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JURASSIC WORLD 3 DINOSAUR TERROR!!! T-Rex Vs Spinosaurus Schleich Wildlife Jungle & Dinosaur Advent

terror at the research station find out
what happens and Owen and Claire come face-to-face with the gigantic t-rex and
Spinosaurus Wow okay it’s good to see you today today we have the new slight
wildlife jungle Sam yeah dinosaurs calendar JURASSIC WORLD 3 DINOSAUR TERROR!!! T-Rex Vs Spinosaurus Schleich Wildlife Jungle & Dinosaur Advent get you how I look I got a baby bunch
let’s eat the big one will eat him do some more let’s put it together they’ll
fight don’t mind my good luck surviving Oh stupid you good to sleep I hear what’s all that noise I hear get man
getting his sleep around here keep it down quick run-through secret entrance in the
cave she’ll never get me down here hide solid rock she’ll never get through
there you can’t free them from the gauge date
that date okay Claire we have inherited this
drastic titles ooh let’s do the best job to give these dinos humane treatment
yeah awesome guys we have a brand new Schleich wildlife jungle place that it
is totally awesome like makes really good quality playsets
here are some of the options into place that looks like there’s cursor they’re
working and here’s everything that’s in the package Wow let’s go ahead check
this okay so this is a big huge playset what a big set of instructions over here
and I mean this thing is okay so with this you got the big huge black rock mob
opening here you’ve got a bunch fence pieces over here you’ve got the bra you
got a set of stickers here a bunch more pieces to put together you got a bunch
accessories over here there’s the net some gold coins pop off acquire some
flags some more wooden pieces there you got the orangutan you got a panther you
got an alligator you got a guy dressed up like Owen over here and then you got
a bunch of more fence pieces awesome okay so our Krakow jungle research
station is all set oh wow we’re gonna go ahead and open up the advent calendar
now and add the dinos to our dinos – okay so let’s see what was in the
admin calendar for 2018 Oh thought maybe that open let’s check
out the back so it looks like we get a Spinosaurus the t-rex several other
dinos some bones eggs plants baby Dino awesome let’s check it out okay so this
is what we have before we take anything out okay so let’s check out everything
we had in that have a calendar we had a set of Spinosaurus stickers skeleton
skull stickers baby dinos stickers with eggs t-rex with footprints we’ve got
some plants that came in they’re a tiny little like feathered Dino a baby t-rex
Dino roar shoes red mommy tear it to protect the baby a little frog on leap
we’ve got this Dino this awesome little feathered Dino we have a dinosaur skull
with opening Oh we have a 20 year old I know here maybe
coffee and then we have got dinosaur egg which if you wanted to you could almost
you could put into little baby and hatch it and then we have an awesome okay so
the first thing I’m gonna do is go ahead and open up the fence here we’re gonna
go ahead and drive our Spinosaurus into this stockade over here and then quickly
and then quickly before because he could escape we’re gonna go ahead and slam
that door shut and then we’re gonna go ahead and open the other door and drive
that red t-rex into this stockade over there and to keep it company we’re gonna
go ahead and put his little baby in there with her and slam that door shut
okay then these other dinos I don’t really want to put them in the cages
because they’ll get eaten we’ll take this little comprar looking dinosaur and
set him up right behind the fire there so he’s fighting out of sight the
feathered Dino I’m gonna go ahead and set up by the alligator mouth and then
the skull of course is gonna go over there by the cave we need some plants
here and I think a plant over there too and then the little frog is anywhere and
then this tiny little flying Dino we’re gonna go ahead and put up here on the
house okay so let’s go ahead check out our awesome
Dino Zoo first of all we’ve got some plans over there sleeping bag for our
Ranger of fire and kettle get the little scheme Dino hiding back there and the
big huge stockade over here we have this dinosaur ass and we have a big net for
capturing dinos a little door here that opens in closest over here in this cage
we have our t-rex and our little baby t-rex and again with an opening door
over there we’ve got our frog we got our treasure chest with the skull inside
dinosaur skull we’ve got a treasure map a shovel and then behind it we got two
big huge croc oh hey okay so the croco head is basically a big huge cave shaped
like a crocodiles head here we’ve got our Ranger up top you have a secret
trapdoor there that goes down into the mine so you can have our Ranger here
climb right down in the trapdoor right into the mine and then slam the trap so this is a big crocodile hat it does
come apart so you could pull that apart there you got a bunch of sand and an
opening here so you could go ahead and hide the treasure chest right in there
and then inside is where our Ranger went to hide if you take the back off you can
take your Ranger right out and you could play inside there too well anyways I’m
gonna go ahead and shut that up for now and there is our big huge croco here now
let’s go ahead and check out our ranger station so you can just pick the whole
thing up to move it if you want on the front you
got a little chair here for the Ranger to sit in you’ve got a net here for him
to capture the Dinos which actually works if you turn it it’ll loosen it you
could capture Dino and wind it right up and hold I know you’ve got a window here
that opens you’ve got a door there that opens really nice like – hot it says
croco on the flag you’ve got a satellite there inside you have a little laptop
you have some shelves up over here you have a little trap door right there
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