolonize, dismantle colonial
systems of oppression. It is a whole worldview. It is an anti-West,
anti-capitalist system. And the key words tell us a lot. Dismantle, decolonize, rebellion,
oppression, liberation. Those words always, when you see them, always think of something. Think of one thing, Marxism. Climate change alarmism is one
of the many suits of clothes that’s being worn in the
modern West by Marxism. Because we don’t have much old-fashioned economic Marxism these days. You know, back in the day,
when those Marxists were all about the bourgeoisie
and the proletariat and economic battle and
the rich and the poor. We’re not there any more. We know, this is talked about a lot. We’re in a world of cultural Marxism. But it gives itself away. Cultural Marxism is
different power struggles. You know, race, gender,
male female, sexuality all these sorts of
things, able and disabled, that kind of stuff. You know, it’s just taking
out the economic bit and put in all the rest. And it’ll give itself away
with the same old buzzwords. They’re the same words used by Roz Ward with respect to Safe Schools. She talks of decolonizing sexuality. She talks of casting off
the oppressive shackles of hetero-normativity to
usher in a whole new way of being human and relating to life. You see it’s exactly the same. And here we go again. Basden, Stuart Basden,
refers to mass delusions which have been coded
into European societies. These, he says, “are white
supremacy, patriarchy, “Euro-centrism, hetero-normativity” so the fact that boys love women love men and men love women, “the power of the rich elite” and so on. He says, “The task of Extinction Rebellion “is to dispel these delusions. “We need to cure the
causes of the infection, “not just alleviate the symptoms. “To focus on the climate’s
breakdown, the symptom, “without focusing attention
on these toxic delusions, “the causes, is a form
of denialism, worse, “it’s a racist, sexist form of denialism “that takes away from the necessary focus “of the need for us all
to decolonize ourselves.” So there you go. Reject this view of the world and you are a mass-deluded
racist, sexist denialist from whom the world needs to be liberated. And if you have been in that position of rejecting what they believe and getting the receiving end
of what they say about you, you’ll know that that’s
pretty much on point. This is a worldview where
nothing is about Truth. Everything is about power. The truth that heterosexuality is normal, natural, and healthy, they say is nothing but
power and oppression in the hands of white
patriarchal colonizers. It must be destroyed. The truth that Christianity
spread through Europe, raising its people to a level
of astonishing civilization is nothing they say but
power and oppression in the hands of white
patriarchal colonizers. Europe, its systems, and the West must be destroyed completely. It’s fully destructive ideology. Power, power, power. There is no truth. Truth claims are claims
that are oppressive. There is no peace. There’s only struggle. And importantly, there is no forgiveness. And that’s exactly what Greta said. Marxism is ugly. It only knows how to
destroy and tear down. That’s what it’s for. It only knows resentment and hate. That’s what it’s all about. It only knows violence and struggle. That’s why they are violent. That’s why they do engage
in civil disobedience. It only knows power and it hates truth. It says truth is oppressive. It is in fact a cloak, a suit of clothes, that is worn by post-modernism, when post-modernism becomes political. And one of the chief architects
of post-modern thought, Jacques Derrida, actually said that. His idea was post-modernism, and he said, look, when
this becomes political and starts to filter through society, it’ll be taken on by Marxism. That’s what it’ll look like. And he admits himself that the crux of his whole
philosophy was destruction. That’s what it was all about. That’s the core of post-modernism. That’s the core of Marxism, to destroy. But more specific than that, it is in fact the destruction of Truth and more specific than that, it is the destruction of God for God is the Author of objective Truth and in Him objective Truth exists. That’s what Derrida said. He said that he was out
to destroy the logos. And we know what the logos
is, the eternal Word. And he said that that
destruction would play out through Marxism in the political sense. This is not, if you haven’t
understood any of that, understand this. This is not the Biblical
call to stewardship. No, it’s not. This is a whole ideology. It’s been creeping through the West as cultural Marxism has in
so many different areas, Safe Schools being the obvious
one, a classic example. Here it is again in the
climate change debate and what passes for climate change debate in the public squares. I’m here to tell you, it is not of Christ. It is not. In fact it is, at its root, sourced in a system of
thinking that is anti-Christ. Here’s a verse from
Second Corinthians Six. “What partnership have
righteousness and lawlessness? “Or what fellowship has
light with darkness? “Or what harmony has Christ with Belial? “Or what is a believer in
common with an unbeliever? “Or what agreement has the
temple of God with idols?” Don’t pretend that we can
simply get involved in this because there’s a Biblical
call to stewardship. That is deeply foolish and deeply wrong. And I’ll tell you what, we will reap the whirlwind
if we go down that line. So let’s be wise. That’s the call we always have. And let’s understand
what’s really going on. When it comes to the broad,
cultural manifestation of the climate change
debate, as we’ve seen it, in recent months. (paper crinkling) Look, I’m gonna move on with
the climate change thing into Part Two. And if you’re watching this
as an individual segment, go back and watch the other one. Or you can watch this and go
back and watch the other one. Get ’em together. I wanna talk about thinking
Christianly about the climate. Having established that
the culture we’re in is not thinking Christianly
about the climate, what then is right and good? What’s our foundation? And I’m gonna give you some
of those Christian principles. And we need to do that because we need to detox our heads form the cultural Marxist rubbish that’s swirling around and that we’re swallowing too quickly. I’ll read the verse again
for those watching this as an individual segment. “What partnership have
righteousness and lawlessness? “What fellowship has light with darkness? “What harmony has Christ with Belial? “Or what has a believer in
common with an unbeliever? “Or what agreement has the
temple of God with idols?” Whatever we think about an issue, it cannot be that we have
piggybacked on something that is actually false, untrue, that is darkness, that is anti-Christ. We instead need to get the Truth and we need to build up from there. And look, you may have a
slight different position once you build up from the Truth. That’s fine. But it should only be slight because the principles
are refreshingly clear. Let me read some things. Genesis One, “Then God said, “‘Let us make man in our image,
according to our likeness, “‘and let them rule
over the fish of the sea “‘and over the birds of the sky “‘and of the cattle and over all the earth “‘and over every creeping thing
that creeps on the earth.’ “God created man in His own image. “In the image of God He created him. “Male and female He created them. “God blessed them and God said to them, “‘Be fruitful and multiply
and fill the earth “‘and subdue it and rule
over the fish of the sea “‘and over the birds of the sky “‘and over every living thing
that moves on the earth.’ “Then God said, ‘Behold,
I’ve given you every plant “‘yielding seed that is on
the surface of the earth “‘and every tree which
has fruit yielding seed. “‘It shall be food for you.'” And then move to Genesis Two. “Then the Lord God took the man “and put him into the Garden of Eden “to cultivate it and to keep it right.” Why did I read that? Note the principles. Here are the words used concerning our responsibility to creation. Rule, subdue, cultivate, and keep. Together, some people say, well steward. They try and combine the four. Well, fine, you could do that. But there’s a tension here of ruling, subduing on the one hand and I guess cultivating and
keeping on the other hand. In other words, the earth is productive. The earth is given for
man, not man for the earth. You can’t get that the wrong way around. It’s there for us. There is a sense in which, you know, we are to subdue it. We are to have authority over it. But at the same time,
make sure that, you know, you are cultivating, which is the idea of making sure that it kind
of remains sustainable. It kind of remains productive. We’re not reckless. We don’t pillage. We don’t destroy wantonly. We don’t do those sort of things. And it’s like we exercise
rulership and subjugation. We do it responsibly by cultivating and taking of the fruits
of that cultivation and we rinse and repeat. That’s kind of the human
habitation command. That’s what we’re supposed to do. Secondly, I wanna notice this. The fact that God says He has given us all these good things. And at this stage it’s
not yet meat and so on, but it’s plants and
all that kind of thing. He says look over all the earth. There’s all this that’s been given to you to take and to use and He says that is to enable you to be fruitful and to multiply
and to fill the earth. So it is not wrong, as a principle, to take the resources of the earth. The earth is for man. The earth is for humanity. It’s for us. Also, population growth is far from wrong. In fact we have an
individual responsibility to be fruitful and multiply
and fill the earth. That command is clear and
the service of the earth in the fulfillment of
that command is clear. So let’s get that bit clear. Then we turn to Genesis Eight. Note there’s a bit of a
personal responsibility aspect on the stewarding thing. Well, that’s not quite the word, but let’s just leave it at that. Turn to Genesis Eight. And here’s something
about the big paradigm of the climate systems of the earth and the role of God in
sustaining and keeping the whole business going. Very powerful words. “The Lord said to Himself,
‘I will never again “‘curse the ground on account of man. “‘For the intent of man’s
heart is evil from his youth. “‘And I will never again
destroy every living thing “‘as I have done. “‘While the earth remains,
seedtime and harvest, “‘and cold and heat,
and summer and winter, “‘and day and night shall not cease.'” Isn’t it remarkable. There’s a lot in that. Seedtime and harvest, the
production of the food and the movements of
that kind of cultivation. The cold and the heat, the
fact that the temperatures will change, summer and
winter, seasonal variations, day and night. He’s saying there’s actually a role of God’s sustaining providence that keeps those things
within parameters in check. That’s very powerful
and it’s very important. You know it’s been much
hotter on the earth than it is today. It’s been much hotter. And it’s been much colder
in history on the earth than it is today. But through it all, God’s
sustaining hand has been there. And any seasonal variations
have actually continued. And food production over the long term in the paradigmatic sense
of this, a long time, have been sustained. And temperature variations have regulated and continue to regulate. I mean, we’re here today
after all this time. And there has been no apocalypse in the hands of the natural elements. God’s sustaining providence is crucial to our understanding of this world and understanding of the
environmental patterns of this world. When things are ultimately
out of our control, which they are. The past variances before we could have had a serious impact prove that it’s out of our control. Well, for those things we
know that there is an answer. And it is God’s sustaining providence. You know, I’ve said this before. If you pick through Romans One, and you see there basically the symptoms of a society that’s rejected God, it’s really interesting to me that one of the things that they do, one of the things people do, is that they basically reject God. They deny His existence. They cast Him off. And then what happens is they tend to get like too big for their boots. They take, they think, they pretend that they have more
authority and responsibility than they really have and it leads them into all
kinds of pain and horror. One they thing, says Paul, is they pretend that any kind of sexuality
is normal, natural and fine. Well he says your biology tells
you that’s not quite right. But know what we are
now is we’re creators. We’re the same as God. We decide what is good and creation itself doesn’t matter. We can rewrite the rule book. Today we see it in the trans thing where, oh, because of
what I feel in my head, I’m actually a woman. Well of course I’m not. I’m the creator now. I can pretend that I have God’s job in making male and female. What’s right and wrong,
what’s good and evil. One of the manifestations
this I really believe is this idea in fact that we can control the paradigm of the earth that is actually in God’s sovereign hands. We actually think in our madness, that that which is so far beyond us, which is so much more powerful
than we could ever hope to seize control of, we think that we can actually
make a serious difference. Of course we cannot. People turn around to me at this point and they say, well what about the fall. Surely that’s messed the whole thing up. That changes everything. Sort of. Jesus did say that
there would be droughts. He said there’d be famines. He said there’d be pestilences. There’d be earthquakes and all
manner of natural challenges in this troubled world because of the fall until He returns. That’s guaranteed. That’s gonna happen. And the fall does mean, the fall, see, the fall is
not outside of God’s control. His sustaining providence is still there. But a particular place
that is at particular times not over all the earth as
Genesis Eight makes clear, but in particular places
at particular times there will be a challenging
degree of variance, whether it’s a period of no rain, whether it’s a period of natural disaster, whether it’s the coldest winter on record, whether summer on record, a few years of bad harvest, that’s going to happen
because it’s a fallen earth. That is part of the fall which God actually subjected the earth to as we shall soon see, but let’s get this straight. These things are getting less and less. These things, deaths
from natural disasters, the lowest on record. These things are getting more
and more mitigated against. Why? Because of technology. Because of civilization. Because we can mitigate. We can get around. We can avoid. We can do things in our civilization and the way we house ourselves and the way we respond to these things and accommodate them, science
and all the rest of it, that actually mean that
these threats are reduced. That’s, and it’s funny, the
Extinction Rebellion people and all that kind of stuff. They actually want to
cast off Western society and destroy huge aspects of it. You say, well hang on. These things that are a given as part of our existence, we’re actually mitigating against
them through civilization. These things will happen. They have always happened. But there is a solution. The solution is in Romans Eight. It says, “For the anxious
longing of creation “waits eagerly for the
revealing of the sons of God. “For the creation was
subjected to futility “not willingly, but because
of Him who subjected it “in hope that the creation itself also “will be set free from
its slavery and corruption “into the freedom of the
glory of the children of God, “for we know that the whole creation “groans and suffers
the pangs of childbirth “together until now and not only this “but we ourselves, having the
firstfruits of the Spirit, “even we ourselves groan within ourselves “waiting eagerly for the adoption as sons, “the redemption of our body.” God subjected the creation to the fall. That’s what we’re told there. “Him who subjected it.” Capital H. God is still sovereign
over fallen creation, so His promises of
sovereignty still stand. Those variations and those
catastrophes that we face are within the parameters
of His sovereign control. And the fallen creation will be released from its struggle when? By God Himself, the One who made it, the One subjected it to fall, and the One who will
redeem it and glorify it. That is where we’re
headed in a day to come. That again, is a paradigm that
is outside of our control. So what does it all mean? How do we summarize? Well, there’s two levels. There’s the overall paradigm. There’s the climate system. There’s the fact that
things go up and go down. There’s the fact that things changes. There’s the fact that
calamities come and go. There’s the fact that
creation needs redemption. There’s the fact that
there are huge systems of climate and weather and cosmology that are way beyond our control. Well, that’s God’s business. It’s always been God’s business. He promises in His sustaining authority and providence as Creator
to look after that. And really, after all
these years of predictions and who knows what’s, we’re still there. We’re still there. Secondly though, there’s
that more granular, that more specific that
personal responsibility level where there is a sense in which we shouldn’t mistreat the world. And that is in tension with the fact that we are to multiply and fill the world and we are to use its resources but we shouldn’t mistreat it. And so I say, my position on this is please, you know, recycle. You know, yeah, there are real issues. There are plastics being
pumped into the ocean and all the destruction that’s causing. That’s gotta be fixed. We can’t be surprised when
we just pollute the earth and destroy it and say well, ah, you know. We aren’t gettin’ as
much fish out of the sea as we used to. Well that’s our fault. That’s in our direct responsibility. We should fix that. Cultivate the earth. And so there are things that we need to do in our personal lives and
in personal responsibility that are very important which actually are part
of our creation mandate. But let’s not get too big for our boots. Let’s focus on those things and not worry about the overall paradigm which is in God’s sovereign hand. And see this takes away an aspect of the climate change debate which really bugs me which is the virtue signaling. Because it comes down to
what we’re doing personally. And much less about, you know go to the U.N. and demanding that the world change things that aren’t really going to change, those ultimate paradigms. You know, basically don’t be deceived. In conjunction with this segment and the segment before it, get your creation
stewardship ideas from God and you may differ a little from me but it shouldn’t be too much
when you read this stuff, but get it from God. Don’t get them from man. And maybe one time I’ll do an analysis of some science as well and we can look at that side of it. But for now, I reckon that
that’s more than enough and that was The Truth of It. (paper crinkling)

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